Cyber Security Attacks

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The Cyber  Attacks and Their Security Measures

The unpredictable threats to global economy.

Virus attacks Energy sectors focusing on the power grid and related components, like power generation, transmission and distribution.

The personal data of about 5,400 past and present customers of AXA Insurance in Singapore has been stolen.

One of the political leader of German Chancellor’s personal website had been hit by thousands of cyber attacks.

These are some of the most recent cyber attacks held across the globe in the past 24 hours. From my personal experience, I have lost 15000 INR from the account that has been not used for more than a year very recently.  First of all, we need to know What is cyber attacks?. Why is it matter to you to understand?.

What is Cyber Attack?

A cyber attack is an attempt to damage or destroy or steal your personal confidential information from your personal computer network or system without your knowledge and permission.

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Cyber Security Attacks

Why is it important to know?

You must be heard about "ransomware" called Wanna Cry. It locks up all the files and encrypts them in such a way that you cannot access them anymore and then demands a payment in bitcoin in order to regain access.

If it is your personal system, you ought to lose important information like bank account details, our cards get blocked, our money is stolen, if there are any personal photos, information or conversations is shared with our near- dear ones that information is misused. etc. We need to raise a complaint in cyber crime department, concerned bank, apply for new cards, new account etc. What if this affected a company that earns some millions and billions of income every year and handles multiple organizations and departments, having some lakhs of employees working for?.  A Huge loss to the company right?. What if this happens to a government body?.

It is an economic, financial and security threat to country’s economy that is people. Now, I think you believe this is an important subject to know.

Why do Cyber Attacks happen?

Human beings are only living beings who are born with intellect. Intellect will give you two different paths to choose and follow- a right and a wrong.  Now, some of the highly intelligent people who are sound enough in computer systems, networks and technology are using their intellect to follow a wrong path for 2 basic purposes:

1. For fun or pleasure of crime
2. Monetary gain

These causes are furtherly divided  as:

1. Target Attacks which are made for the purpose of money.
2. Denying the Service or to disrupt the service
3. To gain power on an entity.
4. To provide great loss to the economy. This is a kind of digital war between the countries.

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What are the preventive measures?

Now, it’s time to know the preventive measures. Remember, any device which is in the network can be hacked. That means you should be in online. That means any of your personal or professional online accounts should be operated. How this done by others?. Only if they know your password details. How do others know your password details? If you left your accounts open that is not sign out of the account after the usage.

Some of the important tips to protect your information from cyber attack are as follows:

1. Install reputed antivirus or anti spam software of reputed vendor. Don’t download any free software.

2. Don’t open any links or any emails received from unknown persons.

3. Don’t store your personal data like photos, passwords on your smart phones or send them data through emails to others. Store them in a personal folder with a lock in your personal computer.

4. Keep changing your bank card, account and social networking site  PIN and passwords periodically.

5. Don’t download unknown apps forwarded to your email or whatsapp.

6. Don’t visit and try to download videos from any adult sites or anti-social sites.

7. Do not download free songs ads.

8. Don’t ever respond to free offers of lottery or wealth or any other attractive money offers.

9. Don’t leave give your cards to others to operate at petrol bunks or hotels or any shops.

10. Set a day in a week to monitor your credit and debit card statements.

11. Subscribe to an identity protection.

12. When searching new websites, make sure there is a closed lock symbol at the bottom right of the screen to ensure website’s security.

13. Enable two-factor authentication for all your personal social networking accounts.

14. Avoid logging into your accounts from public computers like internet cafe. Under can’t but position make sure you log out completely and change the password immediately from your PC.

15. Ensure any external hardware device you use is virus free.

There is a great saying by David Mount, Director, of Micro Focus, a multinational software and information technology business based in England-“Understand what data you hold, how you are using it? and make sure that you are practicing good data”.

Your information and your security is in your hands. Be safe. Be careful

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