Software Design Interview Questions

Software Design Interview Questions are useful for the candidates who are preparing for the software interview to perform well. Interview professionals are expected to ask about software design concepts like programming, web-scale applications, object-oriented analysis, and so on in the interview. So prepare well and do your best. Let's get started!

Use this most comprehensive collection of Software Design Interview Questions and Answers from industry experts, and get ready to answer every question confidently.  Start mastering yourself by having these Software Design Interview Questions today and land the job you've been looking for. 

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Top 10 Software Design Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Design a Traffic Control System?
  2. What is Software Re-Engineering?
  3. Who is a Software Project Manager? What is his Role?
  4. Describe in brief the Project Management Tool or Equipment.
  5. What is a Feasibility Study?
  6. What is the Software Metric?
  7. What are Software Analysis & Design tools?
  8. How are Scalability and Performance related to each other?
  9. How do you approach Software Design?
  10. Does Software Design a Good Profession?

Software Design Interview Questions For Freshers

1. What is Software Design?

Software Design is the process of imagining and defining software solutions to specific sets of problems. The most important component of making software design is software requirements analysis (SRA). 

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2. How to Design a Traffic Control System?

Make sure you know how to go from one state to another, like from RED to GREEN or from GREEN to ORANGE to RED, etc. For example, To design a safe and efficient traffic light system, first assess the region's volume of car and foot traffic. Then generate a list of traffic flow needs, including the duration of each light cycle and pedestrian crossing time, by reviewing traffic signals. Now examine the time it takes for a group of vehicles to completely clear an intersection to determine how long to program the timer before switching to the next signal.

3. How should a Limit Order book for Trading Systems be Designed?

Stock exchanges use limited order books to buy and sell orders based on price and time priority. Keep in mind that the matching process's speed and reliability are crucial. 

4. What is the difference between Software and a Computer Program?

A Computer Program is a piece of code that tells the computer what to do. It does a well-defined or specified task, and the software includes documentation, programming code, and a user guide.

5. What is Software Re-Engineering?

Software Re-Engineering is the process of applying the Re-engineering idea to the process of making software. It has a positive effect on customer service, quality, price, and speed of delivery of software.


Software Re-Engineering


6. What Programming Language do you prefer for writing Algorithms?

Every developer has a unique view of which programming language is best. Because of their adaptability, high-level languages like C and C++ are recommended.

7. Which SDLC Model stands the best?

SDLC Models are used based on the needs of the development process, so there is no real ranking. It may be different from one piece of software to another.

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8. What is meant by Software Scope?

The Scope of the Software is a clear limit. It includes everything that goes into making and selling software products. In the software scope, all of the functions and artifacts that will be delivered with the software are described in detail.

9. How can the size of a Software Package be determined?

The size of a Software Package can be determined using one of two ways.

  • Counting the delivered lines of code.
  • Counting function points provided.

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10. What do you mean by Function Points?

The Software Product offers function points as a form of feature. It's the gold standard for determining how much space a piece of software requires.

11. What Methods are there for estimating Software Projects?

The most common estimation techniques are:

  • Empirical Technique
  • Decomposition Technique

12. Who is a Software Project Manager? What is his Role?

A Software Project Manager is responsible for managing the software development project. Their primary function is to manage risks and resources to deliver the project within time and cost. The project manager does the project planning, monitors the progress, and communicates.

Software Design Interview Questions for Experienced

13. How would you Design a Global Service like Netflix or YouTube that lets you watch Videos Online?

To make Global Video Streaming Services, we need to use the same steps we use to make other kinds of software systems. Because the number of people who use social media, especially for live video streaming, grows every day. Since this service lets users not only watch videos but also upload and search for them, the system needs to grow.


Design of Global Service like Netflix or YouTube


14. Describe how to build a chat system comparable to Whatsapp, Facebook, or any similar service.

We are all familiar with how to chat systems typically operate. Users can chat in groups or one-on-one. The following are the steps:

  • Recognize all necessary aspects of chat systems.
  • Discover all potential issues that can arise, such as encryption, notice, etc.
  • Determine all the required tools, including connectors, push alerts, storage, and database schema.

15. Describe in brief the Project Management Tool or Equipment.

When working on a Software Project, managers can choose from a wide variety of different tools like the Gantt Chart, Pert Chart, Status Reports, Resource Histogram, etc.

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16. What are the requirements for the Software?

Software requirements describe how a proposed software system should work. It is thought to be a description of the target system and all of its features and functions.

17. What is a Feasibility Study?

A Feasibility Study is a method for gauging whether or not developing the software project is actually feasible and advantageous for the business. The software analyst checks the project's financial, technological, and operational viability.

18. What are Functional and Non-Functional requirements?

  • Functional requirements are features expected by users of the proposed software product. 
  • Non-functional requirements relate to the user interface's performance, security, look and feel.

19. What is the Software Metric?

The term "software metrics" refers to a collection of measurements for the many different facets of the software development process.

  • Requirement metrics include completeness and length requirements.
  • Product metrics include the design, Object-oriented metrics, number of coding lines, and test metrics.


Classification of Software Metrics


20. What are the methods for evaluating a System's Performance?

The System's Performance must be evaluated using the performance measures listed below.

  • Availability: evaluating the response time
  • Latency: To measure the message delivery time's speed
  • Data: Studying the sent data at a particular moment is known as throughput.
  • Integration: Integrating these indicators would make evaluating the overall system design, operation, and user experience easier.

21. Could you use System Design to make your own Instagram?

Yes, you can make your own Instagram using a system design. We all know that Instagram is a social media site that lets you share photos, videos, and other media and that it has a lot of tools for editing and adding effects to images. We can make a system that lets people take and upload pictures, edit them with filters, and add tags to make them easier to find in searches.

22. What are Software Analysis & Design tools?

Some of the essential Software Analysis and Design Tools are

  • Structured Charts
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Data Dictionary
  • Structured English
  • Decision tables
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams

23. What is meant by a level-0 Data Flow Diagram?

Level 0 in DFD represents the highest possible level of abstraction. Alternatively, you may refer to it as DFD at the context level. It is a graphical representation of the full information system.


level-0 Data Flow Diagram


24. What is the significant difference between Pseudocode and Structured English?

Structured English is the way English was first written. It is used to write how a program module is put together. Pseudo Code is more like a programming language without any particular syntax. It uses words from the programming language.

25. What do you mean by the Content Delivery Network?

Simply put, a content delivery network (or CDN) is a system of proxy servers spread out over the world that delivers data to users from data centers situated near those users. Static assets, including HTML, CSS, JS files, pictures, and videos, are typically supplied from a content delivery network (CDN).


Content Delivery Network


Advanced Software Design Interview Questions 

26. How is a URL shortening service like TinyURL or designed?

TinyURL and similar services offer convenient short aliases for lengthy URLs. To share a long URL, TinyURL or will shorten it for you. These infrastructures can also take a shortened URL and spit out the full URL in its place. To assist you in figuring out how to construct such a system, I have provided some topics to think about.


URL shortening service


27. How do you Design a website like Pastebin?

You can copy and paste text or code into Pastebin, and then you may share a link to that code with whomever you choose. Although it is not an online code editor, it can store whatever kind of text you like.

28. How are Scalability and Performance related to each other?

Scalability is an application's ability to handle a lot of traffic, while performance is how fast the application runs. The number of resources added to the system directly relates to how much better it works. The version of any design is directly linked to its ability to handle larger data sets if the number of works increases. Performance problems only affect one user, but scalability problems caused by a lot of data cause the system to slow down over time.

29. How do you approach Software Design?

The following considerations are crucial for the successful design of any Software System

  • The Design process must be straightforward and devoid of complexity. The system must be durable, reusable, and well-documented.
  • It must be user-friendly and beneficial to individuals.
  • The system should be well-ranked and positioned based on user feedback.
  • Depending on the area's population density, the system can save user data for future inquiries.

30. Which is the Best Tool for Structured Design?

A structure chart is the most important tool for structured design because it helps break down the problem into simple graphed charts that show how the different parts fit together. It's easier to understand a picture or a chart than a list of numbers, so a chart is the best way to show information.

31. What factors did you consider when designing a Web Crawler Tool?

Before beginning the Design Process, you should consider the following

  • Discovering new websites.
  • Putting a premium on a dynamic web page
  • Make sure the crawler isn't permanently linked to the same site.

32. What does it mean to determine the System's needs during the Design Process?

Performing a thorough analysis of the present procedure is the fundamental review exercise that helps determine the necessary system enhancements. The determination of requirements aids the designer in avoiding flaws and provides solutions for rectifying design flaws.

33. How can you Design a Twitter Clone?

Twitter is currently the most popular messaging service available, and it allows users to broadcast messages to all of the individuals following them. Your followers can read the messages you tweet, and they also can retweet or like your posts. To build applications of this kind, you must incorporate essential elements such as followers, tweets, hashtags, etc.

34. What are the Types of Documentation in System Design?

Different Types of Documentation in System Design are

  • Source code documentation
  • Software documentation
  • Requirements documentation
  • Users documentation
  • Quality Assurance documentation
  • Program documentation
  • Operations documentation
  • Software architecture documentation


Documentation Types in System Design


35. How can you set up the Autocomplete Feature?

Some important things to consider when making Autocomplete Feature are

  • There will be a type-ahead suggestion.
  • Queries per second that the system can handle.
  • The recommendations help with personalization.

36. What are the Components of Software Design Elements?

A Software Design method typically consists of Three Components

  1. Notations: Notations for representing design problems and models of the solutions.
  2. Process mode: A process model consisting of a sequence of design activities and conditions for their application.
  3. Rules: A set of rules for implementing the technique.

37. What are the Most Common Methods for developing massive Social Media Sites?

The Three Items required are

  • News Feed Generator: The purpose of a news feed generator is to archive all status updates from followers, friends, and other relationships.
  • Saving space while storing data: competent in handling large amounts of data, especially those including multimedia.
  • DAG model (or social graph): To draw out a community profile

38. How does one go about Creating such a Recommendation Engine?

Users benefit from recommendation systems because they are guided to the most suitable options, leading to greater productivity. The most important factor in developing a recommendation system is the products' level of user popularity.

The important things to keep in mind when building a recommendation system are whether or not the method includes the features consumers want and whether or not the system has solutions to the most common problems users encounter.


Recommendation Engine


39. Does Software Design a Good Profession?

Software design development is an outstanding career option by any standard. It is a well-paying and expanding industry with ample job opportunities, and workers report high job satisfaction.

40. Can you explain the Fundamental Methodology used to create International Taxi Services like Ola and Uber?

The primary strategy for creating such a global taxi service is to create a system that can successfully connect two things. Since the success of these taxi services depends on the interaction between customers and drivers, you must develop modules for tracking GPS, current positions, pricing, and customer and driver data. To learn more, click on the video link.

Most Common Software Design FAQs

1. What are the Challenges in Software?

The challenges in the Software are

  • Heterogeneity challenge.
  • Copying with legacy systems.
  • Delivery times challenge.

2. What is Meant by Software Configuration Management?

Software Configuration Management means tracking and controlling changes that happen in the software.

3. What is Modularization?

Modularization is a Technique used for dividing a software system into various modules. This is expected to carry out tasks or work independently.

4. What do you mean by Cohesion?

Cohesion is the measure that defines the intra-dependability among the elements of the module.

5. How to Measure Project Execution?

We can measure project execution using Milestone Checklists, Status Reports, and Activity monitoring.

6. What are the Types of Software Design?

The 10 Different Types of a Software Design are

  1. Full-Stack Development
  2. Web Development
  3. Mobile Development
  4. Frontend Development
  5. Backend Development
  6. Desktop Development
  7. Database Development
  8. Security Engineering
  9. DevOps Engineering
  10. Cloud Computing

Software Design Interview Preparation Tips

Though it may be challenging to succeed in a Software Design Interview, you can increase your chances of success by paying attention to the following tips.

  • Once you know the interview structure, practice interviewing yourself out loud and act as both the interviewer and the person being interviewed by asking and answering questions; this will help you improve your ability to talk to people and figure out how to solve problems.
  • Every design software has advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it's important to look at both. Mentioning costs and timelines will earn you extra points.
  • You should hone your reasoning, analysis, and problem-solving abilities before an interview because these are the "soft talents" that employers value most.
  • Dress perfectly when you attend the interview and maintain your voice very formally.
  • Thank the interviewer formally once the interview ends; this leads to a good impression of the candidate.


To succeed in a Software Design Interview, you must fully understand the methodology you will use to design the system by knowing these software Design Interview Questions. If you need to improve your skills and knowledge, then enroll your name in the Full Stack Training course, which will help you to get the Job.

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