Cyber Security Career Path

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Cyber Security Career Path, In today world is going digital and the security threats in this digital world are of paramount importance. In the present scenario of data theft and cyber-crimes where even the security of major organizations, defense, and Government websites are being compromised, the demand for Cyber security experts is quite high. It is not only a requirement for these websites of national importance but major organizations like internet Orgs and banks where data security is very important.

Learning Cyber Security

Some of the Popular Cyber Security attacks that happened in last few years:

1. Yahoo data theft

2. Russian interference in US elections

3. Ransomware, etc.

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These are only a few attacks that have happened and experienced a huge loss in time, trust, money etc. It takes a lot for the organization to come out of it.

So the need of growing talent in cyber security space is a must and in today’s article, we will discuss different options that cyber security individuals can excel in their careers.

Cyber Security Career Path

Based On Experience:

1. Entry Level

2. Mid-level

3. Expert and Management level

Entry Level Cyber Security Roles:

To excel in this career the first and foremost important aspect of the individual is to make sure they are aware of the industry standards and also make sure they are aware of the latest trends in cyber security attacks and how the organizations are coping up with the same.

One Can Start Career With Following Roles:

1. Cyber security Technician

2. Cyber Crime Analyst

3. Incident Analyst

4. IT Auditors

Each of these job profiles is highly challenging and require a great deal of presence of mind, competence in data security and cyber skills along with an adequate amount of street smartness to think on your feet. The jobs have huge market demand with some Organizations looking to hire to more than 30,000 new entrees.

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Expected Average Salary:

The pay is also exceedingly high and may vary from $67,000 to $84,000. The salary range depends on the company and the city that you are going to work. So it in your best interest to look for a company who has a lot of reputation in their business.

Mid-Level Cyber Security Roles:

So the individuals who have experience gained from the above roles will have an opportunity to pump up their career with the following options.

1. Cyber Security Analyst

2. Cyber Security Consultant

3. Penetration Vulnerability Tester

All these profiles are interesting and have their own challenges.

There is a huge amount of transfer from each of the jobs, especially from Penetration & Vulnerability tester to the other 2 profiles. There is also a 2-way flow for both the other profiles (i.e. Cyber Security Analyst and Cyber Security Consultant). Both of these profiles have an equal and most of the time same responsibilities but it depends upon the organization as per there norms, because every organization is different when it comes to execution and recruiting their employees.

Expected Average Salary:

These 3 profiles combined have a huge market demand for 49,000 jobs approximately and pay $85,000 to $101,000. The salary range depends upon the role, experience of the individual and finally the city where you are going to be working.

Most of the time the Mid-level and senior level jobs are offered within the networking groups. So it is again advised to stay focused and understand the latest market trends and also involve yourself in networking activities like participating in online forums and meetups. This will help you broaden your network and also helps while seeking employments.

Experienced Level Cyber Security Roles:

It takes a lot of time and motivation for an individual to build expert level skills in terms of cyber security arena and has good understanding and execution knowledge on hacking. The following job roles that the individuals can opt for after gaining enough exposure:

1. Cyber Security Architect

2. Cyber Security Engineer

3. Cyber Security Manager

All the above profiles have their own challenges and they are in a position where they can modify and also rewrite the security policies within an organization. All of this happens after crucial scrutiny and the policies can be strengthened by their involvement.

Roles and Responsibilities Include:

1. Modifying existing security policies.

2. Train and educate employees on cyber security and it’s adverse effects.

3. Managing people.

4. Assign responsibilities to the team.

5. Be prepared and be proactive to the security threats.

So the individuals who are in Cyber Security Engineer role look for an upgrade and can get into Cyber Security Architect role and vice versa can happen. Generally, the individuals who are settled into Cyber Security Manager role don’t tend to move to other roles and stick to next level of managerial roles.

Expected Average Salary:

On an advanced Level, there is an opening for more than 58,000 professionals with a pay ranging from $105,000 to $120,000 in 3 profiles. As discussed above these jobs can be easily shared within the networks and it is always good to be active in cyber security networking groups as there are a lot of opportunities that have been skyrocketed especially in this work space.

Based on the experience, job roles and responsibilities and finally the city where you going to be working matters a lot and the salary is defined based on the above factors.


The challenging and ever growing Cyber security professional is the new in demand job of the present era and seems to be growing over the next one and a half decade at least without showing any sign of saturation. The advent of many big guns like Google, Amazon, etc. along with many startups cropping up in this area to protect the cyber world from the menace of hackers is just the beginning of the great cyber war.

As it rightly said, “Information is power” in the modern day, the security of this information and stopping the unfair use of the cyber world is something that is impregnable.

Looking at this scenario, if you are a problem solver and are inquisitive by nature this is the right opportunity for you tap into this business and grow yourself from an entry level job to a Manager. A thing that is unique here and shows the industry has just entered its growth phase is the fact that the number of openings grows incrementally across the levels showcasing the chance of quick growth for anyone who enters the value chain now.

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