install, configure, validate, and patch Spotfire Automation Services

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Install, configure, validate, and patch Spotfire Automation Services

In this tutorial you will learn how to install, configure, validate, and patch Spotfire Automation Services. In other tutorials  you can learn how to add the Spotfire Application Data Services and Spotfire Statistics Services.

Install Spotfire Automation Services

  1. Navigate to Administrator Essentials\Installers\Automation Services\Products\TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services Installer, and then double-click setup.exe.
  2. Accept the license terms and all defaults until you reach the Configuration for TIBCO Spotfire Server panel. Set the Server URL to http://localhost:9090 and type sfadmin for the username and password.

Adding Spotfire Automation Services

3. At the Configuration for mail panel, for the SMTP host, type localhost

smtp configuration in Spotfire Automation Services

4. Accept all subsequent defaults and complete the installation.


Deploy the Automation Services Package

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and browse to http://localhost:9090/spotfire/administration.
  2. When you are prompted for authentication credentials, for both User Name and Password, typesfadmin.
  3. In the Administration Console, select the Deployment tab.Spotfire Admin Login
  4. Click Add.

Add Spotfire Automation Services

5. In the Add to Deployment dialog, click Browse.

Add Spotfire Automation Services

6. Navigate to C:\Installers\Automation Services\Products\TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services Installer, select AutomationServices.spk and click Open.

      7. In the Add to Deployment dialog, click OK.

Deploy Spotfire Automation Services

      8. Click Save and then OK to save the deployment.

We have installed TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services. Now, we can validate it. Werecommend you close all applications in the machine before continuing.

Validate TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services

1. Open the Spotfire Professional client. Select Start > All Programs > TIBCO > TIBCO Spotfire (show login dialog). In the login dialog, for Username and Password, type sfadmin.

Login Spotfire Professional Client

         2. When prompted, click Update Now.

Update Spofire Professional Client

  1. In the Spotfire client, from the menu, click File > Open From > Library.
  2. At the top level of the Library, double-click Demo.
  3. Double-click Analysis Files.
  4. Double-click Baseball.
  5. Select Baseball.
  6. Click Open.
  7. From the Spotfire client menu, click Tools > Automation Services Job Builder.

Spotfire Automation Services Job Builder

10. In the Automation Services Job Builder, click Add and select Export Image.

Exporting Image in Spofire Automation Services

      11. For Destination Path, type C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\test.png and for Visualization, select Getting Started : Player               Home Runs.

Spotfire Automation Services

12. In the Automation Services Job Builder, select Tools > Execute Locally.

Spofire Automation Services validation

13. On the Desktop of your lab system, you should see a file named test.png. Open it to confirm the visualization was exported properly.

Spotfire Automation Services Validation-1

We have now  validated Spotfire Automation Services Successfully.


Patch Spotfie Automation Services:

Apply patches to Spotfire Automation Services.

Note : To find available patches, browse to the TIBCO Spotfire support web site: http://support.spotfire.com/downloads.asp

and click the appropriate link for product patches.

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