How to Install Golang on Windows?

Are you ready to dive into the GoLang universe? The first step in unlocking Go’s full potential is to install it. This article will lead you through the installation process, ensuring you’re set up for success. By the end of this article, you will understand What Golang is and How to install it. No wait, let’s start.

Golang was designed to answer the challenges of creating efficient, dependable, and scalable software. Go has acquired appeal among developers for a wide range of applications, from system programming to web development, due to its simple syntax and emphasis on performance. It is useful when developing online services, apps, and systems that can manage many users or data without slowing down. It enables developers to construct high-quality applications faster and with fewer headaches.

How to Install Go - Table of Contents

What is Golang?

Golang, often referred to as Go, stands as a programming language that bears resemblance to the C language in terms of syntax. Created by Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson back in 2007, it emerged with the aim of enhancing the performance of extensive multicore and network devices. Go was meticulously crafted to overcome the limitations of existing programming languages and to establish a swift and dependable environment for software development. Golang code can be written using simple text editors like Notepad or Notepad++. Additionally, there's an option to utilize web-based IDEs for coding in Golang.

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Features of Golang

The essential features of Golang are given below:

  • Compilation: Go's compiler is designed for speed, ensuring quick development cycles.
  • Concurrency: Goroutines are lightweight threads that enable developers to quickly handle thousands of concurrent processes,
  • Simplicity: Its syntax is easy to understand.
  • Garbage Collector: The garbage collector manages memory allocation and deallocation automatically. This reduces the danger of memory leaks and makes it easier to design dependable software.
  • Tooling: Go comes with powerful built-in tools like go fmt, go vet, and go test. These tools enhance the development experience and help maintain code quality.
  • Interfaces: Interfaces are used in Go to define behavior without describing the underlying type. This encourages decoupling and makes it simple to write flexible, reusable code.

Prerequisites to Install Golang on Windows

Several prerequisites must be met before installing Golang. These are discussed below:

  1. Administrative Access: Administrator access is needed to install software, change system settings, or change environment variables.
  2. System Requirements: Go is lightweight and efficient, having minimal system requirements. However, ensure your system matches the fundamental criteria, such as having enough disc space for the installation.
  3. Versatility: Go is cross-platform, with official support for Windows, macOS, and several Linux variants. Ascertain that you are running a supported version of the operating system.
  4. Basic Terminal Usage: Having a basic knowledge of using the terminal will be beneficial. You’ll need to execute commands to install Go and configure environment variables.
  5. Package Manager: On Linux systems, a package manager such as yum, apt, or dnf can make installation easier. Ensure you understand how to use the package manager in your distribution.
  6. Code Editor: Special add-ons for editors like GoLand, Visual Studio Code, and Atom provide useful functionalities such as smart suggestions, color coding, and troubleshooting tools for programming in Go.

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How to Download and Install Golang on Windows?

A step-by-step guide on how to install Golang is below:

Download Go Installer

Step 1: Go to to access the official website. Download the latest version of Go’s Windows installer according to your system.

Golang download

Step 2: Run Installer: Run the installer and select “Yes” to allow the installer to modify your device.

Step 3: Choose Installation Location: By default, Go will be installed in ‘C:Go’. The default path can be changed, but it’s preferable to leave it alone. To proceed, click the “Next” button.

Destination folder

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Adjust Path Environment Variable

Step 4: Set the Environment variables now. Right-click My PC and choose Properties.

Select Advanced System Settings from the left side and then click on Environment Variables, as seen in the photos below.

System properties

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Step 5: Click Edit after selecting Path from the system variables.

System variables

Step 6: Add the Path with the bin directory where you pasted the Go folder by clicking New. As seen below, we are editing the path “C:\go\bin” and click OK.

Edit environment variables

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Step 7: Create a new user variable that tells the Go command where the Golang libraries are located. Click New on User Variables.

Environment variables

Step 8: Now enter “GOROOT” as the variable name and the Path to your Golang folder as the variable value. So the Variable Value is “C:\go\” in this case. After filling out the form, click OK.

New user variable

Verify Go Installation

Step 9: Start Command Prompt (CMD) or PowerShell. Type “cmd” or “PowerShell” into the Windows search box.

Step 10: Type “go version” and press Enter. You should see the version of Go that you’ve installed, confirming that Go has been successfully installed on your system.

Verify Installtion

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Golang Installation Faqs

1. How to install Golang on Windows 10?

All versions of Go for Windows are available for download from Download Golang for your system architecture and then follow the installation instructions for Golang. Unzip the downloaded archive file after it has been downloaded.

2. How to write Golang code?

Golang code can be written through an online IDE or by installing it on the system. IDE makes it easy to write code through its editor, compiler, and debugger features.

3. How to check the Golang version?

Enter GOROOT as the variable name and the path to your Golang folder as the variable value. So Variable Value is C:go in this case. After filling out the form, click OK. Then, on Environment Variables, click OK, and your configuration is complete.

4. What is Golang in PowerShell?

The term Golang was derived from the Go domain, which is PowerShell will now install Go, producing output within PowerShell while it does so. When the installation is finished, you should see the following output: Environment variables have changed.

5. Is Go open source?

Go is an open-source project that focuses on concurrency and usability. Its source code is publicly available, to freely contribute, change, and utilize it for different applications.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Go on your system. You can start coding and exploring the language’s capabilities with Go Up and Running. Whether you’re building web applications, command-line tools, or backend services, Go’s simplicity and performance will undoubtedly empower your development journey. Happy coding!

Regularly check for updates on the official Go website and consider exploring Go’s documentation and vibrant community to further enhance your skills and knowledge.

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