The Fascinating Career of Cyber Security

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It isn't about just a job and a paycheck, it’s all about protecting.

Some interesting takeaway from a survey by Semper Secure, a public-private partnership in Virginia formed to advance the cybersecurity profession about cybersecurity field and professions says the following.
> Interesting, challenging work: 56 percent
> Important and meaningful work: 44 percent
> Love the technology: 39 percent
> Constant change/dynamic industry: 31 percent
> Job security: 27 percent
> High salary and benefits: 25 percent
> Validates my talent and skill: 18 percent
> Opportunity to work with the best people: 13 percent
> Their salaries are three times National Average of Salaries in US.

Before you start thinking a career or considering to take cyber security as your career path, let me give you some facts.

1. There is no defined career path in this field.
Unless other fields, you do not find a specific level of designations, salary ranges for this field. It all depends on the work you achieved.

2. The less-established nature of the field can create an environment that favors merited newcomers a chance to explore and grow fast.
Yes, this is a field not known to everyone. The person with high passion about networks, computer science can only survive. It’s not easy to understand and learn.

3. You need to go beyond the impossibles.
Irrespective of time, you need to be proactive and attentive. It is the most important data you are dealing with. It can cause great loss to the company and the country you are living in. So you need to be careful.

4. It’s a big thing to deal. It can be a golden chair or behind the bars.
The cybersecurity system can be a blessing and a curse. The reporting system for them can be vast and confidential. Every minor detail has to be carefully verified. 

5. You are always in high demand.
Entry level to Senior and Managerial level, there is a high demand for professionals in this field making lucrative careers.

6. The learning never stops.
You cannot rest on your fundamentals.Things change so quickly that the requires  you to adopt continual learning.

7. Sometimes, what you know is so and the only network.
It is all about networking both the computer system and also professional network. You need to maintain and attend communities, professional summits to keep you updated on technology.

8. External forces may mislead you
Yes, this is the fact that there are many highly skilled and talented professionals in this field are being used for unethical and criminal practices. You should be dedicated towards the work and your mother country.

9. You are no less than a soldier
A soldier protects the country and it people. You do the same. You are a savior for your company.

The above facts mentioned are taken from my life. As an IT graduate, my father always dreamt about me becoming an IT security or Networking professional, therefore, made me take a course on cyber security from HCL careers. I could not able to clear the subjects as they required in deep knowledge of networking and computer science. Believe me, it’s an extremely challenging field. 

Industries that provide employment for cyber security Professionals

>> Technology and internet of things companies
>> Website and Software Security companies
>> Defense companies
>> Government departments and intelligence, surveillance agencies
>> The e-commerce sector
>> Banks and financial institutions. Etc.,

Most likely designations one receive as cybersecurity professionals

>> Cyber/ Internet Security Engineer
>> Information security analyst
>> Security Architect
>> Information security auditor
>> Information Technology auditor
>> Network security engineer
>> Forensic Tester
>> Penetration Tester
>> Security Officer etc., 
These designations generally depend on company and no of security departments they deal with.

Certifications and Skill Sets required to become a cybersecurity professional

A bachelor's degree in Information Technology or the Computer science or any degree relating to computer science or a relevant master’s degree.

Many career websites give many forms of online certifications on cybersecurity and also advise to take certification after completing the bachelor’s degree. The fact is at the degree level, one is introduced to computer system and network. You cannot apply or study the advanced subjects. 

There is basically Associate, Bachelor, Masters and Experience level become a certified expert. 
You need to find the specialised subject and accordingly you need to know the subject from the fundamentals. For more details refer:
Finally, if you would you like to  fight against the cyber security threats, you must first undergo the training subject wise and also psychological attitude wise.

Join the fight against cybercrime and become an Information rescuer.

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