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Spotfire is an extraordinarily strong enterprise-level analytical platform to derive úseful business insights. It is a secure, adaptable, and extendable tool which provides data wrangling, visualization, and predictive analytics abilities. It also contains an efficient dashboard and communicative, analytical applications. Suppose you are a data analyst of your organization, and your organization wants to invest in an Australian cricket club.

The CEO wants to know which is the best team, how many cricket matches they have won in the previous years, their revenue, etc. He wants all the data in one visually communicative presentation. To present all the data in one visual presentation, you can use TIBCO Spotfire; it is a platform that provides a flexible environment for analyzing and visualizing the data. In this Spotfire tutorial, you will learn how to analyze and visualize the data through a single visually interactive presentation.

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Spotfire Tutorial - A Beginner Guide To Learn Data Visualisation and Architecture

Spotfire enables the users to merge the data in a single analysis and obtain a holistic view of the same with a communicative visualization. Spotfire software drives the business mart and dispatches the AI-driven analytics, and makes it easy to organize the maps’ data. The platform assists businesses to transform the data into strong perceptions quickly. It accelerates the data analysis throughout the organization for quicker decision-making.

Data Visualization and Discovery

  • Companies are overflowing with a vast amount of unstructured and structured data from various sources, and it is absolutely difficult for analysing the data. Though, present data discovery methods astonished with machine learning and artificial intelligence take the data analysis to the next level. Spotfire enables data discovery, in which we search for the data like a web search.
  • Data Visualisation is the graphical representation of the data. Spotfire interacts, shares, and visualizes the data for discovering the opportunities and risks in the analysis.

Analytics and Dashboard App

Generating an analytics dashboard and operational dashboard is so difficult. Spotfire conceives it easily for sharing and publishing them directly to desktops or tablets by using the zero-footprint web client. Since these capabilities are role-based, we share the analysis securely. This technique boosts collaboration and exploration by presenting a cleanse message by using an extraordinary data display.

Predictive Analytics

The predictive analysis contains some statistical methods like data mining, machine learning, and predictive modeling, which analyze historical and present data and anticipate forthcoming incidents or anonymous events. In Spotfire predictive analytics, we can predict the developing trends and apply precautionary actions for minimizing the risks. Spotfire has three predictive analytics platforms:

  • TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services
  • TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R
  • Spotfire Predictive Modeling Tools

Importance of Spotfire

A huge amount of complicated data becomes difficult when we analyze it over reports or spreadsheets, and it turns easy when we process the data over charts or graphs. Data visualization is an easy and quick method for conveying information and understanding it. Spotfire does visualization effortlessly with its collective way of displaying the data in graphs, 3D forms, and charts.

By enabling us to promptly handle vast amounts of data, Spotfire enacts the aperture of understanding to influence business operations. Data analysis sustains by accessible information and data. When we provide unbiased and exact data visualizations into the decision-making tools, we gain the capability for making the best decisions for our organization.

Advantages of Spotfire

  • Spotfire allows us to identify the areas in which we can improve our needs. For example, in our enterprise, we discover that there is an economic mess and shares which we bought are dropping. Therefore, we analyze the data from the earlier years and find shares that will increase in the coming days. 
  • Spotfire assists in discovering the facts which destroy the customer-organization relationship.
  • It assists in falling and raising the product in the market by using the graphical representation of the reviews and sales of the product data. It forecasts sales magnitude.
  • Using Spotfire, we can predict the future by analyzing the current and past data through statistical methods.
  • TIBCO Spotfire substantially minimizes the ownership cost by allowing the users for handling several end users on the internet through one database.

Features of Spotfire

  • Spotfire can analyze or manage complex or vast data.
  • Spotfire can analyze content like news sites, documents, social media discussions, and customer conversations for answering particular questions.
  • One of the best features of Spotfire is predicting the features by analyzing the current and past data.
  • Data Visualization and Discovery
  • Analytics and Dashboard apps.

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Spotfire Architecture

TIBCO Spotfire utilizes the client-server architecture in which we analyze our data by using the Spotfire client. We install all the multiple nodes and clients and connect to the Spotfire Server. The Spotfire server comprises analysis, user directory, and configuration files.

Spotfire Server

  • The Spotfire server acts as the administrative center of the Spotfire environment. It is the tomcat web application that runs on Linux and Windows operating systems. It is accountable for the authorization and authentication, and it also manages the continuous upgrading of the Spotfire client. Spotfire also handles the repository of the analysis files.
  • Spotfire allows the users to access the data, generate visualization, and share them by using the Spotfire clients. It also offers the access to the explicit data sources, comprising SQL server and Oracle databases, by using information links.

Spotfire Professional

Spotfire professional is a client application that concentrates on data visualization creation, taking benefit of the platform’s features. It makes it simple to build and deploy the recyclable analytical applications on the web or carry out ad-hoc analysis, impelled on our intuition, desire, and knowledge for answering several questions. This is the primary application, and due to that, it allows every data manipulation functionality like drill down, offline working environments, and data filters.

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Spotfire Web Player Server and Client

  • Using Spotfire Webplayer, we can study the data through communicative visualizations in the form of scatter plots, bar charts, crosstables, etc. Together with the guided workflows, which will assist us in responding to the events impacting our business. Spotfire Web Player allows us to filter the data collaboratively and provides us with answers immediately. Through the Spotfire Web Player, we can detect the patterns and trends and acquire thorough information on the data at the provided time.
  • These are lean clients to Web Player Server; we can use various internet browsers on different operating systems. Tibco has developed an application for the iPad that exists in iTunes.

Spotfire Server Database

TIBCO Spotfire Server accesses this database to store the server information. It must not be perplexed with the data stores which the platform will access for fetching the data from and develop visualizations.

Spotfire for Data Science

Spotfire offers a collection of Data scientist tools for working with complicated data in a single analysis, and it has outstanding features to be the best in the market. While offering governance and security, the advanced analytic platform enables the analytics team for sharing and deploying the machine learning and predictive analytics insights with the rest of the enterprise while offering governance, security, and deducing the actions for the enterprise.

Spotfire vs Tableau

The below are the difference between Spotfire vs Tableau

FoundedTibco Spotfire was found in 1997.Tableau was found in 2003.
HeadquartersThe headquarters of Tibco Spotfire is Palo Alto, CA.The headquarters of Tableau is Seattle, WA.
CustomersMore than 500 customers are using Tibco Spotfire.More than 57000 customers are using Tableau.
DeploymentWe can deploy TIBCO Spotfire on-premise and on the cloud.We can deploy Tableau on-premise and on the cloud.
AdvantagesUsing Tibco Spotfire, we can carry out statistical analysis automatically. It executes the reports and analysis at fixed times. Tableau is very strong, and using different visualisation tools can make data accessible for all kinds of users. 
DisadvantagesIn Tibco Spotfire, we cannot personalize the visualizations, complicated for drilling down the particular data details; technical complications cannot be resolved. Tableau offers good learning curves, and the price for small businesses is high.
DetailsFrom novices to advanced analysts, Spotfire enables everyone to perform regular analysis in real-time without any IT experience.Tableau offers all kinds of users to improve data discovery. Through its drag-and-drop features, we can easily access and analyze the essential data.
FeaturesSpotfire 7.9 contains the latest features, like the capability for editing the data inside the data sources.Tableau provides data riving and visual analytics tools throughout all the products.

Advanced Collaboration Tools

The Contextual collaboration capabilities of Spotfire support the natural-making decision process from spontaneous to brainstorming decisions in an institutional workflow. By using the collaborative BI approach of Spotfire, we can socialize and seize the moments of the hypothesis, ideas, and insights with advisers, customers, and peers. Through advanced collaboration tools, we get the strength for making a more transparent and informed decisions.


Day after day, Spotfire is enhancing its features and giving the best results to its consumers. The world’s leading industries, like ABC, PerkinElmer, and Bank of Montreal, are using Spotfire. Job opportunities are also increasing for the people who have learned Spotfire.

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