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IoT Devices are penetrating into our life from every corner of our routine.  They offer a variety of insights into resource consumption habits; streamlining the business processes and connecting with the people. From computer systems to consumable goods and natural resources to environments, everything that shapes our daily lives we are using these IoT devices. Irrespective of you as a homemaker to the businessman for Home appliances to enterprise purposes, IoT devices are playing a vital role.

I have broadly categorized the streams where IoT Devices are used as:

Consumer Convenience Devices: These are IoT products that fit smoothly into the patterns of your daily life for simplifying routine tasks. Some Consumer IoT Devices are:    

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  1. Nuke U-Lock: You can lock your bicycle with your smartphone.

  2. August: It’s an auto-lock and unlocks your doors without the keys.

  3. Danalock: You can give time-related asses to your servants and also know who entered the house and what time. It is an excellent mobile device that helps your house security systems alert.

Smart Energy & Resource Savings Devices: The usage of electricity, water, and other resources can be tracked by displaying the real-time consumption data, thereby, to help in their reducing consumption, IoT Devices automatically provide a self-operation of lights, switched, home appliances, heating, and cooling systems.

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Some of these IoT devices are:

  1. GreenIQ: It saves water consumption in liters, irrigation, monitors soil moisture, control garden lighting during sunset & sunrise.

  2. Amcrest WiFi Smart Plug: It automatically stops when the phone battery is full.

  3. Keen: It controls room temperature and air pollution.

  4. Mistbox: It’s a solar-powered, water filter.

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Enterprise Convenience Devices: IoT devices, platforms, and tools are preferred more by enterprises to build a business model that will connect the manufacturing processes, supply chains, customer engagement, performance tracking, and other areas.

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Generally, an enterprise with a multi-organizational structure at multiple locations is looking to get in on the business actions smoother and accurately.

For them, the hardware, network, inter-operational department communication, and intra-operational communications are needed to perform on a daily basis more efficiently with proper tracking systems. In short, “more data is showcased in less complex structure in a faster and accurate way” is what a multinational enterprise needed.

Hence IoT companies focus more on providing a platform with a user-friendly tool by one device. Here is the list of few such IoT Devices with user-friendly tools on a cloud platform in most recent times.

  1. AWS IoT- Incredibly creates virtual machines and can able to deal with trillions of messages.

  2. Google Cloud IoT-  It uses web-scale processing, analytics, and machine intelligence to provide human interactive solutions.

  3. Microsoft Azure IoT Suite- it easily integrates with other systems and applications like Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics, etc.,

  4. IBM Watson IoT- Machine Learning system.

  5. Salesforce IoT Cloud - It connects information or data from every device, sensor, website, and interaction within an organization.

  6. Libelium- A machine-2-machine platform for Smart cities. that uses a variety of sensors from parking, traffic, water management, lighting, roads, waste management, etc.

Every device is unique and is identified by the best reliable features.

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Last updated: 03 Apr 2023
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