Alteryx Interview Questions

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Alteryx Interview Questions

Q.Why would an organization use a tool like Alteryx?

Alteryx offers easy to learn solutions that allow organizations to quickly prepare, blend, and analyze data in a timely manner regardless of the business intelligence skillset the staff withholds.  Alteryx supports dataset feeds from multiple platforms that can be used in the same repeatable workflow.   Alteryx is used by organizations that want to have a quick turnaround in analyzing data without having to create custom code.

Q.What are some of the key features or capabilities that Alteryx offers?

Alteryx Designer is the main tool that Alteryx offers.  The Alteryx Designer allows a user to create repeatable workflows from an easy to learn interface with the capability of connecting to multiple platforms, blend, cleanse, and produce analytics results.   The Alteryx Designer includes the following tools:

  • Input/Output – Access data from locations such as on a local desktop, in a relational database, in the cloud, or third-party systems and deliver that data to a wide variety of formats and sources.
  • Preparation – Ease the process of getting data ready for analysis or downstream processes with a set of drag and drop tools that eliminate the need for SQL coding and complex formulas.
  • Join – Working with multiple sources of data doesn’t need to be difficult. Blend multiple data sources regardless of the data structure and formats through a number of tools.
  • Predictive – Get access to over 30 prepackaged tools of the most widely used procedures for predictive analytics, grouping, and forecasting to help analyst throughout the predictive analytics process.
  • Spatial – Geospatial data can offer a wealth of information, take advantage of location based data to make more informed decisions and understand things like trade areas, drive-time analysis, and more.
  • Investigation – Before a process or analysis takes place, analysts need to understand the details of the data before they can dive into to deeper analysis.
  • Parse & Transform – Data comes in all shapes and formats and many times it needs to be restructured and re-shaped in order for the data to be analyzed- parsing and transformation tools help users change the data to the format they need for further analysis.

Alteryx Server enhances the use of the Alteryx Designer because it allows you to share your results between users, teams or departments.  The processing of the workflows occurs on the server instead of the individual’s workstation.

Alteryx Analytics Gallery gives the organization the opportunity to process the workflows in the cloud. This allows an organization to process large datasets (Big Data) in a centralized and single environment.

Q.Why would an organization choose Alteryx opposed to other open or semi-open source applications?

There are many reasons why a company or user would choose to use Alteryx instead of other open or semi-opened applications.  Reputation and ratings can have a large impact on what tool to use and Alteryx has the following acknowledgements in the Gardner Magic Quadrants:

  1. Top quartile for complexity of analysis
  2. Top quartile for overall ease of use
  3. Top quartile for customer experience and operations
  4. Rated highest for product quality
  5. Top quartile for top support

In addition to the recognition that Alteryx has received from Gardner’s Magic Quadrants, Alteryx has an advantage with offering a one in all solution and also partners with other vendors to strengthen the capability of the solutions.

Q.Why did Alteryx decide to integrate R for predictive analytics over other programming?

Integration of R allows Alteryx to utilize a third party solution that many users may already have had exposure too as well as enhance the analytical capabilities by including predictive modeling and spatial analytics. The predictive analytics become part of the entire workflow in Alteryx which results in a quicker turnaround in getting the end results.

Q.What is a use case study that utilized the R predictive analytics add-on?

Alteryx released a case study titled, “Alteryx Enables Rapid Analytical Development and Deployment at A.H. Belo’s The Dallas Morning News” and below is a snippet directly from the case study.

The entire case study can be found at: http://www.alteryx.com/sites/default/files/resources/files/ema-ahbelo-cs.pdf

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