Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions

Oracle Fusion HCM (Human Capital Management) is a promising career option for individuals interested in the field of human resources and talent management. Here, we have compiled the commonly asked Oracle Fusion HCM interview questions and answers for you to crack your job interview successfully. These questions are framed by MindMajix experts after consulting many hiring professionals for Oracle Fusion HCM job roles.

If you're looking for Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are in the right place. There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research, Oracle Fusion HCM has a market share of about 1.3%. So, You still have the opportunity to move ahead in your career in HCM Cloud Applications.

MindMajix offers Advanced Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions 2024 that help you in cracking your interview & acquiring a dream career as Oracle Cloud HCM Solution Architect.

For ease of learning and understanding, we have divided these questions into 3 categories they are:

Top 10 Frequently Asked Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions


Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions For Freshers

1. What do you mean by LDG in Fusion HCM?

It stands for Legislative Data Group and is useful when it comes to portioning the payroll and the data which is concerned. Wherever enterprises are present, there is always a need for one group for smooth operations. Payroll is generally processed and is generally associated with the legislative code. Other factors that matter largely in LDG are the structure of the task and the current one is utilized.

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2. How can you access the ESC in the Fusion HCM?

For this, a user simply needs to select the EES (Establish Enterprise Structure). This is available under the DIC task list. 

3. Why Human Capital Management is important?

In the present scenario, understanding the economy is a vast term. No one knows what factors are important in terms of investment without managing the capital. Organizations have to face a ton of issues if they don’t manage the same in a reliable manner. The fraud transactions and risks are the major trouble creators. Effective management always makes sure proper utilization and records can be accessed anytime when users want.

4. What exactly do you know about the Fusion Tress? How are they significant in Fusion HCM?

Dealing with hierarchical data is always a big issue. It is not always possible for the users to keep up the pace with it simply. These trees are nothing but the graphical representation of the same. Even the entire structure of an organization can be represented with the help of it.

This makes it easy for users to effectively manage and understand the tasks that are vital. It also enables users to make some important decisions. 

5. What is the limit on holding the sections on a performance template?

It can hold 6 sections at a time and not more than that

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6. What do you know about the Enterprise Structure Configuration?

Configuration of the enterprise structure is a task which this tool can easily manage and handle. Thus, it has an application for the same. All the position structures can clearly be defined with the help of this approach. 

7. What type of structures can easily be managed by Fusion Tree? Is it possible for users to change these structures?

Fusion HCM comes with many features. It can simply represent the structures of organizations, geography tree, inter departments within an organization, as well as positions associated with the same. It is not possible for users to change the predefined tree structure.

However, it is possible to create new ones with the help of geography trees. Even a single copy can have multiple versions. This doesn’t actually mean that all the versions can be utilized at the same time. Users can consider only one at an instant. 

8. Name a few important sections within a performance template in an Oracle Fusion HCM?

These are Manager Final Feedback Sections, Goal Sections, Review Sections, Final Feedback Sections by workers, Final Feedback Section by managers, and Questionnaire Section. 

9. What are the common tasks that are frequently used during the implementation?

Managing the legal addresses, grades, business units, legal entity, divisions, departments, locations, lookups, worker goal setups, review periods, document types (performance-related) as well as managing the jobs are the tasks that are quite common during the implementation. 

10. Can you state a few benefits of using the Enterprise Structure Configuration?

Benefits of Enterprise structure configuration as mentioned below

  • It is possible to create all the structures within an organization instantly and simultaneously
  • t is beneficial for testing the multiple scenarios. This is because it can easily create several configurations
  • It is possible for the users to roll back the configuration even when the same has been loaded by them
  • Users can even review the same thoroughly before it is actually loaded. This makes sure that there will be no errors in the configuration process at a later stage. 

Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions For Expierenced

11. Is it possible to update the record of an assignment again and again, how you will track the same?

Yes, it is possible. It needs a physical record to be created for each update and all the modifications made have a unique sequence number. With the help of this number, it is possible to track them anytime when the need for the same is realized. Updates can even be managed separately. 

12. What is the other name of Reference Data Sharing in Fusion HCM?

It is also known as SetID.

13. Is Fusion HCM a currently independent platform?

Yes, it is actually a currency-independent platform. Users need not worry about the same. It has also been equipped with some inter-currency conversion features that make it easy for the users to understand the basic concepts. It is also possible for the users to understand the management aspects in terms or rates of local currency in an equivalent manner. 

14. What do you know about FSM in Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management?

It stands for Functional Setup Manager. When it comes to managing functional implementation projects, it plays a vital role. It provides guided information that is useful in this matter. The implementation life cycle has many errors in it and the same can easily be avoided with the help of FSM. It is actually a powerful application with several guided modules. 

15. What do you know about the absence type patterns which are present in absence management?

There are some pre-defined sets of rules which can easily be considered in the initial stage for creating an absence type simply. It is up to the users whether he/she considers the special fields on the pages which are concerned. There are even options for displaying the absence records. The good thing is it even categories the absences in the form of reasons.

16. What is Normalization in Oracle Fusion?

When the users need to create the rating models, there is always a need for them to define the rating distribution at the same time. This is because it gives an idea about the overall percentage of the workforce that needs to be involved in the task. It even reflects the information if it is possible to increase/decrease the workforce at different levels. This process is known as normalization.

17. What are the factors that you should consider for specifying the key responsibility areas for an employee?

It largely depends on the overall skills, experience, educational qualification, areas of interest, as well as efforts. With the help of these factors, it is possible for the organizations to make sure that there is always a positive work environment and thus maximum efficiency. 

18. What do you know about the reference data sharing in Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management?

It is useful for sharing the data which is related to configuration. This can be either grade assigned to the employees or the departments or jobs. Businesses with multiple departments and units can take a lot of advantage of this and can easily monitor all the tasks at the same time. By sharing the common data, it makes sure that the problem of duplication can be avoided up to a great extent simply. 

19. Name the important absence type patterns you are familiar with?

 Following are the Absence type patterns

  • Childbirth 
  • Injury/Illness
  • Generic absence

20. Can you tell the difference between the Watchlist and the Worklist in Oracle HCM?

There are certain items that a user always wants to track while performing important tasks. The Watchlist is a basic feature where the shortcuts to all the items are reflected. The count for all the items can easily be seen and can be navigated to the relevant application sector.

The shortcuts can easily be modified as per need and users can even create a track record of the same. One of the best things is it makes report generation and management very easy and there are certain items that need to be opened again and again. 

On the other side, the Worklist reflects all the important tasks that are sensitive and needs the approval of the user before the final execution. It also reflects some important notifications and the tasks which are on priority. All the tasks can easily be managed with the help of the Worklist. The concerned users can act in any manner on the tasks.

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Most Common Oracle Fusion HCM FAQs

21. Name a few sets of enabled objects in the Oracle Fusion HCM?

There are three sets of enabled objects

They are:

  1. Departments
  2. Grades
  3. Jobs

22. What exactly do you know about the plan types in Fusion HCM?

There are 3 plans available in the Fusion HCM. These are Accrual, Qualification, and No Entitlement. An accrual is an approach that defines the purpose of the workforce for taking leaves. Qualification states whether the workforce is actually eligible to take the benefits of the leaves and why they should be given wages for such a time period.

No entitlement keeps a track of all the leaves whether they are paid or unpaid. It generally doesn’t have an entitle that states the true purpose of absence. 

23. What do you understand with the term distribution threshold in the Oracle Fusion HCM?

After normalization, it is generally considered to see the workforce that should be there for the accomplishment of the tasks. 

24. What is the significance of the Worksheet tab according to you? What are the groups that you can make available on the same?

Generally, it is responsible for controlling the display of information on a page. There can be certain sub-tabs that can be considered for various other approaches that are similar. For one sheet, up to 10 tabs can easily be applied.  There are certain groups that can be called anytime by the user. These are Performance, Alerts, Personal, Promotion, Employment, as well as Salary Information. 

25. How well you can define the term Capital?

It actually means the goods which are already produced and further plans to produce the same by an organization. Generally, it reflects any service or goods with the help of which an organization or an individual can deliver outputs that are totally error-free. It actually acts as a catalyst to enhance the overall business. 

26. Why skilled employees are important in an organization according to you?

It is not possible for any organization to survive for long in case there are no employees. They generally contribute in their own ways for making an organization superior and best in every aspect. The fact is employees spend a lot of time in an organization and contribute a lot to the accomplishment of several tasks in a reliable manner which is essential. To get good results from them, they need to be motivated again and again. 

27. What are the pillars of effective Human Capital Management?

There are four kinds of pillars They are:

  1. Training
  2. Retaining
  3. Managing
  4. Acquiring

With the help of these factors which are also referred to as the pillars of success for organizations, it is possible for the business to get maximum products and efficiency in their arena. 

28. What do you mean by Inclusiveness and how significant it is?

It is nothing but a step by management to sit with the workforce for invite suggestions and feedbacks. The fact is employees are always familiar with the ground reality and they always have plans to tackle many problems and daunting situations. Taking feedback from them brings multiple benefits for an organization simply. 

29. What are the major factors that play a vital role in the HCM for the learning capacity of the employees?

The major factors that play a vital role in the HCM

They are:

  1. Career Development
  2. Innovation
  3. Learning
  4. Training

30. What would be the best way to motivate an employee?

This can be done simply by rewarding an employee in front of others. Of course, this strategy works a lot when it comes to motivating the workforce to work together to provide the best possible outcomes.

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