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Are you looking to pursue a career in IoT? If yes, then this article can help you find out answers to the queries that can come to any beginner's mind. The Internet of Things refers to all devices that can be connected to the internet to collect and share data.

As this field is expanding, the demand for IoT skilled professionals is also increasing. Here, we would be talking about several topics related to career opportunities in IoT such as.

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 IoT Career - Table of Content

1. Is a Career in IoT a good Idea?

2. What are the Different Types of IoT jobs?

3. Are There Any Prerequisites for IoT jobs?

4. What are IoT Job Skills?

5. Pay Scale for IoT jobs

6. List of Companies Hiring IoT Professionals

7. IoT training and certification

8. Future of IoT

Is IoT a good career idea?

A single decision today can affect your entire future, therefore, it is very important to know the benefits and challenges before deciding on a career path. With time, the world is evolving in every aspect especially in terms of technology.

The credit to our smarter and faster life goes to technological advancement. Among them, is the Internet of Things. IoT has made it possible for companies to collect data and analyze it to make better business decisions and offer the best services/products to customers.

In this era, most businesses and organizations are operating online and are dependent on the data collected by IoT devices. Data collected by the Internet of Things is analyzed deeply to serve the clients properly. That is why the demand for IoT professionals and experts is increasing and are paid decent salaries from the beginning itself.

There is a bright career in the IoT industry for those who want to showcase their talent and help the companies serve better to the customers.

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What are the Different Types of IoT Jobs & Job Roles?

Millions of Job opportunities are waiting for talented and skillful people in the era of IoT. There are different types of job roles offered by the IoT industry, let's have a quick look at where you can fit in the best.

  • Cloud Engineer -  It is one of the job roles where a person needs to establish and deploy the middleware and NoSQL database to collect the data from the IoT devices.

  • Designer - CAD designers can help the IoT industry to better design the device such as wearables.

  • Material Specialist - People with this job role are good at understanding and finding which material should be used that can embed a sensor in it.

  • Embedded Engineer - These engineers are responsible for developing and implementing software of the embedded devices.

  • Network Engineer - Those who help in establishing a computing network or choosing a suitable gateway and more.

  • Data Scientist - They help in analyzing the collected data using in-memory computing or batch processing and converting it into useful information.

  • Data Visualization Expert - The task of these profiles is to present the information in a visual manner to make it more understandable. 

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  • UI Engineer - These people help in designing the easy and interactive user interface of the IoT devices. 

  • Data Architect - Those who design the data model. 

  • Instrument Engineers - They are responsible for handling actuators, sensors for the closed-loop system.

  • Test Engineers - Who test the functional aspects of IoT devices.

  • Programmer - Who programs the backend and integrates it with middleware and cloud databases.

What is the Pay Scale for IoT Jobs?

 As discussed in the above sections, there are several job roles under IoT and for each job profile, the salaries may vary. So, here, we will discuss the salary trends of four major functional areas that command the IoT industry. 

  • Salary Trends by Functional Areas

  • Application Programming - Rs 13 LPA

  • Engineering Design - Rs. 11.5 LPA

  • System Programming - Rs. 10 LPA

  • Embedded Technologies - Rs. 8.2 LPA

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Salary Trends by Experience

In the IoT industry, most of freshers get annual salaries under the INR 6 LPA salary bracket. An employee having experience of 12+ years can have a salary up to INR 30 LPA. 

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List of Companies Hiring IoT Professionals

IoT has helped businesses to serve their customers in a better way and thus elevating their ROI. The rise of IoT has impacted the IT industry and has created many opportunities for job seekers. There are many companies from Startups to Tech-Giant that hire IoT-skilled professionals to grow their business. The list of companies are

  • ScienceSoft

  • Oxagile 

  • Style Lab IoT Software Company 

  • HQ Software Industrial IoT Company 

  • Cisco 

  • Huawei

  • SAP

  • IBM 

  • ARM IoT Security Company 

  • GE Digital 

  • Bosch IoT Sensor Company 

  • Siemens IoT Analytics Company 

What are IoT Job Skills You need to have?

IoT has given great job opportunities for job seekers. But lack of skills has made it difficult for companies to implement this amazing technology. A candidate who is not only good at academics but also has innovative thinking along with deep knowledge in the below-given concepts-

  • Embedded Systems

  • Networking & Security 

  • Programming

  • Analytics

  • Communication Protocol

  • UI/UX Design

  • Cloud Computing

  • Edge Computing

  • Soft Skills

Are There Any Prerequisites for IoT Jobs?

Those who want to start a career in IoT should have a strong command of programming and embedded systems. The skills required for every job role are different but these are some common and basic skills that are must-have. 

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IoT Training and Certification

Certifications enhance your chances of being hired by top organizations and companies. There are many governments as well as private IoT training course providers that can help you become the master of this booming technology.

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What is the Future of IoT?

IoT has made our lives smarter and effortless. Of course, the future of IoT is very bright and promising. It is shaping both the industrial as well as consumer world. By the end of 2020, IoT is predicted to drive an additional of around $344B in revenue.

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In upcoming times, there will be much more demand for IoT skilled professionals because companies have already started using IoT devices to improve their business data analysis.


As discussed in the article, The Internet of Things has definitely brought a big transformation in our lives and has offered job opportunities. Researchers have estimated that in an upcoming couple of years now, more than 20.4 billion IoT devices will be connected. This clearly shows that there are a lot of IoT career opportunities because of the rising demand.  But to make a good career in IoT, candidates will require a combination of skills and showcase their talent to improve the productivity of the company.

I hope you found the article informative and useful. Feel free to drop any query in the comment section below.

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