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Automation technology is rising at a speed no one imaged in the past. It is because of this reason a lot of organizations are adopting it. Of course, a diverse array of business activities as well as business models can be automated. This often helps them to impose a limit on the overall human workforce which assures a better outcome. Although the robotic workforce which automation technology offered to depend and controlled by humans, a business can simply op the same without worrying about anything. One of the finest business approaches in automation is what Blue Prism offers.

Blue Prism offers several tools for automation and they have a lot of modules for the reliable accomplishment of some important tasks. You might have no idea but the Blue Prism Process Studio is one among them which is used in automation for so many purposes. Here is some useful information to let you gain more knowledge on the same.

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Blue Prism Process Studio in Business Applications

It is very much true that a lot of businesses focus on cutting down the unnecessary cost and without opting for a ton of changes in their arena. 

  • Using the Automation approach is something that is extremely helpful in this task. 
  • It is often true that some tasks often need the involvement of IT tools that are complex and difficult to maintain and even the IT department cannot satisfy similar needs. 
  • This is exactly where the Automation tools are used and Blue Prism Process Studio comes with a good scope. 

Automating a business process has a diverse array of benefits and organizations and businesses can easily keep up the pace all the time without worrying about anything. For this, generally, the applications are created and users can consider them for the same purpose. A lot of process needs to be automated and this is exactly where the Blue Prism Process Studio is widely adopted. 

Blue Prism Process Studio

Blue Prism Applications and their creation

As already mentioned, the Blue Prism applications are useful in automating a lot of business processes. For this, Blue Prism provides Process Studio. It is basically nothing but a useful tool that can easily be deployed for creating business processes based on blue Prism automation.  It would be good to know about the basics of a Blue Prism process before gaining knowledge about the Process Studio.

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What you should know about the Blue Prism process

It basically acts like a human user and because all the applications are generally accessed through UI in the Blue Prism automation approach. It can easily be deployed for invoking important operations in a number of Visual Business Objects (VBO).  It seems quite similar to that of a VBO in many cases and this is because can be generally defined in multiple pages by the users. However, this really doesn’t mean that both VBO and a process are similar to one another in all aspects. 

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Differences in VBO and a Process

  • VBO enables users to simply call a page anytime and without any restrictions. 
  • It is also possible to consider multiple operations for this and it is not always necessary to follow them in the sequence as they are mentioned by default. 
  • On the other side, a process always starts from its main page, and the users cannot change the same under any situation. This is because there are many initial processes that are directly integrated with the home page only and can be accomplished if the user pays a lot of attention to the same. 

All the pages are necessary to be defined in their default mentioned order and therefore the implementation of a process is not independent of its operations.

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Execution of a process in the Process Studio

As already mentioned, the process always begins from its main page. Also, all the sections and modules related to the same have their source of information mentioned only on the main page. However, the process itself for its information is not bounded to the main page. There are actually a lot of stages that the users can deploy and the same can be deployed like a subroutine. In all the stages of a process, there are operations that are invoked in the VBOs.

Creating a process

Well, there is nothing much business analytics and the developers have to do to accomplish this task. The process Studio is very helpful and reliable in this matter. However, there are certain things to which the user should pay clear attention. The processes are very much similar to what of VBO and also, the Process studio is similar in its operation to the Object studio. 

Any process which is there in the studio looks very much similar to that of the common flowchart. This is exactly where the users can understand and can get an idea of the very useful information they need to derive. The best part is flow charts provide useful information at every level. The leveling can be made very easy and the users can create processes without facing a lot of issues with the same approach. 

Each page in the process defined by the Studio generally has its own tabs. Due to this, the analytics and the developer divide the entire process into some useful logical groups. All the logic can be defined graphically through the Process Studio and the users can easily keep up with this pro all the time. Assembling the stages on a different design platform can also be made possible with the deployment of some third-party tools. 

Running a process

As already mentioned, a process is basically a program that is represented in graphical form. It is possible to run it simply in the Process Studio. There is a bar in the Studio that simply lets the users keep up the pace with this. To run a process in the Process Studio, here is what users need to do

  • First of all, simply login to the Blue Prism and choose “File” and then click on the option “Open”
  • This will open the Process in a new window
  • There is an option “Example Process”. Click on it and follow the instructions
  • Enter Process Studio and you will see a button “Go”
  • Press it and this will run your process
  • You can have the graphical display of all the information in front of you
  • You can close the process simple from the option at the top right corner

It must be noted that different processes can take different times to run in the Process Studio depending on the overall programming and codes associated with them.

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Inbuilt Capabilities 

There are a lot of capabilities in the process Studio that the users can simply proceed with and without worrying about anything. One of the best things in the process studio when it comes to its inbuilt abilities is the Debugging tool. The same can easily be deployed for the detailed stepping of anything related to a process. In addition to this, there are certain other in-built capabilities and a few of them are:

  • Breakpoint settings in the process
  • Data examination
  • Data items authorization
  • Process Planning 
  • Output testing

Challenges associated with Process Studio

Although the Process Studio is good enough to be trusted simply, there are certain things about which the user should be careful about and there are things that need extreme attention.

  • When it comes to challenges, the modification in the process is the major trouble creator in most the cases
  • Although Process studio keeps a track record of all the changes made to a process in the recent approach, it is not possible to understand their nature for the current one and that is where the issues often declare their presence. 
  • The users can face issues when it comes to switching to the view of the process. The view is there in the Process Studio to let the users understand the current and old versions of the process. 
  • The process history tool is not always necessary to provide information on every change and small-scale changes are often neglected.

In addition to this, there is another challenge that the users have to face and i.e. the actual actions taken during the final execution of the process. There are many problems that declare their presence during this time as well. For example, the process starts taking paths that are different and are not real. 

The Blue Prism Process Studio is one of the best available tools for creating the process in various domains in businesses. It comes with a very large number of benefits that everyone can have simply without worrying about the investment and other critical factors. One of the best things is it made all the exceptions on a process simply accessible and without modifying another type of information. This is exactly what helps businesses in running their automation projects reliably.

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