Microsoft SharePoint Projects and Use Cases

Are you planning to elevate your career in SharePoint? If yes, then you are on the right track. This blog offers key SharePoint projects to enhance their expertise in SharePoint. The projects will help you move up your career ladder. By the end of the blog, you will get exposure to many SharePoint projects ideas, the skills that you will develop, and much more.

Are you wondering how to stay ahead in the job market in this competitive world? We unlock the secret for you. It is simple. You need to maximize your hard skills in your technical niche. Okay! How to improve one’s hard skills? Get the answer here. Working on projects undoubtedly helps to level up one’s expertise in a tool or technology. SharePoint is one of the critical domains where aspirants strive hard to kick-start a career or elevate it. This blog comes with many SharePoint projects for the aspirants to sharpen their skills cleverly.

Let’s begin!

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What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a well-known collaboration tool that supports teams in engaging themselves efficiently. Teams can securely share their content and integrate applications using SharePoint. In short, SharePoint is the one-stop solution for content sharing and management.

SharePoint is a cutting-edge tool that offers many vital features out of the box. The features are compelling Business intelligence, easy-to-use user interface, seamless document access, and more. Moreover, SharePoint drives productivity by allowing teams to share typical applications and resources.

Well! What are SharePoint projects? Why are they so crucial? You may ask these questions now. Sure! The following section will answer your questions neatly.

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Why Microsoft SharePoint Projects?

According to Glassdoor, SharePoint developers earn an average salary of over 7 LPA in India. In the USA, they make an average salary of over 127k USD per year. Top companies like CTS, Accenture, HCLTech, Wipro, Hexacorp, etc., hire SharePoint developers in massive numbers every year. These figures signal that a career in SharePoint is promising and lucrative.

Further, the demand for SharePoint developers is always on the rise. This is because top companies leverage SharePoint to optimize their content management. If anyone acquires the necessary hard skills on SharePoint, then they will open up countless doors of opportunities.

If you are wondering how to hone hands-on skills on SharePoint, SharePoint projects are a great place to start. In this blog, you will go through various exciting SharePoint projects to take your practical skills to the next level.

Next, the main question is – is there any requirement to learn SharePoint projects? Of course! There are some requirements. The following section lists the same.

Prerequisites For SharePoint Projects

Let’s look at the prerequisites that you must satisfy before learning SharePoint projects.

  • Familiar with the SharePoint software
  • Exposure to JavaScript and Typescript languages
  • Familiar with the node.JS framework
  • Basic understanding of Visual Studio Code
  • Good Knowledge of Microsoft 365
  • Excellent logical and problem-solving skills.

Sure! If anyone acquires the above requirements, working on SharePoint projects is a piece of cake.

Another crucial question is – what skills will I acquire by practicing SharePoint projects? No worries! The coming section will outline the skills.

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What Skills You Will Develop With SharePoint Projects?

Let's look at the skills you will gain by learning SharePoint projects.

  • Strong Proficiency in SharePoint and its specific tools such as Visio, Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, and so on.
  • Expertise in .NET, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages
  • Comprehensive knowledge of content management and business intelligence
  • Excellent testing and debugging skills
  • Solid understanding of REST API and jQuery
  • Exceptional collaboration and project management skills.

Of course! The above skills help to enhance one’s career prospects without a doubt. Okay! It’s time to dive into the SharePoint projects now.

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List of Top Microsoft SharePoint Projects For Practice

This section will walk you through the various critical SharePoint projects. It includes projects for different levels of learners – no matter whether you are a novice or an experienced learner. You can find suitable SharePoint projects to elevate your prowess to the next level. Let’s start!

SharePoint Project Ideas For Beginners

This section packs the basic-level SharePoint projects that will strengthen your basic knowledge of the SharePoint tool. Let’s unpack the projects!

1. CLI For Microsoft 365

The project goal is to use a CLI to manage Microsoft 365 as well as SharePoint framework projects. The essential thing is that the CLI supports cross-platform. The CLI supports various authentication methods such as Azure-managed identity, device code, client secret, etc.

Working on this project will familiarize you with typescript and JavaScript languages. By doing this project, it is possible to gain proficiency with the package managers, node.js framework, and Docker containers. Moreover, you will learn to authenticate the Microsoft 365 tenant using the ‘device code login flow’ method.


2. SP Framework Web Parts

The project aims to construct various client-side web parts using the SharePoint framework. In this project, you will build visually appealing web parts like carousels, animations, image galleries, and much more.

By practicing this project, you will become a master in JavaScript, typescript, and CSS languages. Also, it is easy to get exposure to reactJS, jQuery, and angular plugins by doing this project. You will learn to work with the sp-client-custom-fields library.


3. Sharpy

This project aims to develop a module to authenticate SharePoint online site. The module helps to make simple HTTP requests from Python. It uses authentication classes with the requests client library.

By completing this project, it is possible to gain expertise in Python programming. You will learn to work with the requests library to send HTTP requests. You will learn to initiate API calls and a SharePoint session. You will learn to save the authentication sessions by doing this project.


4. SPMeta2

The project aims to use a comprehensive framework for provisioning SharePoint artifacts on SharePoint. By using SPMeta2, you can deploy numerous SharePoint artifacts, including fields, security groups, lists, and many more. SPMeta2 framework uses POCO objects to define SharePoint artifacts.

This project will familiarize you with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PowerShell, Smalltalk, and C# languages. You will learn to speed up the SharePoint-related routines using this framework.

Super! You have gone through the Microsoft SharePoint projects that must have introduced you to the SharePoint framework, authentication classes, package manager, and many more.

So, what next once you have gained the basics of SharePoint? The following section will answer this question.


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SharePoint Projects For Intermediate Learners

This section will take you through crucial SharePoint projects that will take your SharePoint skills to new heights. Let’s see what the projects are!

5. SharePoint SDK For Go

This project aims to create a SharePoint SDK for the Golang language. The SDK acts as the fluent API wrapper and HTTP client. In this project, you will initiate authentication objects and apply authentication strategies. Besides, you will bind the authentication client with the fluent API.

Working on this project will give you great exposure to the Go language. It is easy to be familiar with the fluent API syntax through this project. You will learn about the embedded features of the SDK, such as header presets, retries, and error handling.


6. SP REST Framework

This project aims to develop a SharePoint REST framework. This framework removes the overhead that occurs while developing SharePoint projects. Mainly, this framework works efficiently in restricted SharePoint environments.

Practicing this project makes it easy to get familiar with typescript and JavaScript languages. You will learn about creating reusable scripts and helper functions by doing this project. You will be proficient with executing live requests from the browser console.


7. SPPP Generator

The project aims to create an SP pull and push yeoman generator for SharePoint client-side applications. It helps to set up a SharePoint project with sensible defaults for pulling and pushing files. Besides, you will use NPX to create and navigate to a project folder.

Completing this project will make you proficient with JavaScript, SCSS, typescript, and Handlebars languages. This project will familiarize you with custom actions, portal libraries, scripts, and styles.


8. SP IDE for Visual Studio Code

This project aims to allow you to create SharePoint web solutions with the help of the VS codes. SPGo is a lightweight SharePoint IDE. By using this IDE, You can construct SharePoint sites. You will check out and publish files from SharePoint.
By learning this project, it is possible to get exposure to Typescript and JavaScript languages. You will learn to use VSCode compare tools in this project. The tools support comparing the local changes made against servers.

Great! You have gone through the intriguing SharePoint projects that must have provided you with increased exposure to the SharePoint tool.


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Advanced SharePoint Projects For Experienced

This section covers some mission-critical SharePoint projects that will make you master the SharePoint tool. Let’s uncover!

9. Synchronizing Files Using the Gulp Plugin

This project aims to use the Gulp plugin for synchronizing local files with a SharePoint library. In this project, you will copy local files to SharePoint document libraries and galleries. You will use deep structures and nested folders to save files. By working on this project, you will gain expertise in JavaScript. You will learn to use gulp-watchers to upload files when they are changed. You will also learn to set metadata for files. Also, you will learn to publish files using the publish setting.


10. Camlex

This project aims to simplify creating CAML queries for SharePoint. In this project, you will learn to use lambda expressions and expression trees to create CAML queries. You will convert CAML queries to C# code effortlessly.

By practicing this project, you will gain mastery in C# programming. You will learn about camlex.NET, with which you can track the compilation time of expressions. You will learn to use intuitive syntax with the help of lambda expressions.


11. SharePoint Hauler

The project aims to construct an application to copy lists and library content between SharePoint versions. In other words, you will use the application to copy content between tenants, SharePoint websites, etc. The metadata associated with the content is not changed in any way.

Completing this project will familiarize you with C#, PowerShell, and Batchfile languages. You will learn to upload files to SharePoint. You will also learn to restore copied content from the file system to SharePoint.


12. Node SP Auth Configuration

The project aim is to build a configuration options builder for node-sp-auth. Here, node-sp-auth is a SharePoint authentication in Node.JS. In this project, you will generate configuration files using a command prompt. By learning this project, it is possible to get exposure to typescript and JavaScript languages. You will learn to use headless mode in the production run time. You will use environment variables to define parameters.

Cheers! You have completed practicing the crucial SharePoint projects. Undeniably, the projects will help boost your SharePoint expertise and move your career ladder to new heights.


Real-Time SharePoint Sample Projects

As you know, practice makes a man perfect. On that note, working on several SharePoint projects will sharpen your skills and gain a competitive edge in the job market. Let’s take a glance at the real-time SharePoint project ideas listed below.

  • SharePoint Adminbot
  • SharePoint Migration Dashboard
  • OneDrive Version Cleaner
  • Secure Score PowerShell
  • SharePoint workflow converter
  • SP Screwdriver
  • PS SharePoint list graph
  • SharePoint Sheriff
  • SP Purge
  • SP Governor Sharing
  • SharePoint Online PowerShell Migrator.

Yes! If you work on the above real-time SharePoint projects, they will be highly helpful to you to polish your hands-on skills.

Overall Summary:

  1. SharePoint is a robust tool that simplifies content sharing, enables secured information sharing, and improves collaboration.
  2. Top companies recruit SharePoint developers in massive numbers for competitive salary package
  3. Choosing a career in SharePoint is fulfilling and rewarding
  4. Working on SharePoint projects helps to upskill one’s hands-on experience
  5. SharePoint projects polish your practical skills so you can efficiently perform content management and application integration.

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SharePoint Project FAQs

1. Is SharePoint difficult to learn?

Yes, learning SharePoint is not tricky. If you are willing to explore new things and devote your time, then learning SharePoint is a cakewalk. Our industry experts in MindMajix have designed a well-versed SharePoint course curriculum to make your learning process smooth and straightforward.

2. Is SharePoint a collaboration tool?

It is a collaboration tool that empowers teams, providing exceptional content-sharing features. Teams can find information quickly, improving productivity to high levels.

3. Is SharePoint open source?

No. It is a commercial tool. The basic plan includes SharePoint, OneDrive, and lists.

4. Is SharePoint worth learning?

Absolutely! The demand for SharePoint is huge everywhere. If you gain expertise in SharePoint, top companies will hire you for lump sum packages.

5. What is SharePoint used for?

We can use SharePoint to share content of any type and volume. Also, we can integrate applications using the SharePoint tool.


Let’s wrap it up! We have covered the many crucial SharePoint projects in this blog for both beginners and advanced learners. No doubt, the projects will hone your practical knowledge significantly. However, if you attend professional training, it will help to boost your hard skills. The certification will add value to your portfolio, improving your personal brand.

MindMajix is the pioneer eLearning provider that offers powerful courses in SharePoint. In the SharePoint certification course, you will go through real-time SharePoint projects and the latest industry real-world use cases. Ultimately, you will become an industry-ready SharePoint professional, gaining the necessary skills to tackle real-time challenges.

All right! Feel free to share your thoughts, if you have any, using the comment box below.

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