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Here is the list of frequently asked WorkFusion interview questions which will help you to crack your interview take look into them.

Frequently Asked WorkFusion Interview Questions

Top WorkFusion Interview Questions & Answers

Q1. In WorkFusion, what exactly Double Subscription is?

Ans) One of the very important aspects of a Business Process Management is Double subscription. There are cases when messages don’t deliver to the subscriber instantly due to the reasons such as user not available or is away from the covered region. In case messages are sent during such a situation, the same remains in queue and deliver when the user comes online. This phenomenon is generally called a double subscription. There are certain benefits that users can have through this approach in a true sense. 

Q2. What are the tasks that can be automated with the help of Robotic Process Automation?

Ans) The fact is RPA is totally based on Software and users need to keep this thing in their mind. Several minor, as well as major tasks can be handled with the help of this once deployed. Maintenance of records, transaction management, as well as queries handling can simply be done with RPA. IT is also capable to manage complex business applications and data in the right manner. One of the best things is RPA supports a lot of platforms such as HTML and Java. Thus, users need not to worry about the compatibility issues. 

Q3. Name the segments in which Business Process Management task can be derived without affecting the overall functionality of any sub-task associated with the Primary one?

Ans) The common segments are milestones, as well as lanes. Lanes are generally represented in the form of horizontal lines while on the other side the milestones are represented in the form of vertical lines in WorkFusion. 

Q4. Tell whatever you know about RPA testing?

Ans) RPA testing is an approach that is extremely useful to assure quality outcomes. In case the level becomes more complex, it can be grouped into two categories. The very first thing is to test the Business Process Management through the RPA. Next factor to be paid attention to is the instruction. All of the instructions that are passed to the software robots should be verified and managed again. 

Q5. What are some of the components of Business Process Management in WorkFusion you are familiar with?

Ans) The very first and in fact the most important one is Process Server which makes sure that all the tasks are centrally monitored, as well as controlled. In addition to this, another component that is extremely useful is Process Designer which is generally followed by the Process Center. Various console such as Admin Console and Data Warehouse are also the part of BPM in many cases. 

Q6. In WorkFusion BPM, what exactly is an UCA?

Ans) It stands for Under Cover Agent which are generally used when it comes to sharing some authentic and secret or personal information among the users.UCA always make sure that no unauthorized subscriber catch the message. Basically, the original message is attached to it or kept inside the frame. 

Q7. What exactly do you mean by serialization?

Ans) There are certain stages when XML needs to be converted into a format which is compatible with the Teamwork objective. This process is generally called as serialization. 

Q8. What are the advantages of Robotic Process Automation?

Ans) There are certain benefits that users can always make sure of and these are:

  • It is basically cost effective,
  • Faster
  • Have excellent consistency if everything is managed reliably,
  • Can boost customer satisfaction
  • RPA is well-known for accuracy, as well as for quality

In addition to all above, one of the major factors that have contributed a lot for its success is improved Analytics. 

Q9. Do you think Management plays any role when it comes to selecting the right RPA tool?

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Ans) Yes, the role of management is always there and is very significant. Actually, there are certain factors that can affect the final outcome. Of course no management wants to invest in a tool or an approach that has more cost and limited features. Management intervention is therefore important.

Q10. What is routing in WorkFusion RPA?

Ans) When it comes to assigning a specific task to a participant group or a group of users, this is generally considered. The main aim is to avoid confusion when it comes to assigning more than one activity or task to a group. 

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Q11. What do you mean by event Listener in WorkFusion?

Ans) It is basically an approach that is considered when it comes to extending the limit on any Business Process Management task. With strategies that are not so common, this method is considered along by integrating it with other modules. In case an event occurs, it displays the message for the users that all other processes have been notified. Anything that take place outside the current process is generally regarded as event. For security reasons, there are sometime restrictions on adding the new listener. 

Q12. Name any two types of event listener that you consider in the WorkFusion?

Ans) First is intermediate message event listener and second is Start message event listener. 

Q13. In WorkFusion, how RPA is different from Test Automation?

Ans) Both these have one common module and i.e. Automation. This clearly indicates that the intervention can simply be avoided and quality can significantly be improved. One of the important tasks handled by WorkFusion RPA is performing calculations, handling queries & software testing process. In addition to this, functional testing of software products is also considered by it. On the other side, Test automation makes sure that all the sub-processes run smoothly and reliably.

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Q14. What does SLA abbreviated for?

Ans) It stands for Service level agreement

Q15. What will be the procedure of accessing the processes in BPM?

Ans) First of all, there is a need to start the task that need to be handled in the right manner. Next is to stop it at the right time. This approach is easy but the tasks that need to be performed in between the start and stop are a bit complex. Generally such tasks are divided into control and monitor processes and there are certain protocols that are responsible for this. 

Q16. What should be the first thing that you should pay attention to about an RPA tool you need to use?

Ans) The major factor that plays a significant role is nothing but security. It is actually regarded as one of the most important credentials in any aspect. If a tool offer excellent output but doesn’t guarantee security of the data or process it handle, there is probably no benefit of sing it. Generally a question that often stuck in the minds of users is how robots can be considered as safe when compared to humans. Actually, there are a ton of security controls that can directly be implemented on them and thus users need not to worry about anything. However, it is to be ensured that no security is compromised at any stage due to any reason. 

Q17. What is a coach in WorkForce BPM?

Ans) Any human activity that leads to the end-user interaction in WorkFusion environment is considered as coach.

Q18. What exactly do you know about Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere in RPA?

Ans) Well, it is actually an RPA tool. The name RPA was actually derived by this UK based firm which also first introduced the concept of RPA. Another tool or vendor that is getting a lot of popularity in the present scenario is Automation Anywhere. It is actually known for its user-friendly approach and the good thing is many complex tasks can easily be automated with the help of same. 

Q19. Are you familiar with different RPA jobs?

Ans) Generally these jobs are classified into three major categories and these are:

  • Lead Managers
  • RPA Architects or Developers
  • RPA consultants 

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Q20. Does anything matter while selecting the tools for Robotic Process Automation or not? What are the factors that you will be paying attention to for this task?

Ans) There are certain things that largely matters. Selecting the right tool is actually very important to get the outcomes framed in the most expected manner. The very first factor to consider is nothing but technology on which it is based on. There are many platforms such as .NET, IBM on which it can be based. The fact is, it should be totally independent from the platform and must not face any compatibility issue with the virtual machines. Support to all form of application also largely matters. 

Q21. It is possible to use RPA for any Rule-based task?

Ans) Yes, it is actually possible and the same can be done in a very easy manner. In fact, most of the tasks handled are rule-based. 

Q22. Why interface in RPA tool is essential according to you?

Ans) Well, the fact is interference plays a significant role in the selection of any RPA tool. This is because if an interface is complex, there are certain issues that users need to face. The biggest one is delay in the overall implementation. Drag and drop is generally regarded as the common interface and considering the same would be good in all the situations. 

Q23. Are you familiar with the phases of Robotic Process Automation lifecycle that are important?

Ans) The very first and in fact the most essential is Bot development which generally refer to the fact that every task whether it’s major or minor in RPA should be performed on a separate module. Most life cycles in RPA starts with another important aspect and i.e. analysis. This phase basically aims that RPA architect should work jointly to find out a process that is beneficial for the organization in the long run. Testing is another and in fact and important phase. It is not always necessary that testing is to be carried out for all the process but some of them which are complex should be considered in this module. 

Q24. How long could be the maintenance phase in RPA?

Ans) Well, it actually depends on the type of project. Maintenance is generally considered when any sort of long interruption is created or when the technology starts showing the low efficiency symptoms.

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Q25. What are the important factors that you should pay attention to for the successful implementation of RPA in WorkFusion environment?

Ans) There are certain steps that are essential and must be followed by all the organizations to get favorable outcomes in the long run. These are:

  • Opportunities related to the automation should be identified
  • All the processes that are already identified should be optimized
  • Next is to build a business case that should be strong enough be bear other process
  • There are a lot of options available when it comes to selecting the vendor. Thus, it should be chosen carefully and this is a very important step.
  • Next is the pilot RPA development
  • Find the solutions which are more superior

Q26. Can you name a few Teamwork components that are relevant in RPA?

Ans) These are Shared model, Authoring environment, Performance server, Process Portal and Service Modeler.

Q27. How the Business Process Testing is different from Robots Testing?

Ans) Basically, the BPT i.e. Business Process Testing is done by the application itself. All the process that RPA automated must be validated here. The same scenario that is used to test a robot can be implemented here without defining any complex approaches. On the other side, Robots Testing is basically a complex procedure as compared to BPT. In these test, the major challenge is interpretation of the models by the robots. Without this, any sub-task cannot be accomplished.

Q28. Mention any one factor in RPA that is creating a challenge for the businesses?

Ans) Organizations that are adopting RPA should be aware of the inputs when they are diverse and have multiple sources. This is creating several issues and many organizations are not able to keep up the pace in this matter.

Q29. Is it possible to generate reports through RPA?

Ans) Yes, it is possible and the good thing is in some cases these can be trusted without testing.

Q30. Name any two gateways that can be deployed in RPA

Ans) These are AND & second is OR.

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