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Top 10 Real World IOT Applications

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Introduction to IOT:

Needless to say that there is more than enough hype around the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) and also formed the most happening internet buzz word. On a daily basis one or the other company announces its ambitions in attaining something big in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) and based on that the growth of this industry is going to take a major turn given the importance that this technology is gaining.

Let us now take a look at the most happening areas where the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining its prominence and how does it help in that particular scenarios specifically. This article is completely dedicated to showcase the most prominent examples where this technology is applied and the advantages that these are gaining is obviously implied.

Top 10 Real-Time IoT Applications

Top 10 Real-time IoT Applications:

The following are the most prominent real time IoT applications, let us take a closer look into the same:

1. Smart homes:
Smart homes clearly stand out to be the top-most priority on the list of things that are achieved using the IoT technology. Needless to say, there are more and more organizations trying to put in more efforts to build this dream come true. Based on one of the most research studies conducted on this specific scenario, the total amount of funding that goes into this line of business has already crossed $3 billion. Most of the bigger names have already put in a lot of resources to get this initiative started and working.

2. Wearables:
Wearables is the new trend in the techies and tech loving junkies, where most of the smartphone-related activities can be performed using your watch that you wear. Apple was the one first one who was successfully able to achieve this and created sensation in this industry. Following the footsteps of Apple, Samsung and Motorola have also launched similar products with additional features. There were newbie startups as well who took this idea and made their point in this industry.

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3. Smart City:
After the prestigious launch of smart cities in each of the states in the country, the IoT industry took to the same name and have tried to automate the most uncommon things to make it a successful model. This model spans of automating the traffic management systems to water disbursement to waste management – though not applied in our country but has seen successful implementation elsewhere. The IoT solutions that are deployed in any of these models resolve traffic related issues, noise pollution and etc.

4.Smart grid:
Smart grid falls into the same umbrella of improving facilities as part of Smart city using the IoT solutions. Smarter grids based on IoT solutions will effectively and efficiently reduce the power wastage in transmission, reliability of power and cost effectiveness of electricity. This is a popular technique that is gaining importance but this should be reaching to more and more people who can make a change (as this is involves a huge initial cost to transform from the traditional ways to the most sophisticated ways).

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5.Industrial Internet:
Industrial Internet is another area where the IoT solutions need to make more impact, but this area doesn’t get the emphasis and focus that it needs. This is more on to a service that is provided to the common public than something like a Smart Home or Wearable mean to an average individual.

6.Connected Cars:
Connected cars is the most recent advancement that we have been seeing as an average consumer or an individual. UBER and OLA have started their research into adding fleets of cars into this idea to generate data that help them manage their activities even better than the traditional way of managing the assets. Most of the large automotive makers and the startups in this realm have already started their work.

7.Smart Retail:
Smart retail is the other segment where the IoT solutions are trying to make their mark. Proximity based advertisements, studies to understand the demand and supply cycles are the current activities that are being taken up to advance in this segment.

8.Smart Supply Chain:
Supply chains have started implementing the latest models to gain the control over the products, its delivery, its safekeeping and related factors as like this. IoT has been nothing different in this lines as they are promising solutions towards making it a better industry to invest and reap benefits as well. Reduces the man power involved in gaining control over the whole process, enhances better management of details.

9.Smart Agriculture & Farming:
Agriculture or Farming is the most overlooked case as the individuals involved do not understand the advancements and are also resistant to change. Orthodox methods have been implemented from a very long time and individuals involved, do not accept changes in their medieval ways of performing these activities. There is also not a practical model that has been implemented by farmers (even as experiment).

10.Connected Health:
Connected Health is another way the IoT solutions can be found helpful but there are many scams that are happening over the years of change from the orthodox ways of conducting this. Unmanned drones, medicines over internet and generic medicines are the existing problems for the current establishments.


In this article, we have tried to understand what actually Internet of Things (IoT) is. We have also focused on which industries, segments of life are best aided with the advent of Internet of Things (IoT). With the discussion above, it evidently true that the future of Internet of Things (IoT) is really bright and all the millions of devices existing today will be communicating with each other, thus making human intervention the least.

To be very precise, IoT is going to bring in a macro shift in the way we will live or work in the future – if we see the best that it provides and implement them.


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