iPhone Interface Builder Windows

Implementation files

In this group, we have all the. m files are presented

  • Sample App delegate .m
  • Sample View controller .m
  • Sample main .m    [main’s .m → method]

Interface Builder File:

In this group we have all the .xib files are presented.
          a) sample view controller .xib
          b) Main window. Xib

If we want to add any additional framework
Framework → right click on the framework → add → Existing framework → Select the framework → Click an add

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Interface builder

Interface builder is developing in 1988 it is used for developing applications for NEXTSTEP, OPEN STEP, MAC OS, IOS development.
IB support two formats .nib, .xib
IB is mainly used for designing the application and it is a supported tool. It has 4 windows

  • File owner window

  • Attribute inspector

  • Library

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1) File owner window:

It contains the copy of the nib file [or xib] and it is always the first icon in any nib file. It has three icons.

  • Files owner

  • First responder

  • View

File owner window

2) Attribute inspector:

It is mainly used for setting the properties of view elements.
Ex: If you want to change the color of a view we use this it is presented in the tools section.

Tools → inspector
It contains 4 tabs that are

  • a) Attribute inspector

  • b) Connections

  • c) Size inspector

  • d) Identity

Attribute inspector

3) Library: 

It contains the controllers view on UI elements and   media also
UI elements:

4) Data view:
Data view

NOTE:- Library consists of media tab. Which contains image added in the x code project we can easily drag them on to the view.


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