TypeScript Projects and Use Cases

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that is extensively used in web application development. This TypeScript projects blog will help you learn why typescript, prerequisites for typescript, skills required for typescript developers, typescript real-time projects, etc.

JavaScript was developed as a client-side language. The invention of Node js has made javascript an emerging server-side technology. But, as the javascript grows, it becomes difficult to maintain the code. Furthermore, due to the lack of features of strong type checking, object orientation, and compile-time error checks, JavaScript cannot be a full-fledged server-side technology. TypeScript was introduced to fill this gap.

TypeScript is an object-oriented, compiled, and strongly typed programming language. It was developed at Microsoft. It is both a language and a group of tools. TypeScript is portable throughout devices, operating systems, and browsers. TypeScript is superior to its competitors, like Dart programming, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, etc. In this TypeScript projects article, you will learn about different real-world projects of typescript and the skills required for developing those projects.

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What Is TypeScript?

TypeScript is the latest JavaScript. TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript, which attained a rise and is becoming a desired language for the development of all the big applications. The feature identifying the bug while writing the code makes it special. According to research, 60% of JavaScript developers already utilize TypeScript.

Offering the syntax for the types is a critical feature of the TypeScript with which it has been implemented. Even leading organizations like Accenture and Microsoft are migrating towards TypeScript due to its features and functionalities. Communication Tools like Asana and Slack utilize TypeScript for their implementation.

Developers working with technologies like React, Angular, and Vue will use TypeScript. For good productivity, TypeScript is chosen as it is suitable for collaboration. Following are the reasons why you must select TypeScript over JavaScript

1. Suitable for Building Large Applications

TypeScript is considered the best programming language to implement enterprise-level or large-scale applications. Because of its “type” feature, it is easy for developers to read and implement, whereas this is not available in JavaScript. Moreover, its feature of identifying bugs while typing makes it effective and less time-consuming.

2. Classes Behave Similarly to C++ and Python

If you have any idea about C++ and Python classes, then you can work with TypeScript classes, as TypeScript classes will behave the same as classes of Python and C++. Contrary to JavaScript, TypeScript behaves the same, particularly in utilizing the “this” keyword and defining the methods. The arrow function methods include abstract classes and member visibility which provides a type-safe and reliable application model.

3. Reliable and Explicit

TypeScript code is more reliable and refactorable than JavaScript. Refactoring enables us to restructure the code to make the required changes wherever and whenever required and is reliable as it offers better executive results. It allows us to minimize the code complexity. As it identifies the error while typing, the probability of executing the less optimized solution is infrequent.

4. TypeCasting/Type Hinting

TypeScript follows TypeCasting, which brings the reason for utilizing it over JavaScript. For resolving the query easily, it displays the error while writing the code. With TypeCasting, it is easy to convert the variable of one type to another format. TypeCasting enables us to modify the variable type as necessary then and there. The “<>” operator and “as” keywords are useful for type castings.

5. Interchangeable

As JavaScript is the subset of TypeScript, we can utilize all the JavaScript libraries and code in our TypeScript code. We can understand the fact that while writing the TypeScript, save it with the “.ts” extension. Every line of code written in JavaScript is TypeScript code, but not every line of code written in TypeScript is JavaScript.

6. Frameworks Support TypeScript

Nowadays, several frameworks like Reactjs, Angularjs, Vuejs, and NestJS support TypeScript. Even Angular uses TypeScript as its primary language. TypeScript is JavaScript with some additional features and also endorses ECMAScript. Every JavaScript framework is configurable in working with TypeScript. It also helps us in minimizing the code complexity.

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A good understanding of JavaScript, OOPs concepts, and the command lines is required. You also require a code editor and Node.js package manager. If you do not have npm installed, we have to install the proper Node.js runtime for the operating system. Node.js is the javascript runtime outside the browser, and npm is the package manager for several javascript packages and command line tools.

Installing the TypeScript

The Typescript is available in the form of npm package; we can install it by executing the below:

npm install -g typescript

After completing the above step, the typescript compiler “tsc” will be available in the form of a command line tool. 

Skill Development

Being a successful TypeScript Developer needs you to build various skills and use them at the proper time and place for creating the applications. Here are the skills we require to succeed as a TypeScript Developer:

1. npm

The NPM(Node Package Manager) is utilized necessary tool for every web developer. Even though we are not doing Node.js development, npm is the main tool utilized for installing several client-side web development packages like Angular. The integrity of Angular is scattered throughout different npm packages. So, knowing how to work with it is valuable.

2. HTML and CSS

Frameworks such as TypeScript do not wipe out the requirement for an extensive understanding of most basic web development technologies. TypeScript offers the building blocks that we have to develop rapid and functional apps, but those applications should be imparted in a browser, and that indicates developing user interfaces with HTML and CSS. TypeScript and other libraries are helpful for delivering interactive apps, but we have to learn how and where to fine-tune the things to achieve what we are trying to deliver.

3. Angular

To become a successful TypeScript Developer, you must have a solid understanding of Angular Framework. Angular is a big framework, and it will take some time to master the core concepts of Angular and how they join together. But for building some useful applications, you just need to learn how to add and connect the forms, services, modules, and components.

4. Git

Developing small applications without source control is risky. Just like TypeScript allows us to refactor our code, Git enables us to experiment with new coding techniques and application features. We can easily and quickly utilize the Git repository to go to the previous version of our code to test our ideas and build a proof of concepts.

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5. RxJS

RxJS is the library for reactive programming with observable streams. It is available irrespective of Angular but is packaged with a framework and utilized for various tasks like making HTTP requests for the data.

6. TypeScript

This one is obvious; we cannot be a TypeScript developer without a solid knowledge of TypeScript. TypeScript is known as a superset of JavaScript that supports strong typing. It is developed in TypeScript. It is suggested language to create the apps using angular will require modules, forms, services, and components.

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TypeScript Projects

TypeScript Projects for Freshers

1. Developing a Grafana Clone

If you have performed monitoring or seen a monitoring dashboard, then you must be aware of Grafana, one of the most famous monitoring apps. We can build a similar application through TypeScript; this project will enable us to master project management through TypeScript. While doing this project, you will learn configuring Dependency Injection in javascript. You will be able to build the web applications through the typescript programming. You can also learn how to update and save databases in H2 database with JavaScript and JPA.

2. Creating a Turbolinks Clone

This is another amazing project for TypeScript beginners. By using this project, we can learn more about TypeScript and how it will work with other IDEs. It guides you from development to deployment in TypeScript programming. In this project, you will also learn to build microservice applications through JavaScript.

3. Creating a Story Book

Through this interesting project, we will create a storybook web service by using JavaScript and TypeScript. While developing this project, we will learn to create web service endpoints to handle the storybook requests. We can also read and delete the URL query string request parameters.

4. n8n - Workflow Automation Tool

n8n is a freeware workflow automation tool that allows us to interconnect all our apps together through APIs for sharing and manipulating the data without the requirement of the code. We can host it on our server for securing our data. Using its user interface, we can develop the workflows easily.

5. Super Productivity

The Super Productivity application is developed by Johannes Millian, and it is an excellent tool for organizing our regular tasks in one place. Super Productivity will act as a todo list, task manager, and time tracker.

TypeScript Projects For Experienced

1. Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is a complex project, so it requires experienced typescript developers. To build a shopping cart, along with typescript, we also need angular and react. Shopping Cart is a web application that enables us to browse products, insert items in a cart, and complete purchases. For building a shopping cart, we have to perform the following tasks:

  • Implement the user interface for searching, filtering, and browsing the products.
  • Set up a payment processing system, like PayPal or Stripe, for handling the transactions.
  • Handle the order history and user accounts.

2. Markdown Editor

The Markdown editor is a helpful tool that enables us to write and preview the markdown text. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that utilizes easy syntax for formatting the text. For building the markdown editor, we have to:

  • Implement the user interface with two panes: one for writing the markdown and another one to preview the formatted output.
  • Implement the real-world markdown rendering and parsing through a library called Remarkable or Marked.
  • Add the features like autosave, syntax highlighting, and the capability to send the markdown files.

3. Photo Gallery

This Photo Gallery project is a visually attractive project that exhibits your HTML, CSS, and TypeScript skills. We can fetch the images from the image hosting platform, like Pixabay or Unsplash, utilizing their APIs:

  • Fetch the Images from the API of the image hosting platform.
  • Implement infinite or pagination scrolling for loading more images since the user scrolls.
  • Display the images in the responsive grid layout.
  • Implement the user interface to browse and search the images.

4. Quiz App

A quiz app is an engaging and fun project that tests your TypeScript skills. The app displays users with a set of multiple-choice questions and traces their scores. For building the quiz app, we require

  • Create a reserve of questions and answers
  • Randomly choose questions for display to the user
  • Implement the user interface to answer the questions and navigate the quiz
  • Present the user’s score and offer feedback on their response

For making this project more interesting, we can add some features like:

  • A timer to restrict how long users have to answer each question
  • Support for the different quiz types or quiz levels
  • A leaderboard for tracking and comparing the scores

5. Create a Workflow Automation Tool

Developing a workflow automation tool is the best way for fetching the grips in typescript. To build the workflow automation tool, we have to know all the essential concepts of typescript and javascript. Through this project, you will learn to establish communication between programming languages.

6. Create Arkanoid Game

This is the same as the quiz app, and in this project, you will learn to deploy typescript in reactjs projects. You will also master configuring the different patterns of React.

7. Build a Random Color Generator

For building a random color generator, we have to use the programming fundamentals of TypeScript. This project is useful for the beginners who want to start their career in TypeScript

8. Develop a GraphQL Voyager

Building a GraphQL Voyager through TypeScript will exceptionally help you take your skills to the next level. After completing this project, you will become an expert in TypeScript.

9. Creating the CRUD application through TypeScript

Building a CRUD application is the best way for any beginner to enter the world of TypeScript. It will help you build a TypeScript web application. Through this CRUD application project, you will learn how to receive and store the data using JavaScript.

10. Todo App

Todo App is a great way to get started with TypeScript. In this project, we will create a web application that enables us to create, delete, and edit the tasks in a to-do list. To make this project more amazing, we can:

  • Add the feature for marking the tasks as complete.
  • Enable the users to set the due dates for the tasks.
  • Implement the search functions for finding the tasks rapidly.
  • Create tags or categories for the tasks.

TypeScript Real-Time Projects Examples

TypeScript is a freeware and object-oriented programming language and the superset of JavaScript, which includes additional syntax to firm integration with the editor. Contrary to JavaScript, TypeScript contains types that control variables and function types. Following are some real-time TypeScript projects:

1. Slack

Slack is one of the most famous business communication platforms. Slack uses TypeScript to create private chat rooms known as “channels,” which organize private groups, direct messaging, and topics.

2. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is an Austria-based trading platform that enables registered users to invest in stocks, Cryptocurrencies, precious commodities, and ETFs.  BitPanda uses TypeScript to store and share Ethereum and Bitcoin from BitPanda’s digital wallet.

3. Kavak

Kavak is one of the biggest online platforms for analysis on purchasing utilized cars in Latin America. TypeScript is used by Kavaka in the retail and automotive e-commerce industries. 

4. Medium

Medium is a social journalism and publishing platform built in 2012 by the co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, and Blogger. Medium utilizes TypeScript for handling the collection of professional writers and publications.

5. Canva

Canva is one of the most famous online graphic design platforms that is used for creating stunning social media posters and graphics. Canva uses TypeScript for building its web and mobile apps.

TypeScript Projects: Why Are They So Important?

TypeScript is introduced to overcome the drawbacks of javascript. It contains some advanced programming features like static typing, reusable code, etc. The main advantage of TypeScript is its robust typing system. By enabling the developers to specify the variable types and function arguments, it is simple to catch the errors before they become big issues in our codebase. TypeScript supports the latest development tools, like Visual Studio Code, that offer advanced features such as refactoring, IntelliSense, and code completion. Large Tech Companies like Google, Airbnb, and Microsoft utilize TypeScript to enhance the code quality.

TypeScript Projects FAQs

1. Is TypeScript good for small projects?

Yes, TypeScript is good for small projects as it is strongly typed.

2. Is TypeScript in high demand?

TypeScript and JavaScript are dominating the developer job market. TypeScript and JavaScript hold up to 29% of the job offers that explicitly require a programming language. It indicates approximately 1 out of 3 job offers need TypeScript or JavaScript knowledge.

3. Is TypeScript good for large projects?

TypeScript expands JavaScript to improve the developer experience. It allows software developers to add type safety to their projects and offers features like interfaces, type aliases, encapsulation, function overloading, and abstract classes. Overall, TypeScript makes it easy to create complex and large projects and compiles to JavaScript.

4. How do I write a TypeScript project?

Follow these steps to create a TypeScript project:

Step1: Configuring node

Step2: Typescript Installation

Step3: Configuring tsconfig

Step4: Typescript file creation

Step5: Executing the script

5. What can I develop with TypeScript?

Using TypeScript, we can develop some amazing and scalable web applications. It simplifies code management and increases teram performance.

6. Is TypeScript easy?

TypeScript is not as difficult as you think. If we know javascript fundamentals, then we can learn it easily.

7. Is TypeScript losing popularity?

TypeScript is considered as the superset of JavaScript that includes status typing and other features to the language. It was designed by Microsoft and has acquired popularity in the recent past among developers who admire its ability to enhance code availability and catch bugs.

8. Can You Learn TypeScript in 1 Day?

No, we cannot learn TypeScript in 1 day. However, if we know the fundamentals of JavaScript, it will take around 45 days to learn TypeScript.

9. Should I learn Python or TypeScript?

TypeScript is used for building large-scale web applications, while Python is a general-purpose programming language used for data analysis, automation, and scientific computing. So, based on your requirement you can learn typescript or python.

10. Why do developers love TypeScript?

Developers love TypeScript since it provides various that streamline the development of web and desktop applications.

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In this TypeScript projects blog, we have included the topics like importance of TypeScript and how you can create web applications using TypeScript. You will also learn some amazing TypeScript project ideas. I hope this TypeScript project blog will give you sufficient information about TypeScript real-world projects. You can sign up for the TypeScript Course and gain certification.

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