Implementation files

In this group we have all the . m files are presented

  • Sample App delegate .m
  • Sample View controller .m
  • Sample main .m    [main’s .m → method]

Interface builder file:
In this group we have all the .xib files are presented.
          a) sample view controller .xib
          b) Main window. Xib

If we want to add any additional frame work
Framework → right click on the framework → add → Existing framework → Select the framework → Click an add

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Interface builder

Interface builder is develop in 1988 it is used for developing application for NEXTSTEP , OPEN STEP, MAC OS, IOS development.
IB support two formats .nib, .xib
IB is mainly used for designing the application and it is a supported tool. It has 4 windows

  • File owner window

  • Attribute inspector

  • Library

  • View

1) File owner window:

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It contains the copy of nib file [or xib] and it is always be the first icon in any nib file. It has three icons.

  • Files owner

  • First responder

  • View

File owner window

2) Attribute inspector:

It is mainly used for setting the properties of view elements.
Ex: If you want to change the color of a view we use this it is presents in the tools section.

Tools → inspector
It contains 4 tabs those are

  • a) Attribute inspector

  • b) Connections

  • c) Size inspector

  • d) Identity

Attribute inspector

3) Library

It contains the controllers view on UI elements and   media also
UI elements:

4) Data view:
Data view

NOTE:- Library consists of media tab. Which contains image added in the x code project we can easily drag them on to the view.


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