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If you're looking for IoT Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are in right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, IoT has a market share of about 28.5%.

So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in IoT Development. Mindmajix offers Advanced IoT Interview Questions 2023 that help you in cracking your interview & acquire a dream career as IoT Developer.

Top Frequently Asked IoT Interview Questions in 2023


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Basic IoT Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers

1) IoT Vs M2M?


Difference between IoT and M2M
Digital connectivity among various devices to communicate
Devices connected to the formwork cycle using various machines and devices
Random work, work instructions are given among devices
The action triggered events among devices
Interchange of data is huge as it involves devices, machines, people, things, etc
Cloud computing helps in interacting/data exchange
Sensor integrated devices to enable IoT connectivity
Wired, wireless, cellular, etc
Two-way communication offers an option to all the devices
Mostly one way, based on triggered actions
Solution managing all the connections offer unlimited integration
Requires particular communication rules, resulting in minimal integration
Need internet for most of the cases
No need to rely on the internet

2) What does IOT stand for? What is IoT?

The full form of IoT is the “Internet of Things”.

The Internet of things is nothing but a network of various physical instruments or devices and other embedded items which with electronics, software, actuators over network connectivity. Using this network connectivity, a free flow of information can be collected, and at the same time, it can exchange the data.

3) What are the important components that exist in the Internet of Things?

The important components that exist in the Internet of Things are as follows:

  1. Hardware
  2. Software
  3. Verbal exchange infrastructure
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4) How will the Internet of Things impact the sustainability of the business and will it have any impact on the environment?

Well, the help of the Internet of Things will definitely have a positive impact on the existing processes and the execution.

For example, with the help of the Internet of Things, the street light systems can be managed way better than what we are going through now.

Using an automation process the street lighting system can be better managed and a lot of electricity can be saved and a lot of power could be used elsewhere where it is really needed.

Also, with effective management, the number of carbon emissions could also be reduced to a drastic level because the street light system is effectively and efficiently managed.

So thus, making a positive impact on the process itself and also has a good impact on the environment.

5) Explain what is role does the network play in the Internet of Everything?

Well, the network itself plays an important role in the world of the Internet of Things, it is a driving factor for bringing all the different systems together which work hand in hand and show us a better future or betterment in every process.

It provides an intelligent, manageable, and secure infrastructure for better execution.

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6) Explain what is the Internet of everything?

The internet of everything is nothing but a smart way of people connection, process connection, and data exchange.

7) What sort of information does the Internet of Things objects communicate?

To be honest, it all depends on the sort of objects that are used within the process. For example An object with a single sensor, like a smart thermometer. With this device, the room temperature can be measured and the information is sent across to the remote weather monitoring center.

Alternatively, let's consider a wireless medical device, it is capable of taking multiple values or data like body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and any other variables are shared between the medical service provider via a computer or a smartphone.

So basically, it depends on the type of device or the object that is actually used in the network.

8) Why will the Internet of Things be successful in the coming years?

Well, the internet of things will be a huge hit in the coming years because of the availability of broadband internet.

If you have observed in the last few years the broadband internet is actually got cheaper compared to the past and the availability has also reached to local environments.

Also, the hardware systems and the manufacturing of the sensors have also gone down a lot compared to the last few years.

As the internet is the biggest factor that plays a positive role in the Internet of things success, with the combination of the right hardware and the internet it will be a massive success and this is why I think the Internet of things will be massive in next few years.

9) What is the impact the Internet of Things has on the Healthcare sector?

To be honest, with you there will be tremendous growth when the Internet of Things services are implemented in the healthcare sector.

The first and foremost and the biggest problem is providing quality healthcare service to every individual has been a major challenge for all countries.

With the help of the Internet of Things, a lot of smart devices and equipment have been designed to cater to this problem.

The approach of Telemedicine and Telehealth is one of the biggest achievements in this modern era.

All this is happened because of the strong network channel integrated with a wide variety of smart tools which are utilized in the day-to-day health care evaluation of an individual.

As of now, we have seen companies evolving in this space where they are trying to provide doctor consultation virtually when they need it at night or at an emergency level.

It has a lot of positive impact in terms of the service provided by the companies and in the next few years the doctor and patient interaction will completely redefine and it will be solving a lot of current-day challenges.

Some of them can be:

  • Booking appointments in a standard schedule
  • Travelling to the hospital with the patient
  • Interacting with 10 different people about the disease and then finally go see a doctor etc

10) What would be the impact of the Internet of Things on the job market, do you see any possible job cuts?

Well, to be very blunt about this, we will be facing job cuts where the machines will take over some of the jobs which need persistence and accuracy. But on the brighter side, the individuals get to learn new skills to dominate the machines and make their own space.

This has been the law of nature we have something today to reduce the burden and in the next few months or days, we have a new problem to deal with. So I see this as an optimistic way of dealing with our day to day problems

11) What is the top M2M application that is available in the world?

The acronym M2M application stands for Machine to Machine applications.

Asset tracking: This process has been tremendously changed the way how we track an individual object right from production to delivery. With the help of Internet of Things tools and processes, a lot has been provided to e-commerce organizations.

Using these tools and processes, e-commerce organizations have leveraged a new approach of informing their customers about their product whereabouts, and all of this is happening at a very low cost compared to the standard process that is implemented as of now.

Insurance Telematics: Insurance companies have been able to tailor a lot of different aspects into consideration while giving out any premium quotes to their customers.

Thus considering all the different inputs to the application, the user will be able to define the right amount of premium keeping all his past data into consideration.

This way has revolutionized the way insurance companies have been working so far.

12) What are the different sectors where the Internet of Things can actually add value to the current processes?

The Internet of Things process can be applied to any field where productivity, accuracy, or process enhancement is needed.

With the help of technology and smart hardware, all this can be executed in a fraction of the current operating cost.

Internet of things can be applied or already started applying their benefits to the following categories and hopefully, we will be seeing more in the future:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Information development
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13) What is the biggest difference between the Internet of Things and sensor businesses?

A sensor business might not need an active internet connection and it can still work without it.

But, when it comes to the Internet of Things it has a control side associated with it which is necessary to monitor, exchange the information from the sensor to the central unit within an active network.

This is the main difference between the internet of things and the sensor businesses.

14) So what are the main challenges of the Internet of Things implementation?

So far, we have talked about how good the Internet of Things can be to businesses and individuals but it also comes with a second side of the knife.

The first and foremost issue with implementing the Internet of Things is the Security aspect.

As the data is exchanged over the internet, it is very easy for cybercriminals to come up with a system that can actually break into the network and steal valuable information.

Consider the above scenario happening in the healthcare industry where the patient records are exposed to the public.

As the devices are connected to a single network, it is easy for cybercriminals to inject a virus that can totally damage the entire hardware which results in a huge loss.

This can also happen if we have not focused much on the security aspects.

15) What is the difference between IIOT and IOT?

The acronym IIOT stands for “Industrial Internet of Things”. This is very different when compared to the Internet of things application.

When it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things, they use heavy or critical machines something like the hardware used in aerospace and in defense where these devices are connected over a network and any failure of these devices will cause a life-threatening situation.

Well, when it comes to the internet of things it is just done at a small scale level where there is no need to worry about life-threatening situations because it is more catered towards the process execution and enhancement.

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16) When you say the Internet of Things, what do you mean by the “thing”?

In the Internet of Things implementation world, the word “Thing” has a more meaningful approach because it takes into consideration an idea.

For example, A” thing” can be a shipping container that has an RFID tag associated with it and it is shipped from one location to another where it gives out the current information whenever the RFID tag passes through an RFID reader.

Another example is a microchip integrated into your mobile phone or a fitness band that continuously monitors your physical movements and then pushes the information to the central repository over the internet.

17) List out all the impacts of the Internet of Things that will be experienced in the Transportation industry?

Well, nowadays most of the vehicles are actually equipped with GPS ( Global Positioning System) and ADAS ( Advanced Driver Assistance System) where all the information is captured from the vehicle and then analyzed accordingly and decisions are taken.

For example, the application of emergency breaks based on the sensor data, ability to provide help for the user while parking the car, and assisting him during this process.

All of these applications have made an impeccable change in terms of how the internet of things can help an individual and also the companies to do research and development to enhance their unique offerings to the customers to attract to their businesses.

18) What are the important elements of the Internet of Everything, (IOE)?

The important elements of the Internet of Everything are nothing but people and the different smart devices that are coming into existence.

The people will continue their process of getting connected with all the smart devices as they are doing right now and be in touch with all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

When the Internet of Everything comes forth the interactions with the people via the internet will increase and eventually be a single node of the information transmitting from every individual to the collection point.

In the near future, we can expect individuals to do this by wearing sensors on their skin, and also the usage of the sensor in the jacket will be prevalent.

All of this information will be transmitted from an individual and this one will be a single node where the information is flowing to a central unit where all the data is harvested and utilized for further research and study.

19) What are the impacts that can be observed in implementing the Internet of Things on the Agriculture sector?

They are different factors that leave a positive impact on implementing the Internet of Things in the Agriculture sector.

1. When it comes to the agriculture sector, it is all about being precise and clear about what needs to be done at the right time. This can be automatized using the Internet of things where productivity, precision, increase in efficiency and reducing the overall costs associated.

2. For farming, it is all about analytical data. For example: To yield a better result, it is very important for the farmer to understand the soil quality, air quality, water availability, weather-related information, pest control, etc. All of this information can be gathered by using the Internet of Things applications.

Thus understanding different aspects of farming, it is definitely beneficial for the farmer to seek this type of help.

20) What are the risks and challenges that we should be aware of when it comes to the Internet of Everything?

The risks and challenges that everyone should be aware of when it comes to the Internet of Everything are:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Network congestion
  • Electricity consumption at the peaks

21) What is the Bluegiga APX4 protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Bluegiga APX4 is a fantastic solution that actually supports both the BLE platform and WiFI and it is based on a 450MHz ARM9 processor.

22) Explain why energy consumption will be an issue when the Internet of Things is implemented?

Well, the implementation of the Internet of Things can actually benefit the developed countries without many challenges. If the Internet of Things is actually implemented in an underdeveloped country or developing country then it has to face some of the practical issues.

For example, a developing country might lack in providing a quality electricity supply to its population at this point in time if the organizations are implementing the Internet of things then it will be a big disaster.

Because the Internet of Things will take a lot of energy consumption and if that's the case the solution provided will not work as efficiently as possible.

23) Can you list out the companies that are working on the Internet of Things?

At this point in time, the answer is who is not working on the Internet of Things. As the matter of fact, most of the companies are actually taking the benefits of this process and making improvements to a certain level where their overall execution has reached a certain optimum level.

24) Will the availability of High-speed internet be a major drawback in the Internet of Things development and implementation?

Yes, the availability of High-speed internet will be a major drawback in the Internet of Things development and implementation because it is one of the major requirements for the Internet of things to work efficiently and effectively.

25) What are the effects the Internet of Things will have on human life?

The positive effects of the Internet of Things are already happening and it will extremely increase in the forthcoming years.

  1. It is used in how we apply breaks
  2. It is used in how we can park our cars
  3. It is used in the parking slot machines and at the toll gates
  4. Productivity has increased because of automating the manufacturing process
  5. Process-oriented have been completely made automatic where persistence is given the highest priority.

26) Why is the Zigbee protocol so important for the Internet of Things implementation?

The Zigbee protocol is very important because it is known for its low power consumption, it maintained IEEE 802.15.4(2003) standards while utilization.

27) What does WSN stand for in the Internet of Things concept?

The acronym WSN stands for Wireless Sensor Network. It is considered to be the foundation of the Internet of Things applications.

28) Give me a real-time example of the Internet of Things application?

One of the best examples of the Internet of Things application is as follows:
You can be awake with the help of a predefined alarm setup, but with the help of the Internet of Things application, you let your brewer know that you are awake and it can start preparing a fresh cup of coffee for you.

If technology can help you make your mornings fantastic it can do anything else.

29) Does Internet of Everything talk about CISCO-based or IBM-based architecture?

Well, the Internet of Everything doesn’t describe any information on specific architecture and it is not solely owned by Cisco and IBM

30) Do you think, the Internet of Things is useful in everyday life?

Yes, the Internet of Things makes life easier and provides an opportunity to do something else rather than sticking up to the routine.

31) What do you think the Internet of Things can completely replace the human mind and take its own decisions?

No, I completely disagree with this caption. Internet of Things cannot completely replace the human mind when it comes to decisions, the way it is built is to give us the probability of something on statistical data and provide an option for the individual so that more accurate decisions can be taken but not to an extent where the human mind is replaced with the robots.

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