MATLAB Projects and Use Cases

Curious to learn Matlab projects? Well! This is the right blog for you. This blog includes key Matlab projects, their highlights, and takeaways for learners. In this blog, you will also go through the importance of learning Matlab projects, the skills you will acquire, and more. By working on Matlab projects, you can enhance your knowledge of Matlab. Yes! You will gain mastery over Matlab functions and perform efficient data analysis and complex computations.

MATLAB is the short form of MATrix LABoratory. It is an excellent programming platform that we can use to analyze data, design control systems, and perform complex computations. Not only that, we can develop robust algorithms using Matlab. Know that Matlab is a tool widely used by scientists and engineers worldwide. We can use this tool in various domains, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, measurement and control systems, signal and image processing, and many more.

Since many companies increasingly use Matlab, the demand for Matlab developers is always on the rise. If you become proficient in Matlab, you will undoubtedly be placed in good companies in no time. Now, the question is – how to get proficiency with Matlab.

Here’s the answer. Learning Matlab projects is the best way to get proficiency in Matlab. Yes! By working on Matlab projects, you can gain a good knowledge of Matlab and ace your Matlab interviews effortlessly. On the other side, if you are already familiar with Matlab fundamentals, then practicing advanced Matlab projects will help to polish your skills in Matlab.

In this blog, we have packed vital information such as why Matla b projects, Matlab projects for beginners and experienced learners, the importance of learning the projects, skills that you will develop, and much more. Let’s unpack them!

MATLAB Projects - Table of Contents

Why MATLAB Projects?

There are many reasons why we practice Matlab projects. Let’s take a glance at them quickly.

Using Matlab, you can train Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models to recognize and classify images. Not only that, you can use the models for making text analysis too. As Matlab is a tool widely used by engineers and scientists in exceptional ways, there is a bright scope for Matlab professionals everywhere. If you acquire good knowledge in Matlab, the chances of getting hired by top companies are higher.

Of course! By working on Matlab projects, you can gain excellent hands-on experience in Matlab. As a result, you will shine in your career better than ever.

Pre-requisites To Learn MATLAB Projects

Before diving into practicing Matlab projects, ensure that you have the following basic requirements. If you satisfy the requirements, you will undoubtedly learn the Matlab projects in the best manner possible. Let’s see the requirements below:

  • Basic knowledge of popular programming languages such as C, Python, C++, etc.
  • Exposure to basic mathematical computations such as Polynomials, Matrices, Linear Algebra, and Difference Equations.
  • Understanding common programming concepts such as loops, variables, and functions.
  • Sound analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Above all, curiosity to learn and upskill.
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Skills That You Will Acquire Through MATLAB Projects

By completing Matlab projects, you will gain many prime skills. Sure! You will end up as a competent Matlab developer. Let’s list out the skills that you will acquire in the following:

  • Expertise in developing and testing complex Matlab algorithms.
  • Proficiency in managing databases seamlessly.
  • Exposure to developing advanced applications by using Matlab codes.
  • Strong knowledge of text, image, and video processing.
  • Expertise in performing data analysis and visualization.
  • Exposure to the massive volume of Matlab libraries.
  • Learn to use Matlab GUI effortlessly.

Best MATLAB Project Ideas For Practice

As discussed earlier, you can gain mastery over Matlab by practicing Matlab projects. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced learner – if you work on Matlab projects intensely, you can groom your Matlab skills better. In this part, MindMajix subject experts have compiled two sets of Matlab projects for both beginners and advanced learners.

Let’s learn them one by one!

MATLAB Projects For Beginners

As a beginner, if you go through the simple Matlab projects discussed here, it will help you to learn the essential Matlab functions and applications quickly.

#1. Text Detection and Image Recognition

This is an interesting Matlab project with which you can design a Matlab system to detect texts in images. Not only images, but you can also use this system to process videos to detect texts. While doing this Matlab project, you will divide the images into two parts: text and non-text. By doing so, you can efficiently process the text part and delete the non-text part.

Text Detection and Image Recognition

By completing this Matlab project, you will get exposure to Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Know that OCR is used to recognize texts part in images. On the other hand, you will use the ‘stroke-width variations’ method to recognize the non-texts part.

#2. Logging Sensor Data in MS Excel

In this Matlab project, you will design a Matlab system that utilizes Graphical User Interface (GUI) to log data. Using the GUI, you can log real-time sensor data in MS Excel.

Working on this Matlab project helps you familiarize yourself with Arduino Uno boards. The boards are used to make interfacing and acquire data from sensors. Through this project, you will be proficient in AVR ATmega microcontrollers, communication ports, various memory devices, etc.

#3. Vehicle Number Plate Recognition

This fantastic Matlab project helps detect the number of a vehicle from its number plate. The detected number is matched with other vehicle numbers stored in databases. If any match is found, it helps to trace the details of the vehicle and its owner.

Number Plate Recognition

This Matlab project provides multiple benefits to users. We can prevent vehicle thefts, analyze peak-hour traffic, automate car entry and leaving in/out of premises, etc. By completing this project, you will gain mastery over image recognition concepts.

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#4. MATLAB-based Voting Machine

This is one of the wonderful Matlab projects that help to develop an electronic voting machine. The good thing is that people can cast their votes in the voting machine without using any single vote ballot. You will create a Matlab-based voting machine with a GUI in this project.

By practicing this Matlab project, you will gain mastery over push buttons, Arduino Uno boards, and many other electronic components and their functions. Besides, you will learn to establish communication between the Arduino boards and Matlab.

#5. Developing a Car Parking Indicator System

Parking a car in a slot is not a simple thing. One must have good driving skills to precisely park a car in its space. You can learn to design a car parking indicator in this Matlab project. This system will help drivers to park vehicles in slots accurately.

parking indicator system

Completing this Matlab project exposes you to various sensors that identify the objects near the car you want to park. Also, you will be familiar with high-resolution cameras used to capture the locations around the vehicle and parking slot.

#6. Automated Certificate Generator

This Matlab project aims to design a system that can generate certificates automatically. Working on this project allows you to explore Matlab functions in the best way. This project gathers the data required to generate certificates from Excel sheets or databases. By doing this Matlab project, you will be trained to create any volume of certificates effortlessly.

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MATLAB Project Ideas For Experienced

Well! You may be good in Matlab programming and thorough in the fundamentals of Matlab. However, practicing the Matlab projects discussed in this part will help polish your skills in Matlab even better. Let’s jump into that!

#7. Audio Compression Using Wavelets

Know that Matlab is a good tool for signal analysis and processing. This Matlab project deals with compressing audio signals in an effective way. This is because audio signals generally consume more storage space in memory.

Compression using Wavelets

By practicing this Matlab project, you will get expertise in freeing up storage spaces by compressing audio signals. Besides, you will gain expertise in various audio compression techniques by doing this project.

#8. Real-time Face Detection

This is one of the cool Matlab projects. This project trains you to develop a Matlab system to recognize human faces with the help of image processing tools as well as ANNs.

By practicing this Matlab project, you will learn about the popular image processing algorithm, Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). Above all, you will get strong exposure to Artificial Intelligence concepts and training ANN models by doing this project.

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#9. Simulating Artificial Neural Networks

In this Matlab project, you will be trained to build an Artificial Neural Network model and then simulate it using Matlab. Also, you will learn to develop a simple ANN model known as 'Perceptron' through this project.

Artificial Neural Networks

By working on this Matlab project, you will get mastery over building ANN models and training them. Also, you will learn to derive helpful insights from the models.

#10. Analyzing and Designing Antennas

In this Matlab project, you will design an antenna with a strong beam width to transmit signals. The important thing is that no information will be lost due to signal transmissions. Working on this Matlab project will familiarize you with Antennas, their patterns, and their functions.

#11. Wireless Motor Control

This is an interesting Matlab project with which you can control the movement of a robotic car with a GUI interface. The Arduino board helps to move the vehicle in different directions.

Wireless Motor Control

By working on this Matlab project, you will get familiar with many electronic components, such as encoders, transmitters, decoders, receivers, and motor drivers - in a detailed way.

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#12. Voice-based Biometric System

It is one of the security-based Matlab projects. This project helps to develop a voice-based biometric system by applying speech processing concepts. This Matlab system provides an extra security layer to systems. First, this system acquires and matches users' voices with the sample voices stored in databases. The system will provide access to users only when it finds any matching voice.

By completing this Matlab project, you will develop a Matlab system that recognizes a human voice. Also, you will be trained to detect whether the voice falls within a specific frequency range through this project.

#13. Speed Sensor

This Matlab project allows measuring the real-time speed of a DC motor. You can store the data in an Excel sheet with the support of Matlab GUI. The GUI is pivotal in communicating with Arduino boards and sensors.

Speed Sensor

By completing this Matlab project, you will get exposure to optocoupler speed sensors. Also, you can get familiar with Arduino boards as well as coded disc encoders by doing this project.

#14. Hearing Aid System

This is a noteworthy Matlab project in which you will develop an advanced hearing aid system that removes noises in input signals altogether. The Matlab system uses adaptive filters to remove noises from the input signals.

Completing this Matlab project will make you proficient in noise reduction methods. Besides, it is easy to get familiar with frequency, amplitude, and bandpass filters by doing this project. Here, the bandpass filters are used to increase the frequency of input signals.

MATLAB Real-Time Projects Examples

Here’s the list of real-time Matlab projects that will help heighten your knowledge of Matlab.

  • Image encryption using Artificial Neural Network.
  • Inspection system with image processing.
  • Designing an electronic differential system.
  • Image encryption and Verification of chaotic maps.
  • Developing a circuit design calculator.
  • Developing animations with Arduino and Matlab.
  • Developing laser guidance for vehicles.

Why MATLAB Projects Are So Important?

There are multiple reasons why Matlab projects are so crucial in boosting your knowledge of Matlab and gaining good hands-on experience. Let’s outline them now.

  • Matlab projects help to understand linear algebra, matrix, and array computations easily.
  • Matlab projects allow working on scientific workflows and iterative engineering.
  • Matlab projects help to get familiar with the function names of Matlab in an easy way.
  • By completing Matlab projects, you will be familiar with all the toolboxes of Matlab. It will help to develop robust applications effectively.
  • On top of all, Matlab projects allow you to code faster and work smarter.
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MATLAB Projects FAQs

1. How to start a new project in Matlab?

We can create a new project in Matlab in the following ways.

  1. Select new > project. Next, select the ‘from folder’ on the home page of Matlab.
  2. After that, select the ‘Folder to project’ template on the Simulink start page.
  3. Go to the simulation tab and click new > project. Then click ‘new project’ from the model editor.

2. What are the major companies that use Matlab tools?

AMD, Broadcom, Volvo Cars, NetSuite, Red Hat, and many other vital companies use Matlab widely.

3. How to find projects in Matlab?

We can find projects in Matlab in the following way.

  • First, go to the Matlab home page.
  • Then, click on the 'Open' arrow.
  • Find the required projects in the ‘Recent Projects’ list.

4. What is Matlab good at?

Matlab is good in signal and image processing, data analysis, and control systems applications.

5. Can you replace Matlab with Python?

We cannot replace Matlab with Python since Matlab is a low-level computational language, whereas Python is a high-level and general-purpose language.

6. What is the full form of Matlab?

The full form of Matlab is MATrix LABoratory.

7. Is Matlab easy to work with than Python?

Of course! Matlab is easier to work with than Python since it has a user-friendly GUI.

8. Which coding language is closer to Python?

Matlab is closer to Python. The reason is that both languages support scripting, procedural as well as object-oriented programming.

9. Can Python and Matlab interact?

Yes. The languages Matlab and Python can interact.


It’s now time to wrap! In this blog, you have gone through Matlab projects for beginners and experienced, skills you will acquire through the projects, and many more. The good thing is that you must have got a clear idea about various key Matlab projects and the takeaways for learners. Sure! The more you practice the Matlab projects, the more expertise you will reap.

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