SharePoint vs OneDrive :What is the Difference?

SharePoint and OneDrive have been used alternatively for basic data management that is both individual and business-related.

With Microsoft constantly changing and adding features to Office 365, SharePoint has improved and enhanced over the years of usage.

However, these two software are not the same fundamentally and differ in their intent of usage.  There are a lot of features you can look forward to in each one of them separately depending upon your collaboration needs which may be about a team's use of individual users.

Well, In this article we will discuss SharePoint Vs OneDrive.

SharePoint Vs OneDrive: Overview

What is SharePoint?

Sharepoint is a web-based collaboration system that allows the integration of all files, folders, documents, and every other type of business information over the server. It can be accessed across different types of devices through an internet connection and a web browser like chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge, internet explorer, etc

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What is OneDrive?

OneDrive, on the other hand, is online document management or file management system that primarily accounts for storage of them. it serves as a central repository of data in the form of files, documents, images, etc, and is predominantly used by teams who work in collaboration on shared data. Individuals also use OneDrive for storage purposes.

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Difference between SharePoint and OneDrive 

OneDrive Vs SharePoint: Features 

1. Use cases

The fundamental difference that lies between SharePoint and OneDrive is their use cases. While SharePoint is primarily a user collaboration system that allows accessing and editing of common files by the members of a team.

OneDrive is however primarily a file storage and file sharing tool between team members with limited features to manipulate data. OneDrive can serve as backend support in website creation as it doesn’t allow creating one over it.

2. File sharing

File sharing is a common feature in both SharePoint and OneDrive. In the case of SharePoint, the access points can be predefined by the administrator and the data can be shared among the team members.

In the case of OneDrive, the data or files can only be accessed by others if the owner grants individual rights and permissions. You can access and share personal files from OneDrive to any SharePoint team site.

3. Encryption

When it comes to encryption and data security, SharePoint enjoys an edge over OneDrive since it possesses high-end security features that allow an additional layer of user control and access permissions to the user base. Though both OneDrive and SharePoint are well-equipped with encryption features, SharePoint is a more reliable one in this case.

Both SharePoint and OneDrive are encrypted for permission across all platforms to and from servers.

4. Data security

Data security can be managed by controlling access in both tools. While OneDrive is for individual users, the data gets controlled by the owner who single-handedly controls who gets access to what.

In the case of SharePoint, the access points are managed by the administrator and can be shared or revoked by the collaborating teams.

5. Accessibility

OneDrive is a more personal tool that is primarily built for individual use granting every single control to the user or owner. It is only when access is granted, others can view or edit the data.

In the case of SharePoint, it is primarily a team data management system that allows different members of a team to gain access to the shared data in different capacities. This allows multiple users and teams to work on the same data simultaneously when granted permission.

6. Resource management

Resource management is crucial for companies and businesses that look forward to publishing their content over the web (social media more precisely). While the latest version of OneDrive includes most of the document handling features of SharePoint like document offerings, templates, auditing, workflows, etc but it still lacks the marketing resources SharePoint has.

These include social media connections, website connects, etc. that allows you to publish your content.

7. Website and apps

SharePoint is a versatile application that helps collaborate with your data and user base and allows you to develop an interactive company website, web apps, and documents. The Content Management System tools allow you to upload and share documents enterprise-wide and let your user base (employees) access them for internal use.

However, with OneDrive, you cannot publish your content over the web. You can only share them or make them discoverable to your team members.

8. Dashboard and workflows

With SharePoint, you can easily manage the data access controls for different users and employees. You can work in a collaborative workspace that includes dashboards, updates, notifications calendars, etc. acting as a central repository to all the desired data. SharePoint sites can be created for different user bases and access can be managed over it.

With OneDrive, you can essentially share the data and documents with your team and employees but you will find most of the above-mentioned features if access control and information sharing in the case of OneDrive.

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Choice Between SharePoint and OneDrive

While the selection between SharePoint and OneDrive largely depends upon your individual and business requirements, as a general belief, SharePoint is a widely accepted and applauded tool when it comes to content management and sharing.

This decision will also depend upon whether you want an on-premise solution or one over the cloud with the desired feature set. Office 365 offers a wide set of features over the cloud with capabilities of both OneDrive and SharePoint. On the other hand, SharePoint serves a cut-throat competition in offering a similar feature set in an on-premise solution.


Both SharePoint and OneDrive are offered by Microsoft but are two different tools fundamentally. If your primary aim is to ensure file and data storage allowing occasional edits, you can go for OneDrive. However, if you are looking forward to a team collaboration system that allows multiple team members to work simultaneously on a common data management system that allows them to read, edit and manage the data then SharePoint is the better option. To learn more about OneDrive and SharePoint, write in the comments section below. 

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