Business Analyst Projects and Use Cases

Do you have an interest in learning more about the Business Analyst Project? To become an expert Business Analyst, you need more than just knowledge of books. Participating in real-world assignments is the best method to establish a successful career in this subject. This blog is for both beginner and experienced Business Analysts, as it provides critical project ideas for both. Dig into the specifics of these projects to learn the Business Analyst frameworks, techniques, and lessons you can use in your work. Learn by doing these in-depth projects and advance your profession.

Professionals use business analytics to make good business choices. It helps a business make more money and raises its value on the market. Business owners want to hire business or intelligence analysts to help them reach their goals. 

With the need for these workers growing, you'll need up-to-date skills to get a job. You could do business analytics jobs if you want to wait to get certified. These projects will give you real-world experience and show potential companies how knowledgeable and skilled you are in business analytics.

Business Analyst Projects - Table of Content:

Why Business Analyst Projects?

Throughout a project's development, the business analyst acts as a go-between for the business world and the developers of technical solutions. Organizations are learning that requirements management skills are essential as projects grow in size, scope, complexity, and internationalization.


A business analyst needs to know how to use SQL and relational systems. This makes it easier to get to, get, change, and analyze info. 

Pre- Requisites:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle DB
  • MySQL database
  • SQLite. 
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Skill Development

Business analytics projects are a great way to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Gain practical experience through these assignments. These endeavors will help you develop no matter what aspect of business administration your specialty is: HR, finance, marketing, or supply chain management. 


SQL is a widely-used programming language for database management. Data from transactional databases can be retrieved via queries written by analysts and developers. Data scientists and data analysts also use the programming language. Data is retrieved from databases and presented visually to stakeholders by business analysts. 

Statistical Languages:

You will learn statistical languages like R and Python while working on business analytics projects. Analysts rely on Python for programming and R for statistical analysis. When used together, these languages make it possible to manage massive datasets with relative ease.

Software for Analyzing Data:

You can also gain valuable experience with statistical software through these initiatives. You'll learn how to use SAS, SPS, and Excel via the course of the projects. 

Information Display:

Business analytics relies heavily on data visualization. You will gain experience in data retrieval and stakeholder presentation by working on these projects. You will gain experience with various methods of data visualization as a result. 

Learning Machines:

You will find numerous applications for machine learning as you progress through the projects. Business intelligence tools are what you need to create user-friendly interfaces and enhance analytics for reliable results.

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Business Analyst Projects

Now that you know the prerequisites and skills you can develop from these projects, let’s explore some common but worthwhile Business Analyst Projects projects here:

Business Analyst Projects for Freshers

If you're a beginner in the field, the below-mentioned projects will be appropriate for you: 

Data on Employee Performance and Resignation:

Data on Employee Performance and Resignation

The goal of this assignment is to help an organization understand the factors that are leading to employee turnover. The data will then be used to create a better business setting. Consider the employee's work environment, cultural preferences, and job description. Consider each variable in light of its impact on your decision to resign.

Forecasting Sales of a Mall During December:

Forecasting Sales of a Mall During December

A supermarket has many sections requiring specific stocking strategies based on anticipated customer demand. While it is important to stock up, the company must refrain from amassing too much inventory that it cannot sell. As a result, you should be able to anticipate how a holiday season will affect sales in a supermarket's various departments.

To get started, download a dataset, then pick a specific holiday to use as the basis for your project. Then, you'll have to determine which departments need more inventory to satisfy the increased demand and whether or not the store's biggest sales numbers occur around the holiday season.

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Customer Segmentation:

Customer Segmentation

Many different types of people shop with an online retailer. Each shopper has unique preferences and, often, a unique income bracket. The marketing and strategy group needs help determining which items to push and which campaigns to run to maximize returns.

One indicator that can be used to classify clients is their propensity to spend money. A customer's spending score is based on their actions, the kinds of things they buy, and other characteristics in addition to their financial status.

Your marketing team wants you to pinpoint the groups of people who can be brought together to buy their products with the least effort. To do this, you need to demonstrate the various categories in terms of percentage and foresee the kinds of products and marketing campaigns that would fare best with your clientele.

Take advantage of this e-commerce and mall consumer datasets in one of the top Business Analytics projects available today.

Market Basket Analysis:

Market Basket Analysis

As part of this process, we examine how various goods' ale qualities correlate. Finding the most successful permutations and expanding consumers' preferences for items are two ways it aids a company's growth. The Apriori algorithm is useful for students to analyze data for this assignment. Python and R are both options for them.

Estimating Retail Prices:

Setting the pricing of a product is a critical strategic move for any company engaged in product sales. As a result, a future business analyst must comprehend what elements enter the pricing decision-making process.

Predicting Avocado Prices:

Predicting Avocado Prices

British Vogue confirms this to be the case. There's no denying the widespread popularity of avocado toast. If you're in that group, you're in luck: the topic of this project is avocados, which is guaranteed to keep you interested.

Analyzing Customer Feedback:

It's becoming common practice for businesses to seek out customer opinions actively. It gives them insight into the product from the customer's point of view and suggests improvements that could boost sales. Public product reviews also encourage potential buyers to believe in the seller's authenticity.

Customer Review Sentiment Analysis:


Customer review sentiment analysis gauges how satisfied or dissatisfied a company's consumers are with its offerings. Reviews, feedback forms, help desk tickets, online surveys, etc., can all be mined for this data type.

Every business wants to do sentiment analysis on customer feedback because it is a safe approach to learning what customers like and don't like about their products and what needs improvement. This allows the company to take immediate action to address consumer concerns, enhance customer service, lower customer attrition, fine-tune its advertising strategies, and increase its bottom line.

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Business Analyst Projects for Intermediate Professionals

If you're an Intermediate person in this field, the Hive projects mentioned below will be suitable for you:

Analyzing Customer Churn:

When a company experiences an unexpected drop in clients, they often turn to business analysts for help. A business analyst has several responsibilities, but one of the most important is ensuring minimal client turnover.

Store Sales Prediction:

Investors are typically seen as external stakeholder in businesses rather than an inside one. The business analyst's role is also to update the company's investors on the status and prospects of the company's business model.

Human Resources:

The project calls for implementing automated procedures, multidimensional analysis, self-service access, and staffing strategies. Your mission is to find cost-effective solutions to boost the company's recruitment and retention efforts. As you work on this assignment, you'll hone your analytical skills, which can come in handy when identifying weak spots in a company's defenses.

Business Analytics Capstone:

Anyone with a business or computer science background would be an excellent fit for this capstone project. In this project-based course, you'll learn how to apply your knowledge to data-driven decision-making scenarios. Working on this project will introduce you to using data to improve business performance, increase value, and streamline processes. 

In this culminating project, students will learn about the difficulties encountered by multinational corporations like Yahoo and Google. Data-driven approaches to business problems will be covered. Yahoo has compiled this resource to teach you how to evaluate information thoroughly and make decisions based on that information.

Optical Character Recognition:

You can work on optical character recognition, which involves transforming written text seen in photographs into text that can be typed. Python and Swift both have open-source project templates that can be used as a starting point for developing optical character recognition software. You can program a program that will convert handwritten documents into typed versions of the same document.

Business Analytics Project for Experienced

If you're an Experienced person in this field, the Hive projects mentioned below will be suitable for you:

Credit Risk Classification Analysis:

You can analyze a specific financial institution or take a broader approach to this project. The credit risk can then be evaluated with more precision. First, you'll examine the client's financial and employment background and the reason for the loan. 

Age, gender, marital status, occupation, and household income should all be verified. This categorization method should help the company determine the most appropriate course of action when extending credit or loans.

Sales Data Exploration and Reduction:

This work will provide valuable insight for corporate decision-makers seeking to maximize profits. To move the project forward, you can do a deep dive and incorporate the features, goods, or services that will bring in more money. Customer segmentation is another tool that may be incorporated into the project to aid leaders in determining their intended audience.

University Fundraising:

The most popular degree among donors, gift givers, and pledge contract signers must be included in this project. Excel or another similar program is ideal for presenting this information. Showcase your research, analysis, visualization, and programming skills in statistics with this project.

Business Analytics Starter Project Templates:

Many college grads interested in business pursue careers in management, including those with engineering degrees. Combining introductory business management courses with business analytics projects can give students a solid footing to grow their careers. Here are some of the best examples of student work in business analytics.

Analyzing Log Files:

This is a great project to dive into if you're new to Big data projects and want to get your feet wet with data analysis using Hive. We've included this easy one to help you prepare for the more involved projects that follow.

Analyzing Airline Data:

The aviation industry is not an exception to the rule that data has become an invaluable resource for many sectors. Some of the most important questions, such as when consumers will have the least delay in flight times, are answered using big data.

Employee Attrition and Performance:

In other words, a business is interested in knowing when and why employees decide to quit the organization or attrition. The corporation hopes to keep its most valuable employees by adapting to these trends in the workplace.

There are many potential contributors to employee turnover, and it is up to you to determine their relative importance in this project. To access the dataset for analysis, please visit this link.

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Business Analyst Real-Time Projects Examples

  • Prediction of Sales in Tourism for the Next Five Years:

Business analysts can hone their data mining abilities to better understand customer preferences in vacation packages with the help of this project. Methods might be both qualitative and quantitative. Both approaches help foster the growth of beginners' critical reasoning and judgment. Sales forecasts are made with the help of statistical analytic software like R or Python. Data cleansing and extraction are accomplished with Excel and SQL, respectively. 

  • Prediction of the Success of an Upcoming Movie:

As more and more movies are released, careers in business management are expanding in the entertainment industry. Success in these endeavors can be predicted by examining the chosen genre, language, directors, actors, actresses, budget, locations, etc. Success is predicted using a model built from historical data on several factors related to previously released films. Students can use Python or R to forecast the box office performance of the next movie in the same way they would for any other project.

  • Life Expectancy Analysis:

The ultimate goal of such initiatives is to put a monetary value on a company's prospective clientele. Government agencies have long used life expectancy analysis to assess the economic impact of longevity.

  • Real-Time Pollution Analysis:

Candidates can study univariate and multivariate data analysis through this standard data visualization project. In terms of business, the process can be replicated. The project can be built using either Python or R. For this purpose, we choose either Matplotlib or Plotly.

Business Analyst Projects: Why Are They So Important?

  • Manage the Interactive Aspect of the Project by:

The project manager will lead weekly formal status meetings and quarterly or continuing reviews. In most cases, that is assumed. However, the business analyst will be responsible for the day-to-day interactions with the customer-facing project team and the informal leadership of the project team, including monitoring and administration of the technology project team.

  • Manage The Tech Team:

A competent, experienced, and leadership-oriented business analyst can better manage the tech project development team than even a good project manager with a tech background. The business analyst's typical day will consist of participating in team conversations, providing guidance, mediating conflicts, resolving resource difficulties, and advising on resource projections. On many projects, the technical team will need daily leadership, direction, and interpretations of requirements. Going via the project manager for all guidance, advice, and decision-making adds unnecessary delays. 

  • Drive The Effort to Define Needs:

Projects thrive on clear, accurate requirements. The project manager oversees the big picture, but the business analyst checks the details before technical design. This includes evaluating detailed business processes, meeting with the project customer to understand them, working with the project team and client to transform high-level requirements into concrete tasks, etc. 

  • Make Major Creative Choices Every Day:

The project manager will be consulted as much as possible before making crucial choices. The project manager bears responsibility for the project's success or failure. They place a premium on open lines of communication. However, the business analyst working with the development team and the customer will make daily decisions that may never be communicated to the project manager.


1. What kind of projects do business analysts do?

This is part of optimizing sales numbers, marketing approaches, recommendation systems, and market trends.

2. What are the top 3 skills of a business analyst?

A good business analyst needs to be good at critical thought, solving problems, and making decisions.

3. What is a project in business analysis?

Project management aims to ensure that the project's "product, service, or result" is created.

4. How do I start a business analyst project?

Here are some points:

  • Find out about the background. 
  • Identify Stakeholders. 
  • Find out about business goals. 
  • Evaluate Options. 
  • Scope Definition. 
  • Plan for the work of a business analyst. 
  • Define Project Requirements. 
  • Help implement through the SDLC.
  • Look at how much worth the project added.

5. What are the types of business projects?

There are three main kinds of projects to think about: There are three types of projects: strategic, operational, and compliance projects.

6. Which topic is best for business project?

Need Reference

7. What is the role of a business analyst?

Business analysts use data to determine what is happening in businesses and other groups and suggest changes.

8. What is the scope of business analysis?

A context diagram is used to establish the scope of business analysis. If you want to be sure you're eliciting and assessing the ethical requirements based on the issue description and have a plan for keeping the project within its constraints, this course is for you.

9. Is business analyst an IT job?

A business analyst's job is only IT if the business analyst decides to focus on the IT field. Then the job title would be IT business expert.

11. Does a business analyst do coding?

The ability to write code is a plus but is optional for a career in analytics. Data can also be managed and analyzed using spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel and statistical packages like SPSS, SAS, Sage, Mathematica, and Excel.


In this project roundup, we discussed ideas for business analyst projects that you could add to your resume. Building business analyst projects for your resume is a great way to show how good you are at business analytics and to practice your skills. Business analytics is growing while technology is improving, and every business uses analytical tools and methods to improve what it does. Whether you have a lot of experience or are just starting, different business analytics projects help you improve your image.


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