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SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Ans: Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform. It is used for creating websites that access workspaces, documents, as well as host defined applications such as blogs and wikis. We can use it has a secure place for storing, organizing, sharing, and accessing information from any device.

2. What is Sharepoint used for and is it free?

Ans: It is comprised of a multipurpose set of technologies used for internal purposes to assist and simplify the workflow within an organization. It is not a free platform; a user has to take a subscription for it.

3. Explain Zones and types in SharePoint?

Ans: Zones are the logical paths for accessing the same web application. For each web application, five zones can be created, and they are-

  • Default
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Internet
  • Custom

4. What is LINQ and how it is useful in SharePoint?

Ans: LINQ (language integrated query) uses a SQL-like syntax to frame query expression in an object language way to fetch data from the databases in SharePoint.

5. What are the benefits a company would be getting after switching to SharePoint 2013?


  1. Integrated search
  2. Improved workflow
  3. Improved business intelligence
  4. Ease of storage management
  5. Mobile compatibility
  6. Social media friendly
  7. Enhanced publishing, designing and metadata management
  8. Copy-paste option for content authors
  9. Ease of customizing error pages

6. What is the difference between SharePoint Online and Office365?

Ans: SharePoint Online and Office 365 do share some capabilities-such as storing documents. Office 365 refers to subscription plans, while SharePoint Online is a collaborative platform that allows an enterprise to store, retrieve, manage, and report on digitized documents. 

SharePoint Online:

  • It is a component of cloud-based Office 365, and available as a standalone product.
  • It is a collection of web and cloud-based technologies.
  • Custom workflow is needed for content management.
  • For certain types of content, complex security provisions are required.
  • Collaboration is complex.

Office 365:

  • It offers limited access to multiple functionalities.
  • Collaborations are uncomplicated.
  • It shares the server with various tenants(other subscribers).
  • Supports application model and client-side object.

7. What is the latest version of SharePoint and explain its features?

Ans: The latest version of SharePoint is SharePoint Server 2019.

The new features supported by the SharePoint server 2019 are listed below:

SharePoint Home: It brings all the news from communication sites and team sites together into one central board.

Modern team and communication sites: The major feature of SharePoint Server 2019 is a modern team and communication sites, that includes different templates: topic, blank, and showcase. 

User-friendly pages, authoring, and web parts: Anyone can create content easily with the new user-friendly improvements in the SharePoint Server 2019.

Lists and libraries: SharePoint Server 2019 also supports modern SharePoint lists and libraries. Modern SharePoint lists include conditional formatting feature. Modern SharePoint libraries support users to quickly view their information about documents, including metadata and permissions.

Simplified sharing experience: This modern feature is a major improvement to secure external sharing of folders and files.

Suite Navigation and App Launcher: Microsoft has refreshed the Suite navigation and app launcher feature in the latest release of SharePoint server.

8. Explain Windows SharePoint Services.

Ans: Windows SharePoint Services is a portal-based platform used for information sharing, document collaboration, and customized web services. It is available for free with Windows server 2003. As a platform, it makes use of Windows Server, ASP.Net, and IIS. Also, it supports webmasters with the development and deployment of applications; locates and shares the documents in a distributed environment.

9. How is Site template different from Site definition?

Ans: Site templates are pre-built functions designed based on particular business needs. These templates are useful for creating and customizing SharePoint site.

Whereas, Site definition is mainly a combination of XML or ASPX files that contain information about necessary components. It stores information about libraries, web files, navigation bars, and features to be included in the site.

10. What is SharePoint Sandbox, and why is it used?

Ans: Sandbox runs in an isolation area while the normal functions of SharePoint operate as usual. It brings stability to the SharePoint farm by restricting the actions that can cause performance, security and other related issues. 

11. What are the common differences between SharePoint 2007 and 2010?


  • Service Applications
  • Sandboxed Solutions
  • Developer Dashboard
  • Throttling and List Controls
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Claims-Based Authentication

12.  What is a module in SharePoint?

Ans: A module is a file or group of file instances used to define the location of files during the site creation and also to implement a web part page.

13. What are the different input forms to create a workflow in SharePoint?


  • Association form
  • Initiation form
  • Modification form
  • Task edit form

14. What is SSS in SharePoint?

Ans: SSS stands for secure store service, which is a database to store credentials of the application IDs.

15. What are service application groups used for?

Ans: They provide a logical grouping of services scoped for a particular web application.

16. What authentication is used by SharePoint crawler, and what is a federated location in SharePoint search?

Ans: The SharePoint crawler used NTLM authentication. Federated locations offer information available outside of the internal network to the end-users.

17. Which Microsoft tool can be used for incremental backup?

Ans: System centre data protection manager

18. Name some of the tools used for backing up SharePoint 2010 environment?

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  • SQL server
  • System center data protection manager
  • SharePoint farm backup and recovery

19. What are a site and MySites?

Ans: A site contains web pages and several assets such as lists related to it, whereas MySites are the personalized and targeted SharePoint for every user.

20. What is the site hierarchy model in SharePoint?


  • Farm
  • Web Application
  • Site Collection
  • Web Site
  • Library/List

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21. What is STSADM and what it is used for?

Ans: It is a command-line tool that was added in SharePoint in the year 2010. It exists in the 14HIVE>BIN folder and is used to create a new site collection.

22. What are the three editions for SharePoint 2010?

Ans: Three editions for SharePoint 2010


Server Standard

Server Enterprise

23. What are cumulative updates and why they are needed?

Ans: These are the periodic release of software updates for SharePoint containing solution for issues developed since the last cumulative update release. It is crucial to install the latest edition to ensure full functionality of SharePoint.

24. What is the difference between SharePoint portal server and the site server?

Ans: The basic differences between the SharePoint server and Site server are as follows:

SharePoint portal server

Web site creation for data sharing and document collaboration

SharePoint server services are the key information worker infrastructure to offer additional functionality to the MS office system.

Site server

Manages web sites with multiple technologies

Order processing, content management, production management etc.

25. What are the software and hardware requirements of SharePoint 2010?


Hardware requirements:

Processor 64-bit, four-core, 2.5 GHz minimum per core

4 GB RAM for evaluation use, 8 GB for single and multiple server farm installation 

The hard disk of 80 GB for production use and additional space for daily operation

Software requirements:

64-bit edition of Windows server 2008 with SP2

26. Is it possible to download information directly from a SharePoint site to a PDA?

Ans: No, that is not possible.

27. How to make site public in SharePoint?

Ans: By default, all sites are private. To make it public, a user has to enable anonymous access for the entire site. Under each website, a user can create ten sub-sites, each having unique permissions

28. What is a.ddf file and why it is used in SharePoint solution creation?

Ans: In SharePoint, a.ddf is a data directive file used while specifying the source files and their destination locations.

29. What is CAML in SharePoint, and why is its use?

Ans: CAML (Collaborative Application Markup Language) is an XML-based language used in SharePoint to define the fields and views in sites and lists

30. What is impersonation in SharePoint?

Ans: It is basically a functionality where something is executed in the context of a different identity such as giving anonymous access to users for the account.

31. While fetching List items using SharePoint Web Services, how to specify explicit credentials to access the list items?

Ans: In order to specify explicit credentials, instantiate the web service, and then using the credentials properties use the System.Net.NetworkCredential class and give the username, password, and domain as per your wish.

32. What does SPWeb.EnsureUser method used for?

Ans: It is used to check whether the specified login name is associated with the valid user of the Web site or not. If not, it adds it to the Web site.

33. What does RunWithElevatedPrivileges do?

Ans: To bypass the access-denied error, RunWithElevatedPrivileges is used by a non-privileged user. User can call the RunWithElevatedPrivileges method provided by the SPSecurity class to make a call into the object model.

34. How to create a Task Notifications Workflow in SharePoint?


  • Create a new task list workflow
  • Set the condition to "if the current item priority is high."
  • Set the action to "send email." 
  • Define that the email should be sent to the email address of "Assigned To"
  • Enter an e-mail subject with a lookup to the current item task name.
  • Add a link to the ID of the current task and task list's edit form in the email body
  • Publish the workflow.

35. Explain how to create a list in SharePoint 2013?


  • Go to the settings menu and tap on “Add an app” link to add a custom list
  • Apps section under “Site Contents” will be opened
  • Click on “Custom List” under your Apps
  • Add description and the name of the list to create a list in SharePoint

36. What does the content database handle in SharePoint?


  • The Microsoft SharePoint database handles the following things-
  • Published reports
  • Reports models
  • Shared data sources
  • Properties
  • Resources
  • Permissions

37. How to manage projects in SharePoint?

Ans: To manage projects, SharePoint offers many facilities to users such as

Dashboards: The dashboards include customs KPIs; reports and graphs

Scheduling tools: used to update and assign multi-level tasks  

Personalization: Filter out tasks that don’t affect your project

Resources: To track cost, display availability and other related data for hours worked

Alerting: To alert about various activities important m

38. Why we use Callout function in SharePoint 2013?

Ans: SharePoint Callout is used to make several types of commands on the SP(add a new item, update and make a site navigation links). The user can append a new record to the SP list without the need to open the default add new SP list item dialogue box.

39. What is a document library in SharePoint?

Ans: The document library stores list of files and folders where a user can find out who created which file and can add, download, edit, delete a folder or file from a SharePoint document library.

40. How to create a document library in SharePoint?


  • Open a web browser and log into SharePoint.
  • Click Site Actions and select Create.
  • Under Libraries, click Document Library.
  • Enter name and description for the library
  • Click Create.

41. What are the noticeable changes in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019 from their previous versions?

Ans: SharePoint 2016 has following improved features as compared to its old versions - Durable, fast site collection creation, Main role, Hybrid search, Shortcut keys for Document library functions links. SharePoint 2019 has got these features - Modern view for pages, SharePoint online has been introduced, New home page to create sites from the different web application.

42. What is Oauth?

Ans: Oauth is open-source authentication used to access third party apps in Sharepoint site. Third-party apps use the access tokens to fetch data from the SharePoint server for that user.

43. What is the difference between backup/restore and export/import?

Ans: Backup/restore is used for site-level, whereas import/export is used for a list and item level.

4 days

44. How ULS logs and IIS logs are different?

Ans: IIS logs stores all data related to HTTP request made by users. ULS logs will contain details once the user is validated by IIS. It stores all details such as SharePoint services and application.

45. What does remove-spouse do in SharePoint?

Ans: It removes a user or security group completely from the site.

46. What are the crawl types in SharePoint?

Ans: Crawl is the process of accumulating content for search.To fetch the information, the crawl component connects to the content sources and passes crawled items to the content processing component. There are three main types of SharePoint Crawl - Full Crawl, Continuous crawl and Incremental crawl. 

During the full crawl, the search engine crawls to index each item regardless of previous crawl status. The incremental crawler will enable the crawler to cover only newly created or modified items. Continuous crawl regularly checks the items after every 15 minutes and takes instant action and send it to the content processor.

47. List some of the SharePoint online PowerShell commands?


  • get-sposite
  • Set-sposite
  • Get-spouser
  • Set-spouser
  • Remove-spouser

48. Is Office 365 an IAAS or SAAS or PAAS?


49. List out some SharePoint site monitoring tools?


  •   Application Insights
  •  SCOM
  • Appdynamics
  •  OfficeMon

50. What is the threshold limit of subsites in a site in SharePoint 2016 and 2019?

Ans: 2000

51. What is the limit of SharePoint list or library, and what happens if we increase the limit?

Ans: The threshold limit for SharePoint list is 5000, which means when a user clicks/ opens a document library or list, he/she can see 5000 items at a time. If the limit is increased, it will display more, but performance will be affected. 

52. Which version of Excel supports co-authoring?

Ans: Excel 2016

53. Explain the difference between team site and communication site in SharePoint?

Ans: Team site is a private site used to store documents of particular team activities whereas communication site is dedicated for customers and all company members and is used to publish details of the new products and services offered by the company. 

54. How much memory is needed for distributed cache and what will happen if it is stopped?

Ans: When the SharePoint server is installed, it allots ten percent of the total physical memory to distributed cache. If the distributed cache is stopped, the user will see runtime error, access denied page loading slowly, no newsfeed and so on.

55. What are the OneDrive sync issues?

Ans: OneDrive is a cloud solution to store your data file securely so that you can access it from anywhere. Sometimes, a user might face OneDrive SharePoint sync issues due to-

  • Sync conflicts
  • Item threshold
  • No metadata sync
  • Inability to sync individual folders

56.  How to provide access to Gmail account to the SharePoint online site?

Ans: First of all, enable external sharing in the site. Once it is enabled, users can be added in the site. Users will receive the invitation in their Gmail and should accept the invitation to login to the site.

57. What does the Request Management service feature is used for?

Ans: Request Management feature present in SharePoint 2013 handles incoming requests by evaluating logic rules to determine what/which action to take, and which machine in the farm should handle the incoming requests.

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