After learning how to add and remove characteristics and key figures in our workspace (get a quick revision from ADDING OR REMOVING CHARACTERISTICS AND KEY FIGURES),  we will now continue by formatting the elements in the cross tab.
Our workspace from the previous section (see Figure 4.35) shows the CHARACTERISTICS, Country and Region in the Rows and the key figures Net Value, Product Cost, and Transport Cost in the columns.

Figure 4.35 Analysis Workspace

1. Select characteristic Country in the Rows of the Layout Panel.
2. Use a right-click to open the context menu.
3. Select the menu Display as (see Figure 4.36).

 menu Display
Figure 4.36 Menu – Display as

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Here, you can select between the different display options for the characteristic. The list of available options depends on the definition of the InfoObject in SAP NetWeaver BW and not necessarily on how the display options for this characteristic have been defined in the BEx query.
      4. Select the option Text.
      5. Now select the column Net Value.
      6. Navigate to the tab Display (see Figure 4.37).

Tab Display
Figure 4.37 Tab Display

      7. Click on Measure Format (see Figure 4.38).

Measure Format
Figure 4.38 Formatting Measures

Here you can select between the different formatting options for all key figures. The option Server will format the number based on the configurations in the BEx query.
After formatting the characteristics and key figures we will use the options to sort the data in the next section.

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