After having FORMATTED and SORTED the data in our cross tab, let us now look at the options to include subtotals and grand totals as a part of the data set. Our current workspace from the previous section, shows the characteristics Country and Region in the Rows, and the key figures Net Value, Product Cost, and Transport Cost in the columns. In addition, we also have subtotals per Country in the Rows and we also have grand totals, which is shown in the top of the rows (see Figure 4.49).

Analysis Workspace
Figure 4.49 Analysis Workspace

1. Select Germany as part of the characteristic Country in the cross tab.
2. Navigate to the tab Display.
3. Open the menu Totals & Parents (see Figure 4.50).

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Totals & Parents

Figure 4.50 Totals & Parents

Right now, the cross tab is showing subtotals and grand totals, which is the reason for the checkmarks in the menu.
You can use the menu option Total Settings to decide if the subtotals and grand totals are shown After or Before the actual members and if you would like to see the totals in the rows and columns.

In our example, we are looking at the totals for the rows only, even though the menu indicates totals for the rows and columns, but we are not using any characteristic in the columns and therefore there are no subtotals in the columns.
     4. Navigate to the menu Totals & Parents > Totals Settings and activate the option After
     5. Navigate to the menu Totals & Parents > Totals Settings and ensure the option In rows and columns is activated.
     6. Drag and drop characteristic Product Category to the Columns, so that is will be shown as below in the Key Figures (see Figure 4.51).

Analysis Workspace
Figure 4.51 Analysis Workspace

Now our cross tab contains characteristics in the Rows and in the Columns and therefore we can see the subtotals and grand totals not only for the Rows but also for the Columns.

Subtotals in the BEX QUERY

SAP BUSINESSOBJECTS ANALYSIS, EDITION FOR OLAP will leverage the configuration from the BEx query regarding the placement of subtotals or the option to suppress or show subtotals for a particular characteristic or hierarchy.
In the next section, we will learn how to create filters in our workspace.

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