Build Cyber Security Strategy In 2017 and Beyond

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In today’s article, we will be discussing on how to effectively build a cyber security strategy for organizations to sustain cyber threats and also set barriers for security policies.
Developing a cyber security strategy is not at all an easy task. The policies that are defined within this process have to consider the overall hierarchy of the organization and based on that the foundation can be initiated.
In the year 2017, a lot of activities have been exposed which has described the need for security within an organization. So this article has been tabulated based on a lot of analysis and the following reasons should be considered so that cyber security strategy that is going to be built is effective and efficient.

Snapshot of information that organizations should focus on while developing or building cyber security strategies:

1. Get the basics right in terms of maintaining the security policies
2. Move to Secure culture
3. Educate the employees about being secure
4. Let your employees be proactive rather than passive when it comes to security issues
5. Always ask culture should be promoted within the organization
6. Build the required skills to sustain and seek betterment in the current processes.

Focusing too much on Perimeter Defense:

The earliest stage of the breach, the question should be what happens next or “if”, but the question should what should we do and “when” are we supposed to take an action. The best and easiest way to hack into a computer system or a network is through employee workstation, email account, and internet network. 

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These are the primary areas where most of the hackers concentrate on because it is easy to get into the network and these are the areas most of the time the employees neglect to pay attention to.
So, the ideal way to protect your system is not to focus too much on your perimeter defense but also make sure the surroundings are also well protected. This will help the security layer to be strong compared to the rest.

Prevention is better than cure:

Most of the companies are well aware of the security measures and it is important but lack of practice and lack of dedicated resources actually is another cause. A lot of focus has been put in when the threat has occurred and the resources are dedicated to find a resolution for it. This is not at all a good approach because the damage has already happened and the trust factor is already broken.
Instead, it will be good for the organizations to be proactive towards these threats and make sure they have steady policies associated towards security.
First and foremost step is to educate the employees to stay safe. This should always be the first attempt then the taught process should be involved with live examples. This will inculcate a thought within the individuals and they will self-understand the need of privacy and what it takes to secure their personal information.
Pro Tip:
The success mantra to tackle security threats is to be prepared for the attacks rather than waiting for them to happen and react.

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Focusing only on being Compliant:

The compliance policies within the organization don't mean the security protocols is secured and safeguarded. Compliance is just a baseline for minimum requirements to safeguard your policies. It is always advised to make sure and work on defining the regulations to protect customer and financial data.
In today’s time, technology advancements have been observed drastically and it is not at all advised to stay with the old policies. As per the technology advancements, it is also mandatory for the individuals or the organizations to invest time and define and modify/update their security strategies.
It is an organization and each and every individual working for the organization’s responsibility to secure
1. Corporate data
2. Operations
3. Reputation
In order to achieve this one has to go above and beyond compliance policies.

Cyber Security is a Business Risk, don’t neglect it :

It is a popular myth within the organizations that Cybersecurity is an IT related issue and they should be taking care of it. If you are also in the same understanding then it is a big misunderstanding that you have been living in so far.
It is not at all an IT issue. Each and every individual within the organization should be responsible when it comes to Cyber security threats.

How can each and every individual contribute?

Make sure the employees follow standard security protocols. Usage of strong passwords.
Change their passwords for every 30 days and don’t include already used passwords
Make sure their systems are equipped with Anti virus software
No external hardware should be attached or linked without an approval
Any software downloads and installations should be done under a supervision from the IT department.
Working on these small tasks collectively, it will reduce almost 70% of the threats straight away.
If these threats are not controlled then it may lead to financial data loss, trade secrets, personal information, stocks. All of the data will be gone into wrong hands.


Cyber Security protocol is a must within an organization and one has to make sure that there is no mistake or negligence towards it. Cyber security threats are considered to be one of the biggest risks in the current business market. The cyber security team within the organizations should exist and also make sure that they take extra precautions and make sure the data is safeguarded at any point in time. The team should be motivated in such a way that they should believe and follow in prevention rather than cure mantra.
The best way to build a cyber security strategy is to study and analyze the mistakes that we have done so far and try to resolve the mistakes and build a solid cyber security strategy for 2017 and which will also cater future years.

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