How Oracle Embeds Machine-Learning Capabilities Into Oracle Database

The need of a database where it classified as the most efficient and reliable was evident and Oracle has nailed it with its new introduction to the market in the form of Oracle Autonomous database which is powered with AI and machine learning. Also solving a major problem of manual interventions or manual handling of restorations and patch or upgrade activities resulted in downtime of the applications. This is also solved by implementing self-patching and database tuning functionalities. All of these features are available at a lower price when compared to the industry competition.

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In this article, we will go through the new features of the autonomous database and also the benefits that one can avail from it.

Features of Oracle Autonomous Database:

Features of Oracle Autonomous Database

The following are the features for Oracle Autonomous Database:

1. It is a self-driving database:

As the name itself suggests that the database is capable of doing its maintenance activities by itself without a need for human intervention. By doing this, the following risks are mitigated.
* No downtime at all, so it is always up and available for the users to seek data.
* Automatic threat detection and self-patching are also enabled.
* Usually, database maintenance tasks are done manually and with this version, the database itself will take care of the database tuning aspects.

2. Reliability :

Reliability is another important key factor in this version. Oracle Autonomous Database cloud actually does an implementation of (RAC), i.e. Oracle Real Application Cluster. This will make sure the database is up all the time.

* Has inbuilt self-recovery patches
* Has inbuilt tuning and patching process
* No downtime while upgrades or adding additional storage.

3. Price perspective this is cheaper compared to the competitors:

With all the features enabled, the new version of Oracle database is almost 10 times cheaper to that of the normal operating cost of Amazon web services (AWS).

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4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

The future is moving towards AI and machine learning. The study involves analyzing huge amounts of data and that's where the elasticity comes into the picture. With the new version of the database, the users or the organizations don’t need to worry about the data capacity.

5. Reduce the human resource cost:

This is also another feature where the manual interventions are eradicated completely and all the human resource cost associated is drastically reduced making it more efficient and also a cost-effective solution.

6. Bundled with Cyber Security Technology:

As the world is moving towards automation and growing in digital age, it is mandatory to have strict security in compliance with the regular processes. With the use of the new Oracle database, threat detection and immediate responses can be enabled. This would be a game changer in the security aspect of it.

7. Packed with new OLTP and Data Warehouses features in Oracle 18c. The analytics wing has a lot of options that are useful for the businesses.

8. Oracle Management Cloud:

This is a perfect example of cloud computing which has a combination of AI-powered applications. It includes a lot of big data processing techniques which will help the organization by providing meaningful insights.

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Not on Cloud, it is time for a change:

If you are working on different infrastructures and looking out to move then Cloud environment is the best solution. The following are the benefits:

* Easy Migration
* Highly secured environment once moved to Cloud infrastructure
* No limits on the database size, so Instant Elasticity
* No downtimes goes with Industry leading performances
* Readily available analytical tools which help you to derive meaningful data.

Benefits of using the new version of Oracle Database which has Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities:

1. No limits on the computing abilities:

Yes, that's true. To process a huge amount of data it is evident that one has to a powerful engine which has enough processing power, i.e. (GPUs) available in the cloud. With the help of new version of Oracle database analyzing data has been simplified compared to the earlier versions.

2. Huge data storage repository and ever-growing needs:

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, the suggestions are provided based on processing the necessary data. So having more data is better now, because better quality decisions will be made against it. This being said, the database should be flexible enough to withhold the need for more space.

3. Easy to use:

The new systems that are coming up in the current market follow simplicity and easy to use factors. The modern tools are user-friendly and require less skill set to operate. Thus reducing the turnaround time and users can quickly adapt to the new tools.

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4. Efficient self-driven database:

The newer version of Oracle database is classified as self-recovering capability which automates the process of error handling and makes sure that the user has access to data all the time.

5. Less Human Intervention:

Yes, the new version of the database needs less human intervention and provides all sort of data upfront based on the need. Also, this version of the database comes with self-tuning and self-patching when it comes to maintenance aspect. So no more room for manual errors and no downtime as well.

6. It comes with most efficient consumption of resources which makes it more powerful and also gets the overall operational cost at minimal rates compared to the industry standard competitors.

7. Using the AI enabled cloud environment a lot of applications catering towards Finance, Human Resources and Supply chain projects can be built without any hassle. These areas need a lot of data analysis to get an output.

The above are few benefits that one can avail by using the new version of the Oracle autonomous cloud database. The features are definitely helpful for organizations to build more AI centric applications where the use of Machine Learning is definitely a key aspect.

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Last updated: 03 Apr 2023
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