SolidWorks Interview Questions

Are you planning to make your career as a Solidworks professional? Have you covered all the required basic and advanced-level questions? If your answer is no, then this is the guide for you. This blog contains Solidworks interview questions and answers which are prepared by industry experts so that you can crack the toughest of the interviews.

SOLIDWORKS is used from start to finish to create mechatronic systems. The software is initially used for project management, planning, visual ideation, modeling, feasibility analysis, and prototyping. The design and construction of robotic, electrical, and software components are then done using the software.

However, before we begin the interview questions, let us understand the features of Solidworks. The most prominent ones are:

  • Simple yet elegant 3D CAD design.
  • For greater effectiveness, utilize the CAD library and templates.
  • To expedite the procedure, use automation and design reuse.
  • Using cost estimation tools, you can monitor costs in real time. Interference checks can help you identify potential risks early.
  • Quickly create 2D production drawings.
  • Simple animation and photorealistic rendering creation.

The demand for Solidworks professionals is increasing in the market and this is the primary reason why the competition for the position is on a rise too. With this blog, you can master the questions and ace the interview.

For easy understanding and increased clarity, we have divided the questions into three categories:

Frequently Asked SolidWorks Interview Questions

  1. What is SOLIDWORKS Electrical?
  2. What is SOLIDWORKS PCB?
  3. What is SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost?
  4. What are the SOLIDWORKS Administrator Tasks?
  5. Could you please explain SOLIDWORKS Routing?
  6. What are the parts of route sub assembly?
  7. Would you be able to explain the SOLIDWORKS simulation?
  8. How does SOLIDWORKS work with Sketch?
  9. What are the uses of Solidworks MBD?
  10. What is TolAnalyst?
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SolidWorks Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

1. What are the PDM Server Components listed?

Data management for SOLIDWORKS PDM data vaults is handled by:

  • Microsoft SQL Express for PDM Standard.
  • Information in SOLIDWORKS PDM data vaults is managed by SQL Server for PDM Professional.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM licenses are managed by the SolidNetWork License Manager.
  • Manages user accounts and credentials as well as file transfers among clients and the file crypt archive on the archive server.
  • Data import and export rules, message system management, replication schedule, and cold storage are all tasks performed by the database server, which also polls PDM databases for updates.
  • Web Server and Web2 Server -> Provides browser-based clients with online access to file vaults.
  • EXALEAD is the Web API Server. Users of OnePart can index and retrieve SOLIDWORKS PDM data using a Web API server.

2. What is SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

With the help of intelligent design tools, an extensive parts database, and real-time assimilation among 2D schematics and 3D models, SOLIDWORKS Electrical makes the process of designing electrical systems simpler.

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3. What constitutes SOLIDWORKS Electrical's core elements?

The main parts of SOLIDWORKS Electronics are as follows:

  1. Electrical schematic creation tools for 2D dynamic systems are available in SOLIDWORKS.
  2. In order to model electrical systems in 3D, including cables and wires, SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D provides tools for integrating 2D schematics with 3D models.
  3. Data is a user-shareable database of components, symbols, libraries, and catalogs.
  4. A tool to control the entrance and upgrading of electrical drawings is called a collaborative server.
  5. A Microsoft SQL Server database instance.

Microsoft SQL Server is required for SOLIDWORKS Electrical. As part of the installation, it can make use of an existing database or create a new instance.

4. How is data managed by SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

A unique ID number is assigned to each venture in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, and each project has a linked database that can be found using the unique ID number. For instance, the database for a project with the ID number 112 in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Leader is called "tew project data 112." Each project should have its own database because doing so drastically cuts down on processing time. Additionally, only one project is impacted in the event of an important object failure, preserving the integrity of the vast majority of the program's data.


Incorporated with the SOLIDWORKS 3D design software is the PCB or printed circuit board design tool known as SOLIDWORKS PCB.

6. How does SOLIDWORKS Visualize work?

SOLIDWORKS Visualize (previously Bunkspeed) offers a collection of standalone software tools that bring together cutting-edge rendering technology with visual design-oriented characteristics and workflows to enable you to produce incredibly lifelike renderings of 3D CAD models.

Products for SOLIDWORKS Visualize are offered in two packages:

  • Standard.
  • Professional.

7. What is SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost?

A computer able to run SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional can render content to one or more computers connected to the network using the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost service. While rendering is happening, you can work on other computer tasks, and the finished rendered images are ready earlier. A single computer or a cluster of machines running Visualize Boost can render images.

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8. What is the SOLIDWORKS admin portal's login procedure?

To access the Admin Portal, you need a SOLIDWORKS ID and a Guest, Standard, or Professional account on MySolidWorks. However, irrespective of the subscription status, any advertising customer with a valid SOLIDWORKS ID can sign in to and, if qualified, access the Admin Portal.

9. What are the SOLIDWORKS Administrator Tasks?

Login credentials and online licenses are typically managed by administrators. The SOLIDWORKS software is configured to use machine activation by default. The Admin Portal's basic procedures for enabling online licencing are as follows:

  • Manually deactivate the license if you have all the SOLIDWORKS programmes installed on a computer.
  • You can choose between online licensing and machine activation for a product.
  • Then allocate members to products and services (users).

10. What purpose does SOLIDWORKS Costing Tool serve?

The tool aids manufacturers in producing quotes for customers and aids designers in making decisions based on manufacturing costs. Every time you alter a design, the new, updated cost and a thorough cost breakdown are immediately visible. Additionally, you can create cost reports automatically. Then allocate members to products and services (users)

11. What is SOLIDWORKS Design Checker?

To make sure that SOLIDWORKS documents adhere to established design standards, the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker examines design components like dimensioning guidelines, fonts, materials, and sketches.

12. Describe DFMXpress.

DFMXpress is an analytical technique that verifies a SOLIDWORKS part's ability to be manufactured. Use DFMXpress to find design flaws that could raise production costs or interfere with fabrication.

13. What is SOLIDWORKS FloXpress?

Fluid dynamics software called SOLIDWORKS FloXpress determines how fluid moves through models of parts or assemblies. Before producing any parts, you can identify design flaws and fix them using the velocity field calculation as a guide.

14. What is SLD XML Data Exchange?

Users have the option to save their designs in the. SLD XML file format in SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE applications. Data from these.SLDXML files can be used to create SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.

15. What is SOLIDWORKS Explorer?

You can rename, replace, and copy SOLIDWORKS files with the aid of the file management programme SOLIDWORKS Explorer. You can display a list of a document's references, scour for documents based on a variety of criteria, and display a document's references. Documents that reference renamed files can still access them.

SolidWorks Interview Questions For Experienced

16. What does SOLIDWORKS' Motion studies feature do?

For assembly model simulations, motion studies use graphics to simulate motion. A motion study can include visual elements like lighting and camera perspective. The properties of an assembly model are unaffected by motion studies. They simulate the motion you specify for a model and animate it. When you model motion, SOLIDWORKS mates can be used to limit the motion of components in an assembly.

17. Could you please explain SOLIDWORKS Routing?

The SOLIDWORKS Premium software includes the Routing application as an add-in. A unique kind of subassembly that constructs a path of pipes, tubes, electrical cables, or ducts between components can be made with routing. Certain components automatically create a route subassembly when you add them to an assembly. Contrary to other subassemblies, a route assembly is not created in its own window and afterwards added as a component to the higher-level assembly.

18. What are the parts of route subassembly?

Three different types of entities make up a route subassembly:

  • Components, which include tees,  flanges, electrical connectors, and clips. components are fittings and connectors.
  • Pipes, wires, tubes, ducts, and cables are examples of route parts.
  • A 3D sketch of the route path's centerline is included in the route feature.

19. What function does sheet metal serve in SOLIDWORKS?

In most cases, sheet metal components are used as hutches for components or to support other components. A sheet metal part may be designed independently from the components it will enclose, within the context of an arrangement that includes the components it will enclose, or in a multi-body environment within another part document.

20. Would you be able to explain the SOLIDWORKS simulation?

A design analysis system that is completely integrated with SOLIDWORKS is SOLIDWORKS Simulation. For frequency, linear and nonlinear static,  thermal, buckling, pressure vessel,  fatigue, linear and nonlinear dynamic, drop test, and optimization analyses, SOLIDWORKS Simulation offers simulation solutions.

With the aid of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can quickly and accurately solve complicated problems while designing. To meet your analysis needs, SOLIDWORKS Simulation is available in two bundles: SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium.

21. What is SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress?

Users of SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress have access to a simple first-pass stress analysis tool. By testing your designs digitally rather than through costly and time-consuming field trials, SimulationXpress could indeed help you lower costs and shorten time-to-market.

22. How does SOLIDWORKS work with Sketch?

A sketch is the first thing you make when you open up a new part document. A 3D model is based on the sketch. Any of the three default planes like the Top Plane, Right Plane, and Front Plane or a custom plane can be used to create a sketch. You can choose: to get started.

  • Sketch entity software like a line, circle, and so on.
  • Draw tool.
  • Planes.


Models can be created using SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition), which provides an integrated production solution for the SOLIDWORKS software. SOLIDWORKS MBD assists businesses in the definition, organization, and publication of 3D product and production information (PMI), including 3d scenes in formats that are accepted by the industry.

24. What are the uses of Solidworks MBD?

Using DimXpert and benchmark dimensions, SOLIDWORKS MBD provides 3D PMI definition capabilities. 3D PMI can be organized in a structured, findable manner using SOLIDWORKS technologies like annotation views, vibrant viewing of annotation planes, and 3D views.

In addition to producing output files in the native SOLIDWORKS file formats, SOLIDWORKS MBD also produces 3D PDFs and eDrawings.

25. What Are SOLIDWORKS Utilities?

With the help of SOLIDWORKS Utilities, you can analyze a solid model's geometry in-depth and compare it to other models.

26. What products fall under the SOLIDWORKS Sustainability umbrella?

Under SOLIDWORKS Sustainability, there are two products available:

  • SustainabilityXpress by SOLIDWORKS: Part documents are handled by the core software (solid bodies only).
  • Sustainability of SOLIDWORKS: Handles assemblies and parts (solid bodies only). with SOLIDWORKS Premium; available. Support for configuration, enlarged reporting, and expanded impact on the environment options are some additional features.

27. Why should the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) be included in the design process?

You can see how decisions regarding manufacturing, location, and material affect a design's environmental impact by incorporating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) into the design process. SOLIDWORKS Sustainability performs an extensive evaluation of all the stages in the life of a design using a variety of parameters that you specify.

28. What does the LCA include?

LCA comprises:

  • Extraction of ores from the earth
  • Processing materials
  • Manufacturing of parts
  • Assembly
  • Consumer use of the product
  • End-of-life (EOL) - Destroying, recycling, and burning
  • All the travel involved in getting from one step to the next and vice versa.

29. What advantages do geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T) offer?

Numerous advantages of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) include:

  • The design vocabulary is uniform.
  • Customers, suppliers, and production teams can all clearly and precisely understand the design intent.
  • The very worst mating limits are calculable.
  • The manufacturing and inspection procedures are repeatable thanks to the use of datums.
  • The use of quality production parts ensures assembly.

30. What is TolAnalyst?

TolAnalyst is a tool for performing tolerance analysis that ascertains the effects of dimensions and tolerances on parts and assemblies. Perform "worst-case" tolerance pile analysis on assemblies using the TolAnalyst tools. TolAnalyst tools are used to utilize that data for stack-up analysis after applying dimensions and tolerance levels to the parts and components in an assembly using the DimXpert tools first.

Most Common Solidworks FAQs

1. Identify the primary mechanical mates utilized by SolidWorks.

Candidates should be aware that SolidWorks uses three main mechanical mates, including:

  • Standard mates with digression concentric, parallel, and other constraints.
  • Advanced mates with restrictions on width, profile center, symmetry, and other factors.
  • Mechanical mates with slots, hinges, gears, and other constraints.

2. What technical expertise are required by SolidWorks for mechanical designers?

Mechanical reasoning, which you can test for with a Mechanical Reasoning test, and design skills are among the technical skills physical designers need while using SolidWorks.

3. What surfacing features in SolidWorks are used the most frequently?

These are:

  • Surface at the boundary 
  • Fill surface 
  • Extrude
  • Untrim
  • Extend.

4. What is Solidworks?

SolidWorks is a Microsoft Windows-based computer-aided design tool used for the design and simulation of mechanical products. Its use in the entire process of developing a product, from concept to detailed design, thermal and structural analysis, motion studies, engineering drawings, and CAM.

5. Solidworks or Catia, which is superior?

Basically, Catia is much more powerful and Solidworks is simpler to use. In terms of surface capabilities as well as automation (scripting/programming), CATIA outperforms Solidworks. However, SolidWorks is more ergonomic than CATIA.

6. What is SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager?

You can set up settings for SOLIDWORKS product components such as SOLIDWORKS Toolbox, PhotoView 360, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS PCB, SOLIDWORKS Manage, SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork and SOLIDWORKS Visualize License Manager using SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

7. What is the purpose of SolidNetWork License Manager?

By distributing licenses to clients on the network, SolidNetWork License Manager provides numerous license clients. By using floating licenses, enables the number of users to exceed the number of licenses.

8. What exactly is the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal?

You can assign and manage online licenses using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal, a cloud-based asset and managed services system. Only online licensing necessitates license assignment. The license assignment is optional for other types of licenses.

9. SOLIDWORKS Manage: Definition?

SOLIDWORKS Handle Professional offers SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional cutting-edge data management tools. It offers features for the project, process, and item management as well as for advanced version control. You can keep track of things, activities, and development in finishing projects with the aid of interactive dashboards and reports.


SOLIDWORKS PDM, formerly known as SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, is a workpaper management programme built on a client/server architecture.

Advantages of Solidworks

1. Simple to Learn:

Learning a completely new interface is the biggest barrier for brand-new SOLIDWORKS users. However, there are SOLIDWORKS tutorials available to help you navigate the interface, so those with CAD and CAE experience shouldn't have any trouble grasping it.

2. Learn the Fundamentals:

Making use of some of SOLIDWORKS' basic features first is one of the fastest ways to become familiar with it. Make a sketch, for instance, and use Boss Extrude to turn it into a 3D model. Then, you can try rotating the 3D design around a centerline and use the Hole Wizard to quickly cut a hole through the middle of it.


One of the top CAD and CAE programmes on the market, SOLIDWORKS offers a variety of features that help both novice and seasoned designers work quickly and efficiently. Therefore, it is quite recommended to refer to this blog before attending the interview to increase your chance of bagging the position.

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