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Career Scope in RPA

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Today, IT is one of the labor-intensive industries leading to more scope of automation. The demand for RPA is booming as RPA marketing is increasing in the industry. It has just taken its baby steps in the field. It still has a long way to go. RPA adoption has grown exponentially during the last 2-3 years.

RPA Career Scope

The industry believes that certain part of work is repetitive, rule-based, and can be automated. Every standard, routine and repeatable task in IT can be either partly or fully automated. Most of the automation needs to be carried out in the front-end. It involves the heterogeneous nature of application over various business units. Hence, RPA is a great fit in such situations. There is no doubt in denying the fact that a major share of employment opportunities in the world will be created in the field of RPA.

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Automation is already having an impact on organizations in deploying systems at present. RPA potential is now grabbing the concentration of IT consulting, advisory firms. Opportunities and career growths in RPA are tremendous.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology of process automation based on Software Robots or Artificial Intelligence workers. RPA is the significant technological innovation of screen scraping.

Scope of Robotic Process Automation

The scope of RPA is huge and wide. This is, in fact, going to be the future and most important thing in the coming years. RPA in the future is going to incorporate the following things:

  • Incorporating AI for advanced decision-making and inferencing.
  • Six areas of the bank are going to get completely automated.
  • RPA tools are already being used in the business and some of the popular tools.

RPA tools include

  • Automation Anywhere – Knowledge of process consistency by automating and managing workflows in an enterprise.

  • Blue Prism – Knowledge of Business Operations to be cost-effective and responsive. Enable rapid automation to improve accuracy by designing a virtual workforce.

  • UiPath – It is a software application and process integration network.

  • Open span – Leverage skills in desktop automation technologies with a focus on driving revenue growth and operational efficiency.

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Technical Responsibilities

  • Candidates taking up the Robotic Process Automation position must predominantly work on Business Process Automation in line with standard RPA principles and conventions.
  • Design, Develop and Deploy RPA products to global clients in collaboration with global teams.
  • Understand the scope, build, and design of the Business Process Framework.
  • Develop a project design to implement the To-Be Processes.
  • Creation and Customization of Automation Solutions.
  • Support Continuous Improvement Process as per requirement updates.
  • Guide Change Management Process in support of existing processes and implementing updates.
  • Facilitation of Process Design, Validation Rules, and reports.
  • Configuration of Process flows, Control objects, exception handling, etc.
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RPA Positions

RPA is a hot field right now with companies being aware of its potential in recent times. People with RPA skills have lots of opportunities to choose from and get into the employment they favor more.

  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Solution Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Associate
  • Process Consultant

RPA is an expanding field in the present market. Many people are coming up with millions of ways to utilize RPA, and there are plenty of things to look forward to.

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RPA Career

A career in RPA is considered to be very effective. The emerging graduates can easily expect a major share of employment opportunities in the world. Also, pay packages for experts with skill-sets in this field are relatively higher when compared to other fields. Boost the career graph towards a high-ranking success by adopting the training in RPA.

With reference to RPA in the IT field, there are many tasks performed by humans within the IT projects, like, collaboration, planning, reporting, managing, controlling, etc.

RPA will definitely become the next revolution in technology and you will surely find thousands of jobs opening every year. There are more than 5 million jobs awaiting you, right now.


Experts believe that within a short span of time, the field of RPA is going to crawl up into different sectors of industries, research and development, banking, medicine, IT Sector, and many more.

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