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The Internet of Devices embraces the enlargement of internet connection beyond general standard devices like laptops, smartphones, computers, etc. The IoT devices are wholly integrated with high-level technology, which makes it feasible for them to interact or communicate over the internet smoothly. Today, the number of IoT devices has surpassed the massive number of human beings on Earth. Having a good understanding of IoT devices can help you work with emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc. This IoT Devices blog will make you aware of the critical features of popular IoT devices like Google Home Voice Controller, Mr Coffee Smart Cookmaker, Amazon Dash Button, August Smart Lock, etc.

The Internet of Things or IoT technology has taken the industry by storm, not only has it revolutionized home spaces but also now has major industrial applications leading to more productive and sustainable systems. In this article, we will be discussing what are these IoT devices, what are their advantages and disadvantages, where they can be used, and the top 20 devices for you to look out for. 

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What are IoT devices?

IoT devices are devices connected via the internet to transmit and receive information from other devices, systems, or people in the network. IoT devices give us the authority to manage and control these internet-connected devices from anywhere in the world.

This seamless communication in the  IoT devices is achieved by responsive sensors, low-energy wireless, NFC, LTE, Bluetooth, wireless protocols, and other such technologies. 

What are the Advantages of IoT Devices?

IoT devices are garnering attention due to a lot of advantages that they have to offer. Here are some of the advantages of these smart devices which are given below:

  • IoT devices utilize the machine to machine interaction which provides seamless communication among the devices.

  • They help in making daily activities faster and simpler without requiring any human intervention. For example, managing the temperature of the room according to the settings every time the weather changes.

  • Reduces labor costs and the time required to complete a task by automating it.

  • It provides remote accessibility and control over internet-connected devices.

  • Providing real-time data to detect any failure and take timely action.

  • Ease in managing and controlling the devices remotely.

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What are the Disadvantages of IoT Devices?

As is the case with any technology, even IoT has some downsides too. Here are some of the disadvantages of IoT devices:

  • Possibility of security threat due to data breach.

  • Loss of manual jobs and lesser employment opportunities due to the automation of tasks.

  • Complex failures may arise in the system.

  • The absence of international compatibility standards can lead to difficulty in assembling the IoT device.

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Where all these devices can be used? 

IoT devices have a very wide scope of usage. They can be used in offices, home spaces, hospitals, educational institutes, and many more industries. Here are some places of interest where IoT devices are being used effectively:

  • Smart lighting systems are used in homes so whenever you enter and go out, it automatically turns on and off respectively. Also, even if you want to just operate it without moving, you can do that from your smartphone app.

  • Smart thermostats are used with home automation and are responsible for controlling a home's heating and air conditioning. They allow you to adjust temperature settings remotely from other devices, such as a laptop or smartphones connected to the internet.

  • Large machinery in factories can also be enabled via the internet, sensors, and communication hardware to share and transmit information to the control system for better access and safety purposes.

  • Smart cities have the whole city connected via sensors to modulate the environment, do pollution control, and use the data to effectively manage it.

  • In hospitals, patients on wheelchairs can have smart devices attached to them to know about their whereabouts all the time and all the patients can wear a band to monitor their fitness. In this way, any deflection can be alerted to the doctors and nurses quickly so action can be taken on time.

Top 20 IoT Devices List

IoT devices make our life easier and day-to-day tasks simpler. Here are the top 20 best IoT devices listed online which will help you redesign your spaces into smart spaces:

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1. Google Home Voice Controller

Google Home Voice Controller is a smart IoT device that allows users to operate the TV, speakers, alarms, lights, and many more such appliances at home just by their voice.

Key features:

  • Make phone calls & broadcast messages

  • Get real-time answers from Google

  • Listen to your favorite music via built-in speakers 

  • Control your home appliances

  • Get weather updates

  • Manage your daily to-do lists

2. Amazon Echo Voice Controller 

Amazon Echo Plus voice controller is used to play songs, initiate phone calls and messages, set alarms, provide answers to the questions asked, check the weather, manage to-do lists, manage smart home appliances, and several other things.

The sound cancellation feature of Amazon Echo helps in distinguishing your voice even if songs are playing.

Key features:

  • Play music, make calls, set alarms, and more using voice interaction

  • Good quality sound

  • Making to-do lists, messages, and calls, all hands-free

  • Providing weather, traffic, and other real-time information

  • Controlling other compatible smart devices at home

  • Act as a home automation hub

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3. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker 

Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker makes it easier for the user to schedule, monitor, and modify their brew from anywhere.

Key features:

  • Freshly brewed coffee anytime by scheduling/adjusting brew time

  • Set up reminders to brew

  • Brews under 7 minutes

  • 10-Cup Thermal Carafe to keep coffee hot and fresh in taste

  • ‘Free’ WeMo app to have all-day access at your fingertips

  • Brew button if you want to operate it manually

4. Philips Hue Hue Go

Philips Hue Hue Go offers endless possibilities to connect the light to your everyday life and to operate it as you like it. 

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Key features:

  • Versatile and portable light-you can create custom lighting scenes or choose from pre-programmed ones

  • Option to control it via Bluetooth or WiFi

  • A slider at the top of each three lighting control panels to adjust the lighting

  • Has natural dynamic effects

  • Boosts your gaming experience via third-party apps

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5. Amazon Dash Button

Amazon Dash Button is an IoT device to make its user's life simple and easy by making sure that the user does not lack important household items, for example, groceries, medical aids, and personal care items, etc.

It helps the user to place orders quickly for any item that they might be short of and reduce the time to search those items. 

Key features:

  • Reorders your favorite products with the press of a button

  • Available to Amazon Prime members only

  • Covers essential items like healthcare, personal hygiene, groceries, drinks, etc.

6. August Doorbell Cam 

August Doorbell Cam allows you to answer your door from anywhere or remotely. It constantly checks your doors, and also captures changes in motion in your doorway.  The integrated floodlight in the device offers clear HD videos.

Key features:

  • Real-time alerts of any movement at the door

  • HD video camera for recording & Full-color HD at night

  • Two-way audio to answer the door

  • Works with existing wiring to replace mechanical chime doorbell

  • USB dock is there to complete the setup process

7. Footbot Air Quality Monitor

Footbot Air Quality Monitor is an IoT device that monitors indoor pollution in your home or workplace and consequently improves air quality.

It keeps the air clean and thus helps its users breathe fresh air and stay healthy. The device also keeps the temperature level in check.

Key features:

  • Smells invisible and odorless pollutants in the surrounding and makes them visible via an LED display

  • Educates on the causes and consequences of your actions and how they affect the air quality around you

  • Provides real-time readings and charts of each pollutant

  • Tracks particulate matter, temperature, chemical pollutants, and humidity

8. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is an IoT device that provides security. It allows the user to learn remotely about each and every person who visits their houses.

It alerts the user whether their doors are properly locked or not, and has an auto-unlock feature to automatically open the door when the user arrives near the door.

 Key features:

  • You can add new guests to the smart lock and give them controlled access to your home

  • Auto-unlock feature to open the door as soon as you are there

  • Set alerts for specific movements/actions and get notified

9. Flow by Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor

This device comes with a vegan leather strap and is equipped with a stainless steel body. It informs users about air quality and pollution. It has a capacitive touch on its body and has RGB LED's of good quality.

Key features:

  • Flow provides the measurement of Particulate Matter, Volatile Organic Compounds, and Nitrous Oxide caused by exhaust gases

  • LEDs give you immediate feedback on the quality of the air around you

  • A detailed breakdown of components that you exhaled during the day

  • Builds a map and guides you towards clean air.

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10. Canary 

Canary Is an all-in-one system for home security. It captures audio and video and sends smartphone notifications to users. It detects your homecoming and going, and you can also view the video feed from your smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Your home is 24/7 connected to your phone 

  • Automatically changes modes when you enter or leave home 

  • Privacy mode can be enabled to turn off the camera and microphone fully

  • On detecting motion, Canary sends mobile alerts with HD video & audio recording

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11. Nest Smoke Alarm

It's an IoT device that works like a smoke alarm, thinking, talking, and alerting your mobile phone about any unwanted emergencies in your home. It self-tests automatically and has a set of colors to communicate the seriousness of the situation.

Key features:

  • Alerts you with a loud emergency sound when the situation is dangerous

  • Colour of the light ring changes to alert you

  • AC connector and USB connector pins available

12. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote 

It is a powerful IoT device that comes in handy for everyday use. Logitech Harmony is a universal remote that allows you to control your house media, lighting, and other smart devices from any location anytime.

It eliminates the use of multiple remotes by providing the features of up to 8 remotes. It supports more than 5000 brands, and it can add new brands in the future as well.

Key features:

  • Learns new device IR commands promptly

  • Can be customized and setup on PC/Mac and iOS/Android

  • Can control devices behind walls and inside cabinets

  • Has dedicated smart home buttons

13. Keen Home Smart Vent

It smartly zones your home on a room-by-room level and provides wireless control with your smartphone and auto-balancing.

It regulates airflow in rooms that are either too hot, too cold or not in operation. Keen Home Smart Vents works towards enhanced control with nest official partnerships.

Key features:

  • Monitors performance via embedded temperature and pressure sensors

  • Precise & quiet operation is guaranteed by airfoil louvers

  • Has interchangeable faceplate which is easy to clean and paint

  • 2+ year battery life

  • Works with Nest, ecobee, Lowe’s Iris, and SmartThings

14. Nest Protect Smoke and CO detector

Nest Protect is a smoke alarm that has an industrial smoke sensor and automatic self-test. It's the first home alarm without any extra hardware that you can operate from your phone.

Key features:

  • The split-spectrum smoke sensor can be operated from your phone and it tests itself automatically

  • Sensor lasts up to 10 years

  • Sends alerts to your phone when something is wrong

15. Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot is an Alexa voice-controlled alarm clock-sized device with a round screen of 2.5 inches in diameter and an integrated camera. The Echo Spot offers hands-free features in a compact unit with an added visual benefit.

Key features:

  • Boasts far-field technology with 4 microphones, beamforming technology, and enhanced noise cancellation

  • Can detect your sound while music is playing

  • Provides hands-free voice control for your music

16. Sync Smartband Activity Tracker

Sync Smartband Activity Tracker appeals to kids, families, and adults as well. It has several health monitoring features and includes a fitness tracker to monitor the user's health. It also has a mechanism for sleep tracking and location tracking.

Key features:

  • Has water-resistant TPU rubber and comes in 5 colors: green, blue, white, pink, and orange

  • Has a glow-in-dark version as well

  • The battery can last up to 2 to 3 months

  • iOS and Android applications help in tracking various metrics

17. Nest Thermostat Smart Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat learns how you like the temperature and builds a schedule around yours. It will also send you a warning when the temperature threatens to ruin your belongings and appliances.

Key features:

  • Builds a custom temperature schedule to help save energy and keep you comfortable

  • Automatically switches your Nest products when you leave and when you come back

18. Nest Cam Outdoor Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Camera lets you take care of everything that matters 24/7. It has one app for all of your Nest products and offers enhanced night vision, 1080p HD video streaming for you to know what's always going on.

Key features:

  • Has a 3-megapixel color sensor

  • 8x digital zoom and enhance feature

  • 24/7 live streaming

  • Activity alerts are sent to the phone

19. Logitech Pop Smart button controller

This IoT device lets everyone in the home control smart lighting, music, and more with the push of a button. With up to three custom commands the user can program each switch to add innovation to their smart home.

Key features:

  • Control multiple smart home devices wirelessly with just a press of a switch

  • Smart lighting which turns on/off to preset brightness, warmth, and color levels

  • Controls SONOS music systems

  • Can be customized for different combinations of smart lighting, music, and more.

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20. June Intelligent Oven

June is a modern intelligent oven ready to fit in any kitchen to suit even the most exquisite tastes. It saves a lot of the time that you would normally spend cooking when you are connected to your phone.

Key features:

  • Has an internal camera

  • A built-in probe thermometer is there to estimate when your food will be cooked

  • Various pre-programmed cooking functions for ease

  • Customized alerts can be received on phone, watch, or tablet via the June app


We have seen how in a couple of years IoT devices have taken the place of traditional devices and are entering all the spheres of our lives from homes to offices, to factories, and everywhere possible. The addition of IoT devices in any space transforms it into a smart space. Thus, it is safe to say that you can expect IoT devices to take over the whole world in the coming future.

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