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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: August 17th 2021

Business Analyst Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial gives you an overview and talks about the fundamentals of a Business Analyst.

Problems with requirements can cause projects to fail. In most cases, those problems are caused by poor or incorrectly conducted Business Analysis (especially Requirements Engineering, a part of the Business Analysis knowledge area).

The above issues may result in problems later, during scope definition, planning, implementation, and testing. Unclear requirements, or low-quality business design of the solution, can lead to confusion and questions regarding the intended software product or process solution. If no actions are taken to correct this state, the risk of the project's failure increases.

A Business Analyst (BA) is a person responsible for identifying the business needs of the customer (external or internal) and other stakeholders and for determining solutions to business problems [BABOK]. Specific activities of the Business Analyst include identifying, analyzing, developing, and managing the requirements.

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The business analyst training elaborates on the common objectives of business analysis i.e, Collect and document the requirements (business level), Design business solutions to resolve the business problems, Assist in the timely completion of the project by providing accurate requirements identification and analysis, Improve efficiency by increasing the quality of requirements identification and analysis and therefore reducing the need for rework and fixes in the later stages of the project.

Different projects or approaches (to management or product development) may require producing requirements in a specific format and with different levels of detail. The level of detail, and requirements format, may also be determined by the business area and any external regulatory requirements.

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The Business Analyst online training program focuses on the core concepts of business analysis. Business Analyst Role, Business Analyst, and Systems Analyst, Requirement. This was just an overview, we have compiled many more articles to get you acquainted with Business Analyst training. We have covered them in-depth in our Business Analyst online training. 


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