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UIKIT Framework Fundamentals – iPhone

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UIKIT Frame work: UserInterfaceKit

The UIKIT FRAMEWORK  (UIKit.framework) provides the  crucial infrastructure needed to construct and manage iOS apps. This framework provides the window and view architecture needed to manage an app’s user interface, the event handling infrastructure needed to respond to user input, and the app model needed to drive the main run loop and interact with the system.

This framework  is mainly for IOS Apps. It  comes under cocoa touch framework. It has many classes.

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COCOAFrameWork --> MAC Application Development
Core graphics --> I phone  Application  Development

  • UI image
  • UI view
  • UI image view
  • UI button
  • UI label
  • UI segmented control
  • UI slider
  • UI progress view
  • UI table view
  • UI Table view cell
  • UI page control
  • UI alert view
  • UI action sheet
  • UI picker view
  • UI date picker
  • UI  switch
  • UI navigation bar
  • UI bar button
  • UI tab bar
  • UI window
  • UI color
  • UI font
  • UI scroll view
  • UI web view
  • UI map view
  • UI accelerometer
  • UI acceleration
  • UI device
  • UI screen
  • UI local notifications
  • UI gesture recognizer
  • UI paste board
  • UI pop over control
  • UI text view
  • UI text field
  • UI tool bar
  • UI touch


. h file:-

  . # import
@ interface b8 hello world view controller UI controller
I bout let   UIButton     *btn;
I bout let     UILabel     *lbl;
-(I BACTION) button clicked;

. m file:-

# import b8 hello world view controller . h”
@  implementation  b8 hello world view controller
-(IBAction)button clicked
Lbl .text  =  @  “ Hello World !!”;                 
Self .view backgroundColor =  [UI color groupTableviewBackground color];
-(void) dealloc
[Super view DidLoad];




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