Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

QA (Quality Assurance) and QC (Quality Control) are different from each other, and they are part of quality management. Quality Control is product-focused, and Quality Assurance is process-focused. Quality Assurance is the process of preventing defects from occurring by enhancing the process.

Quality Control is the process of checking the service or product for assuring that the product or service is working properly. In this article, we will discuss the critical differences between Quality Assurance vs Quality Control.

In this Quality Assurance vs Quality Control blog, we will discuss the following topics:

QA vs QC: Table Of Content

 In this article, we have enlightened the essential aspects of Quality Assurance vs Quality Control which will help you understand both Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Difference Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

So, let us begin with the Quality Assurance definition first, which I am going to talk about in the section below.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is also known as Quality testing. Quality Assurance is a group of activities to assure the organization is offering the best services or products to the customers.  We determine the quality assurance activities before the production work begins, and we will perform those activities while developing the product.

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What is Quality Control?

Quality Control is also known as QC, and it identifies the defects. Quality Control assures that the techniques, methods, approaches present in the project are working correctly. Quality Control activities supervise and check whether the project deliverables satisfy the quality standards.

The quality control process is a responsive process and is identical in nature. The quality control process takes place after the Quality assurance process.

QA vs QC

Comparison between Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Quality AssuranceQuality Control
1. The objective of the Quality assurance activities is to prevent defects.1. The objective of the Quality control activities is to detect and enhance the defects.
2. Quality Assurance is an approach to handling quality.2. Quality Control is a way to check the quality of the product or service.
3. Quality Assurance does not include program execution.3. Quality Control includes program execution.
4. Quality Assurance includes in full SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)4. Quality Control includes in full STLC(Software Testing Life Cycle).
5. It is a Proactive activity.5. It is a Reactive activity.
6. For satisfying the end-user requirements, QA establishes specific methodologies and standards.6. QC checks whether we are following the quality standards while developing the product.
7. Quality Assurance is process-oriented.7. Quality Control is product-oriented.
8. Quality Assurance assures that we implement everything correctly, so it fails in the verification process.8. Quality Control ensures that everything we do is according to necessity, so it fails in the validation process.
9. Statistical methods employed on Quality Assurance are known as Statistical Process Control(SPC).9. The statistical methods employed for Quality Control are known as Statistical Quality Control(SQC).
10. It needs the involvement of the entire software development team.10. It needs the involvement of the software testing team.
11. The quality Assurance process creates the deliverables.11. The quality control process tests the deliverables. 
12. Quality Assurance means planning to do a process.12. Quality Control means actions to execute the planned process.

ISO outlines quality control as an element of quality management that emphasizes satisfying the quality requirements. Quality Assurance is an element of quality management that focuses on giving the confidence that quality needs will be satisfied.

We must have standard planning of the process, in the context of Quality assurance must be revealed for providing the confidence to the software quality. Quality assurance review will focus on the project process elements.

Defining methodology and evolving standards are examples of the Quality Assurance domain. Quality control focuses on the planning of the operational methods. In some deliverables, Quality control is identifying the defects in them.

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Real-Time Example For Quality Assurance (QA)

For example, our team is working on entirely new technology for the upcoming project, and our team members are unfamiliar with the technology. So, we have to create a plan to get the team members skilled in the technology.

According to our knowledge, we have to collect the essentials like design documents, functional requirement documents, technical requirement documents, etc. After collecting them, we have to share them with our team members.

These documents would be helpful while working on the technology, and they are also useful for new entrants to the team. Document collection and training are part of the Quality Assurance process.MindMajix Youtube Channel

Real-Time Example For Quality Control (QC)

Upon completing the training, how can we assure that it was efficiently done for the team members?

To do this, we have to gather the statistics, for instance, the marks the trainees secured in each subject and the minimal marks anticipated after finishing the training. Moreover, we can assure that everyone has taken the training by verifying their attendance.

If team members’ marks are up to the mark,  we can say that training is successful; else, we have to enhance the training process. By collecting feedback from the team members, we can improve the training process. Therefore, such activities are part of the Quality Assurance process. 


The job of software testers is to identify and avoid defects produced while developing the product or providing a service. A clear understanding of Quality Assurance vs Quality Control concepts of everyone in the software project can minimize the defects, establishes an efficient management plan, and assure the right quality products. I hope this article provides you with the required information about Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

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