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Opening Editing Saving and Placing SUBVIS on Block Diagram in Modular Programming

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Opening And Editing Subvis

When you double-click a subVI, a front panel and a block diagram appear, rather than a dialog box in which you can configure options. The subVI controls and indicators receive data from and return data to the block diagram of the calling VI. Click the Select a VI icon or text on the Functions palette, navigate to and double-click a VI, and place the VI on a block diagram to call a created subVI.

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Complete the following steps to open a subVI and edit it.
Step 1: Use the operating or positioning tool to double-click the subVI on the block diagram. LabVIEW displays the front panel of the subVI. You also can press the key and use the operating or positioning tool to double-click the subVI on the block diagram to display the block diagram and front panel of the subVI. For Mac OS press the

key and for Linux press the key.


Step 2: Edit the subVI.

Placing Subvis On Block Diagrams

Complete the following steps to place a subVI on the block diagram.

  • Step 1: Display the block diagram of a new or existing VI by selecting Window» Show Block Diagram.
  • Step 2: If necessary, display the Functions palette by selecting View» Functions Palette.
  • Step 3: Click the Select a VI icon on the Functions palette.
  • Step 4: Navigate to and double-click the VI you want to use as a subVI, and place it on the block diagram.
  • Step 5: Wire the subVI terminals to other nodes on the block diagram.

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Select File»Save to save a VI. You can save VIs as individual files or you can group several VIs together and save them in an LabVIEW Library (LLB). LLB files end with the extension .llb. National Instruments recommends that we save VIs as individual files, organized in directories, especially if multiple developers are working on the same project.

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