React JS Projects and Use Cases

Do you want to start your web development career by working on React JS applications?  Developing your skills in a practical setting is best. This site presents numerous interesting project ideas for new and experienced programmers. Learn how to use React JS by exploring several projects' goals, implementation, and key takeaways.

Ideas for ReactJS projects are a fantastic approach to familiarise yourself with this famous JavaScript toolkit. The React library in JavaScript allows for the creation of dynamic user interfaces. Its management is handled by Facebook and several independent programmers and companies. 

We learned about React web apps, React components, Props, States, and the React component lifecycle. Most of your work with React will be on single-page web or mobile apps. Amazing online applications will be possible for you to make. The various applications of ReactJS will also be covered. You can also gain exposure to other programming paradigms, such as functional and object-oriented, by working on ReactJS projects.

React JS Projects - Table of Contents

Why React JS Projects?

Do you know the saying, "Practice makes perfect"? Once you're comfortable with the principles of React, it's time to put your knowledge to use by building your own React projects. As you work on React projects, you'll pick up the skills to construct fully-featured apps.

In addition, as you get started on actual React projects, you'll learn about the specific tools and ecosystems that should be used. The biggest advantage of using React JS to create apps is that you can add them to your portfolio once they have been successfully released.

If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in React JS, then enroll in "React JS Certification Training". This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.

Pre-Requisites To Work on React.JS Projects

Working with ReactJS requires familiarity with HTML and CSS and a basic understanding of JavaScript and ES6, Git, CLI (Command Line Interface), and the Node + Npm package management.

  • Basic CSS, HTML, & JavaScript knowledge.
  • Basic API & JSON knowledge.


Essential qualifications for the position of React front-end developer include knowledge of HTML and CSS. Candidates well-versed in these client-side technologies and key react developer tools demonstrate a commitment to producing and interacting with UIs that are visually appealing and intuitive. The ability to use React JS as a developer can indirectly affect the perceived worth and quality of an application, as UIs now play a major role in this.


Developers working with ReactJS should have a solid grasp of JavaScript. Therefore, you must examine their expertise with JavaScript's coding conventions, data types, operators, functions, loops, switch statements, objects, primitives, booleans, arrays, and more. You should pay close attention to these rules because you can use JavaScript basics while developing ReactJS web development. If their background knowledge is solid, then their proficiency as a React JS developer should be as well.


JSX is a syntactic extension for ReactJS that improves the efficiency with which the React API may be used to build applications. Previously, developers had to rely on HTML. Mastering its application is beneficial because it allows you to produce better results in less time. Having a foundation in HTML and CSS makes learning JSX much simpler.


Git is a free and open-source distributed version management system many software developers use. Knowing Git will allow you to keep track of the changes you and your coworkers make to the application's codebase, which is very useful for ReactJS developers who typically work on teams with other engineers. Git's other advantages lie in the fact that it facilitates the use of specialised libraries in developing ReactJS-based web apps.

Node + Npm

If you need a dedicated ReactJS full-stack developer, they may need to be proficient with Node. The front end might be developed with React and the back end with Node. Full-stack environments like the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack exemplify this type of setup. React programmes can be run directly in the Node environment and vice versa, greatly improving their interoperability.

Skill Development

Successful developers need a wide range of skills, including proficiency with ReactJS. You can increase your chances of getting an interview with hiring managers by including them on your resume and expanding on them in your cover letter. To succeed in ReactJS development, you'll need hard skills like communication and attention to detail, as well as soft skills like an understanding of related ideas like JavaScript and HTML.

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Best React JS Project Ideas For Practice

React JS Projects For Beginners

Let's get to explore various ReactJS projects without further ado. Making projects is a fantastic method to hone, improve, and display your abilities. Check out these incredible beginner-level projects to get your React.JS adventure off to a flying start!

#1. Real-Time Chat APP

Adding real-time message display to their Reddit app would transform it into a service like Discord. A chat app in which a conversation is ongoing can be created by organising the posts into threads.

All forms of user-generated media are welcome, just like on the Reddit clone. If a user sends a YouTube video link, for example, the recipient could see a small card that previewed the video before clicking on the link, that would be quite convenient. You may accomplish this with the aid of a library called react-tiny-link.

Firebase is still an option for this task. Firebase's real-time database shines in this scenario, allowing us to view new messages without reloading the website.

Furthermore, Discord allows us to assign various roles to their users. When using the Discord software, moderators have more power over the community. One example of a useful addition is the ability to remove a member from a community or specific channel permanently.

For Source Code, click here

#2. To-Do List APP

The To-Do list app is an excellent choice for a first-time user's React project. Redux and MobX are not required as optional libraries. As the name implies, we'll use React to build a To-Do list app. You won't have to worry about any unexpected behaviour when utilising a library like Flux or Redux to manage a state. They assure you it will be completely built on top of React. While we anticipate using Redux in the future, we'd prefer to get everyone up to speed on React first.

For Source Code, click here

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#3. Build an Expense Tracker

A full Expense Tracker project utilising React Hooks and the Context API is a fun way to start with React.js. At the very least, your app should let users add expenses, sort them into relevant categories, and provide relevant insights, such as the percentage of income spent on various categories (such as food, education, entertainment, bills, and travel).

If you need a how-to guide, check out this video by Brad Traversy of TraversyMedia, posted on YouTube. An existing JS cost tracker app will be converted into a React app through hooks (useState, useContext, and useReducer) and the context API.

In addition, if you enjoy Brad's teaching style, you may want to enrol in his React Front to Back 2023 courses, in which he demonstrates three more engaging projects that even novice programmers can construct with React.js: a feedback app, a Github finder, and a House marketplace. Building the project yourself is the best method to learn about; you should only look at the course once you've developed the project or when you're stuck.

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#4. Calculator

A calculator is a simple device that can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and calculate percentages, among other tasks. Our project's central concept is a calculator with these capabilities. Even if you're only making a calculator, you'll need to plan how each part will interact with the others, construct a mutually beneficial platform, and design a backup plan in case something goes wrong. The Create React App package can quickly generate a directory to install and launch the calculator programme.

For Source Code, click here

#5. Building a React Form

This task uses React to create a simple sign-up form that requests basic information from the user (name, email address, and password) and contains some basic validation logic. The project's target audience is those just beginning their exploration of the React library, but if you've run into any problems along the way, you can always check out this course on Udemy called React Forms.

#6. Bookmarks APP

Bookmarking site enthusiasts, this work is for you. Building a bookmarking app with ReactJS is the focus of this course's capstone project. You will also learn to use local storage to save and retrieve information. Your software needs the ability to manage bookmarks by creating, editing, and removing entries. But you can improve it with tags, searches, and folders.

#7. Movie Database

If you want to learn ReactJS and enjoy movies, this project is right for you. You will use the TMDb API to create a movie database for this assignment. The usage of pagination for retrieving big volumes of data from an API is also covered. Regarding features, your app should be able to look for shows and films. In addition, you can include extras like previews, cast lists, and in-depth information views.

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#8. Quiz APP

Create a ReactJS quiz app as your next project idea. Although this software is inexpensive, it does require familiarity with TypeScript, useState hooks, React components, and related ideas. You may find detailed guidance on making a quiz on PluralSight. Take our top 20-question React quiz to test your theoretical understanding and gauge your competence before diving into the coding process.

For Source Code, click here

Advanced Level ReactJS Projects

If you've been exploring React.JS for a long, take a look at these cutting-edge React JS projects that can strengthen your CV if you're working in this specific field.

#9. Social Media APP

Only if your social media app stands out from the competition will users be interested in downloading it. You can improve the user experience by looking at similar apps, such as those offered by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. If you want to make a social networking app, you should be one of the few committed people who know how to develop Reactjs and have some expertise in the area.

Profiles for users, authentication, notifications, feeds, etc., are all viable options for your social media programme. On top of that, you'll need to use a cloud database equipped with security software to hold all the information about your users. One to two weeks is the typical development time for a social media app.

For Source Code, click here

#10. E-Commerce APP

Building an e-commerce app is a logical first step in developing a content management system for your company. Eventually, React.js will become the de facto standard upon which your high-performing eCommerce platform is built, allowing you to save time and money in the development process. To create a modern app with a shopping cart like Shopify, AliExpress, or Amazon, you may leverage the power and versatility of React. Utilise your online shop's pre-built admin panel, frontend, and backend features of the eCommerce template.

For Source Code, click here

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#11. Productivity APP

With the help of ReactJS, you may create the most useful productivity app possible. Calendly, Todoist, and Asana are just a few examples. Many kinds of productivity apps exist, ranging from browser extensions to relationship management programmes. Applications designed to boost productivity let you plan and track your day's activities, take and organise notes on your progress, and much more. Calorie counters, distraction detectors, and reminder applications are just a few examples of the many types of apps available, each with its unique purpose and set of useful features. The term "productivity app" encompasses various software, from browser extensions to applications that manage key relationships.

#12. Entertainment APP

The entertainment category of applications is one of the most popular. Any internet service that enables users to watch, listen to, or play digital media is referred to here. Popular social networking sites include but are not limited to, YouTube, Spotify, and Medium. The entertainment category of applications is one of the most popular. Any internet service that enables users to watch, listen to, or play digital media is referred to here. 

YouTube, Spotify, and Medium are just a few examples of popular social networking sites. You can use React to create anything from a Tetris-style logic game to an ambitious attempt to replicate Netflix. You'll need the react-player npm package to play media, Gatbsy or NextJS for the user interface, Firebase for data storage and processing, and Typesense to let users search for content based on its title.

#13. Language Learning APP

Knowing a second language will give you an advantage in the job market and advance your professional standing. And build the finest language-learning app possible using React, CSS, and Typescript to specify the data types of all variables used. You can use drag-and-drop elements to create a simple word insertion exercise or a matching terms activity.

React JS Real Time Projects Examples

#14. Music Streaming App

As with other popular app categories, music streaming apps have succeeded by offering users something novel. Incorporate distinguishable, straightforward features by studying popular apps like Spotify, Shazam, and Pandora. 

Use Create React App to make a music app with a shopping cart and payment processing with Netlify and Stripe. Use a database like MongoDB with the Mongoose ORM if you want well-organised data.

For Source Code, click here

#15. Photo Gallery App

Create your basic photo gallery app in React to keep track of many photographs in a combined, assembled fashion. 

For this task, I recommend either Creating React app or Next.js. Bootleg may help you show images cleanly. You can scroll the app smoothly by using React's infinite scroll. The Cloudinary API can facilitate the addition of new media files. Create a streamlined database with Postgres and Prisma ORM. 

For Source Code, click here

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#16. The Blogging App

Blogs' good organisation and inventiveness mean they are not going out of style anytime soon. Make a beautiful blogging app to showcase your skills instead of building a comprehensive portfolio on a blogging website. Provide options for viewing and sharing content, such as interactive sites.

Create the blogging platform with Gatsby or Node.js. Integrate a CMS like Sanity or Cosmic js to handle the incoming material. Last, but not least, use Vercel to track down the location.

#17. The Forum App

People flock to online discussion forums to air their questions and receive responses from anyone who might be familiar with the topic. It has several functions that may be included in your public forum application, such as talking, liking, sharing, and saving responses. 

The front end can be made with Create React App, and the back end may be made with a Node API. Together, Postgres and Prisma ORM can create a well-organized data store.

#18. A Weather App

A weather app is a simple React project that only includes essential elements. This simple programme only needs a few features like temperature, humidity, and the five different types of weather to function properly. 

To add routes showing all five weather conditions to the app, you should install React router. Get the latest weather forecast information by linking up with a data-sharing portal. Stunning photos of the weather can be added to the app with the help of a graphics library like VX.

For Source Code, click here

React JS Projects: Why Are They So Important?

This tutorial will help you decide whether or not to use React in your project if you are already familiar with it. The following are some main arguments that favour using React JS as your project's underlying framework.

1. The Learning Curve is Low

Compared to other well-known front-end frameworks, such as Angular and Vue, React is significantly simpler to pick up. It's a big reason why React became popular so quickly. It facilitates the rapid development of corporate projects. The longer it takes to start a project, the more difficult the technology or framework is to understand. As a species, we have a natural inclination to shun challenging material.

However, corporations and major brands are more likely to use React because it is a straightforward framework requiring little learning and implementation.

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2. The Result is More Robust User Interfaces

The quality of an application's user interface is crucial in modern times. A well-designed user interface might help the success of an application. However, if your app has a great user interface, you can increase the likelihood that people will enjoy it. So, an app's survival and success must have elaborate user interfaces built. The good news is that such excellent, rich user experiences are made possible by React's declarative components.

3. You Can Create Your Modules With It

Creating custom components is made possible by the standard JSX syntax extension with React. These components allow HTML quoting and make rendering all subcomponents a joy for programmers. Despite the controversy surrounding JSX, it has proven useful for several common tasks, including creating custom components, creating large-scale apps, and transforming HTML mockups into ReactElement trees. Additionally, since components are extremely adjustable, developers can create them once and utilise them throughout the entire app.

4. Developer's Output Improves As a Result

When your app has complicated logic and changes in one component might have far-reaching effects on other features, frequent updates can become a major hassle. However, Facebook has improved React by adding the ability to reuse components to address this issue. Developers can redeploy the same digital objects thanks to React's component reusability.

The method is also easy to follow. For instance, programmers can start by creating basic controls like buttons, text fields, and checkboxes, then advance those controls to the wrapper and root components. Since each React component has its internal logic that is simple to alter, this method improves the efficiency with which applications may be built.

5. It Has Quick Rendering Times

Because of the potential impact on performance, defining the app's architecture up front becomes essential when developing sophisticated, high-load software. The DOM model, in layman's terms, has a hierarchical structure. Consequently, even a seemingly insignificant change at a higher-level layer might profoundly affect the user experience. Facebook has implemented a virtual DOM functionality to address this issue.

As its name suggests, a virtual DOM is an abstract model of DOM that permits testing of any modifications to the virtual DOM in advance, allowing for calculating risks associated with each change. As a result, this method ensures a higher quality user experience and keeps app performance high.

Learn React JS Interview Questions and Answers that help you grab high paying jobs

React.JS FAQs

1. Why should I learn ReactJS?

Developing web applications with React allows you to speed up the release cycle. Since React is so widely used and powerful, many developers have created open-source APIs and tools to help them move quickly through development and deal with complex configurations.

2. Why should I work on ReactJS projects?

React JS allows component reuse. Developers save time by not writing multiple codes for the same functions. Modifying one part of the software won't affect another.

3. Is ReactJS Good for Your Career?

ReactJS is the most popular framework because it allows developers to make high-quality websites and online applications quickly and easily. Possessing in-depth familiarity with the ReactJS framework is highly desirable for prospective React developers.

4. Does React have a future?

By 2023, the front-end web app developer community will agree that React is the best JavaScript framework available. Also, the Reactjs framework has several tools to help a programme become the best it can be.

5. What are the disadvantages of React?

Here are some disadvantages:

  • The fast pace of progress.
  • More information is needed.
  • View Part.
  • JSX is a block.

6. What is the salary of a ReactJS Developer?

A ReactJS Developer can expect to make a median annual salary of 5,00,000. You may narrow down the salary data for ReactJS Developers by specifying your location. Glassdoor has collected and analysed 308 anonymous ReactJS Developer salary reports.


In 2023, the ability to use the JavaScript library React.js for developing web applications is crucial. Constructing projects is one of the finest methods to learn and perfect your React abilities. These can be added to your portfolio to make you more marketable to prospective employers. Building React projects is a terrific option whether you're just starting with React or an experienced developer looking to expand your repertoire.

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