Introduction to UiPath

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UiPath features three main products:

  • UiPath Studio – It designs automation process using diagrams, which are visually appealing.

  • UiPath Robot – Executes the UiPath Studio Processes.

  • UiPath Orchestrator – an application that deploys, manages, and monitors processes/robots.

UiPath Studio:

UiPath Studio software automates back-office repetitive tasks. It is the number one tool in automating business processes. It converts each task into UI automation, thereby making work easier and quicker. Multiple workflow designs are available in Studio.

UiPath Studio comes with a debug component that easily locates problems within complex workflows. This easily verifies the execution activity and observes if there are any errors in the output.

These core tutorials will help you to learn the fundamentals of UiPath.
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Workflow Designer:

UiPath Workflow Designer executes automation using flowcharts and diagrams. The output workflow is capable enough to model data processes for business operations. It sets up automation with almost zero programming.

UiPath real-time engine checks for errors simultaneously when working with workflow. Whenever an activity has errors, UiPath Workflow Designer notifies about the issues encountered.

  • Boxes and other shapes – Represent activity process.

  • Arrow – Represent execution order.

  • Orange Triangle – Represent workflow based on inputs.

Workflow Designer

Example Workflow on UiPath Workflow Designer


Activity is the piece of action performed at each time of workflow. Activity box is found on the left panel. An activity is added into the workflow by dragging it to the designer workspace.

Record button can also be used to add an activity. This way activities are automatically added based on actions performed on desktop applications while recording. Four types of recording are in existence: Basic, Citrix, Desktop and Web.

Basic, Desktop – Handle desktop application automation

Citrix, Web – Handle web apps and virtual environments.

Around 300 activities are available to execute interactions with web browsers, desktop applications, databases, and many other.

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This interface changes various parameters and settings of the selected activity.

Variables and .Net Functions:

Variable stores a certain type of value. .Net functions enhance the process of automation. For example, .Trim removes spaces from the beginning and end of a string and .ToString transforms variable into a string.

Control Flow:

Control flow defines the order of actions.


These are structures that activate repetitive tasks. The simplest type of loop can be created by a certain point on workflow to the previous execution.

While Loop – after meeting the condition, set of actions are executed.

Do While Loop – actions are executed, then condition is met, again actions are executed.

For Each Loop – Iterates one item at a time in the list. Executes every action in the body.

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UiPath Robot:

UiPath Robots and Executors interact with huge amounts of data at the same time. You can run a process either on a single, or multiple robots or any specified number of robots, and can group them in the environment.

UiPath distributes work among the multiple robots by using Queues. Logs tab updates the work performance of robots.

UiPath Robot

UiPath Orchestrator:

Orchestrator manages multiple deployed robots. It is usually employed in large enterprises where there is an ample need for automating huge business processes. Register your robots and group them together in an environment.

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Assets are special kinds of variables introduced in Orchestrator. This store information in the web app’s database.

UiPath Orchestrator

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