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If you're looking for MS Project Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research MS Project's salary ranges from $49,000 to $147,000. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in MS Project Management. Mindmajix offers Advanced MS Project Interview Questions 2023 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire your dream career as MS Project Manager.

Microsoft Project Interview Questions 

1. What is the use of link tasks on the Microsoft Project?

This is the process through which a project manager links two different tasks in one project.

2. What is the use of the Summary task in the Microsoft Project?

This is the process of estimation of the time period of a task and the length of the project. The task can be organized in order accordingly.

3. Where is the summary task located in the software?

The Summary task can be found under the Insert option of the Main menu in the software.

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4. What are the types of tasks available in the software?

There are four types of tasks in the software, namely Summary tasks, Subtasks, Recurring Tasks, and Milestones.

5. Explain what kind of task is a Milestone.

Milestone is one of the most important tasks in the project which gets adjusted to a time scale of zero duration. It is like a short-term goal of the project.

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6. Explain the utility of the New Project Templates feature.

The Project Template is a feature available in the latest 2013 version of the software. It is compliant with the specific requirements of sections like business, marketing, software development, construction, and more.

7. What is a task path in the software?

The task path is a feature that is made specifically for the managers responsible for handling complicated and large schedules. It allows the user to set a specific path for a specified task. There are four sections to this name, driving, driven, predecessors, and successors.

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8. Mention three new features included in the latest version of the software.

The three new features in the latest version of the software are as follows.

  1. It offers easy amalgamation between the data from the software and Microsoft office 365.
  2. It offers innovative reporting tools and easy accounting for varied organizations.
  3. The software gives you a better opportunity at the presentation where you can see the project more clearly, and scheduling can be done accordingly.

9. What is known as the constraint in the software? Mention the types of constraints seen in the software.

A constraint is a tool used for scheduling a task and then set up a due date for the task. There are eight available constraints in the software name, as soon as possible, as late as possible, must finish on, must start on, start no later than, finish no later than, finish no earlier than and start no earlier than.

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10. Explain the process of setting a deadline for the MS Project.

There is a four-stage process of setting a deadline in the software.

  1. Open the information dialogue box by double-clicking on a task.
  2. Click on that advanced tab there.
  3. On the deadline field, click on the arrow which shows the calendar and choose a date from there.
  4. Now save the entire thing by clicking on the save button.

11. What are the methods to move tasks in the 2013 version?

In the latest version of the software, you can move tasks by using any one of the two techniques.

  1. The cut and paste method.
  2. The drag and drop method.
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12. What is the process of removal of the resource from the project?

The steps to remove the resource from the project are as follows.

  1. Filter task list to see only the resource allocated ones. Then move on to the editing part of each task to replace the resource.
  2. Choose the task-oriented view and let the list show only milestones and tasks.
  3. Choose the dropdown list from the data section of the tab.
  4. Select the option of using resources from the list.
  5. A drop-down list will come with the name of show tasks using. Here you can select and delete the resources according to your need.
  6. Under the assignment part of the tab, select the option to replace the resource. From the table that you get select the tasks that you want to replace and what you want to replace them with.
  7. Move on to the Format tab and click the checkbox for showing summary tasks.
  8. Then you will get the resource sheet in the resource view section and move on to delete the resources that you want.

13. What is the utility of work contouring in the software? Name the different types of contouring that are used in the MS Project.

A Project manager needs to know the spreading of the work hours during the week. This is facilitated by the work contouring feature of the software. It shows you a graph according to the distribution of the work in the week.

  •  A flat contour shows evenness in the distribution of work in the week.
  • The peak of activity at the end of the project is shown by the backloaded option.
  • The peak of activity at the beginning of the project is shown with the front loading option.
  • There are only two major peaks in the project known as double peaks- one in the beginning and one at the end.
  • When the activity rises at a peak at the earliest in the project, it is known as the early peak.
  • When the same thing as back loading comes with a ramp, it is known as the late peak.
  • The singular peak in the middle of the project is known as the bell.
  • When there are both ramps down and up in a bell, it is known as a turtle.

14. What do know about the benefit of the leveling of resources in the software?

This one is being held as the best tool introduced in the software in its latest version. This one has made the job a lot easier for those who are engaged in multitasking. This tool prevents any kind of over-allocation of jobs to the employees. This can be better explained by using an example. If there are two projects namely X (allotted time of 3 days) and Y (allotted time of 5 days). By using this tool, the project X's work will be scheduled for the first two days and then the next two days will be for the work of project Y. then on the last day, you will come back to project X. This eases out the job and makes completing it relatively easier than before.

15. How will you assign numerical code to the tasks?

A numerical code can be assigned after a work breakdown has been created. Go to the options under the tag of tools in the taskbar. Here you will find the outline option, and under this, you need to click on the option named showing of the outline number. The task list will come with a numerical code before it.

16. How will create a work breakdown in outlining structure?

An outline can be created by giving a project name. Select all the necessary items under the heading and then press the indent option. The things will line up, and the items will be seen in bold format.

17. What are things to look out for before excel file importing in the software?

The following are the things that you should keep an eye out for when you importing an excel file.

  • Select the excel fields from the file that you want to be mapped in the software.
  • Every field is not needed to be imported into the Project, and you get to leave out the field that you do not need.
  • Make sure that you include the column header while importing.
  • The fields that stay blank in the excel file will remain blank in the project as well.
  • The start and the finish that you have put in the excel file will be imported into the project as the start and finish constraints of the task.
  • One has to make sure that he checks the file format that he has used in the excel file as that is what dictates the map selection choice viewing.

18. How are the budget resource values shown in the software?

Viewing the budget resource value is really easy when one uses the project. The first step is going to the resource usage option under the View menu. You can add the different heads here if they are not already present in the table. These heads can range from budget, work, and budget costing. On the right side of the column name, you will find an arrow that allows a group of the resources as needed. The next step is the selection of the drop-down list of resources to group the rows. Here you can select the options that contain the categories for budget and then apply. In the summary group of rows, you can compare budget cost and work values at the same time. You can dismantle this group as and when you want by going on the arrow that is on the right side of the name of the resources name heading.

19. What is the use of setting up a time exception in the latest version of the project?

The time exception setting in the latest version of the project is used to change the available work hours for a certain day of work.

20. What is the process of setting up a time exception in the latest version of the project?

One just needs to select the project and change the work times. The next step is changing the date which can be done by choosing the day from the calendar. The exception enables you to show these changes. It gives a name cell with a blank row where you can type the exceptions that you need. You will get a detailed dialogue box for the exception where you can enter all the details of the exception that you want. After you have made the changes just click ok and the job is done.

21. What made you select the certification for the project?

The project comes with some huge advantages for the ones seeking jobs in the fields of project handling. It enables a person to handle multiple projects with ease and get the job done in time. It makes a person better equipped to coordinate the work of all the workers under him. The integration and management of tasks become easy which makes the project manager a major troubleshooter for the company. He ensures that the tasks are completed systematically and efficiently.

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22. Mention the top features of the Gantt Basics Chart

The top six features of Gantt are as follows:

  • The display pattern shows a single task in a row.
  • The dates are depicted in an increasing pattern according to the time taken for the project.
  • The horizontal bar displays the time of the beginning and the time of ending each of the tasks in the project.
  • It gives three options for running the tasks namely, overlap, sequential and parallel.
  • It gives a chart with a bar diagram that shows the proportion of the work that has been done until the time that has been taken.
  • The completed work is shown on the left, and the pending ones are shown to the right.
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