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Are you preparing for PeopleSoft Systems Development? Are you concerned about the hard questions you would possibly face in the PeopleSoft interview? Then, don't lose hope; keep trying! In this blog, we have listed the topmost hand-picked questions and answers which will make you more confident for the PeopleSoft Systems Developer position.

Business applications are becoming smart and mobile-friendly in this modern IT world. PeopleSoft is a business application software created by Dave Duffield and Ken Morris. Oracle's product line merged with PeopleSoft as Oracle's cloud-based software product. The Research Management DataBase (RD2K) under the University of Houston is using PeopleSoft Grants in research background work. Companies can manage their customers' information, business process, finance, supply chain, human resource management, and enterprise performance analysis in this cloud-based CRM application. 

But, before we begin with the PeopleSoft interview questions, allow us to convey in the front you a few essential statistics about PeopleSoft:

  • The U.S. Army – has deployed PeopleSoft to 330,000+ National Guard contributors throughout all fifty-four states and territories and has already passed 1 million HR transactions in PeopleSoft.
  • Oracle Corporation announced that it has signed a definitive merger settlement to gather PeopleSoft, Inc., for $26.50 in line with shares (approximately $10.3 billion).
  • The standard annual CTC for PeopleSoft developers around the world from 2019 to 2024 has been approximately $135,649. Senior PeopleSoft builders with additional experience can expect an annual CTC of $181,400.

Now, you got to know about the PeopleSoft job market scenario. Let's begin with a sequence of PeopleSoft interview questions that will set your skills to become more polished. We have designed PeopleSoft Interview Questions - 2023 (Updated) into two stages, they are:

Top 10 Openshift Interview Questions

  1. What are the various applications of the PeopleSoft Query?
  2. What technique does PeopleSoft employ to generate vouchers?
  3. How many tools are utilized to test the integration development of PeopleSoft?
  4. What is the Multi-Channel Framework in PeopleSoft?
  5. Explain the importance of state records.
  6. Where does 'People Code' get saved?
  7. Can we access the records used in a query?
  8. Tell me the table loading sequence.
  9. Can you tell the commonalities between Setid's and table set?
  10. Explain about Data Mover?

PeopleSoft Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1. What are PeopleSoft queries, and how do you use them?

PeopleSoft is used to retrieve data from a database using visual representations rather than SQL instructions. These queries are ordinary or delegated, and they are used once or many times. The primary purpose is to get the results/information from the entire data bundle as needed. Therefore, it's also regarded as a data source.

2. What are the various applications of the PeopleSoft Query?

These queries can be used to display data, perform a separate query procedure, and need to schedule inquiries for accuracy level. Certain queries can be downloaded for offline use in an Excel spreadsheet or other forms. If you're working with Crystal Reports, these can also be used as data sources. When it comes to selecting a data recipient, PeopleSoft Query can help.

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3. What are the benefits of using a PeopleSoft connectivity broker?

It assists you in carrying out your data integration tasks, either internally or with other third parties, as the name implies. Monitoring data structures, data format, and data transportation are all part of data handling. Because the PeopleSoft integration broker is modular, some of its components can be reused.

4. What are the two primary components that the PeopleSoft integration broker is responsible for?

The Integration Gateway is a platform that monitors and guarantees that PeopleSoft Integration Broker's service operations are received and delivered to the correct server/system, as the name suggests. The Integration Engine is responsible for routing the service operations of the PeopleSoft application. It can also be used to alter the service operation's structure, and specific data can be translated to meet the needs of the user.

5. What technique does PeopleSoft employ to generate vouchers?

Building vouchers is divided into two sub-processes. First, the information acquired by Quick Voice Entry, Summer Voice Entry, or any other source is utilized to create the outline/structure of the voucher record in the first step. Then, after the pre-existing sub-process has been completed, the voucher edit sub-process is invoked to complete the entire record set.

6. What role does Public Utility play in PeopleSoft?

For effective workflow in PeopleSoft, the tables containing content are all replicated into a remote database/legacy system. This is why the term "public utility" was coined. 

7. Explain what a Schema Tester does.

This Schema Tester is utilized during the development process since it allows one to see if all of the messages are linked to the correct message schemas. The Schema Tester's job is done when all non-row-set-based and row-set-based messages have been validated.

8. How many tools are utilized to test the integration development of PeopleSoft?

There are six tools available for testing PeopleSoft integration development:

  • Tester of Schemas
  • Utility for transformation testing
  • Tester for handlers
  • Utility to send master
  • Integration point testing that is automated, as well as
  • Simple post utility.

9. What are the various methods for building exceptions in PeopleSoft?

In PeopleSoft, we have two options for dealing with exceptions. First, we need to apply it to create an exception function. It needs you to construct an exception base class that will act as the built-in exception function.

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10. What are PeopleSoft File Interfaces?

File interfaces are PeopleSoft applications that allow users to interchange files with other legacy or third-party systems and layouts. It does not, however, contain any type of messaging. These three files are supported by the file layouts: XML files, Comma-delimited files, and Fixed format sequential files.

11. What is the Multi-Channel Framework in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft applications use a multi-channel framework to enhance and generate diverse interactions between different PeopleSoft users/call center agents across various channels. Emails, web collaboration/and all communication modes are available inside this framework.

12. How do you convert SQL find out to Excel with SQLPLUS?

If we want to set up the markup, go to the database and run the  "SET MARKUP HTML ON" command. The SQL QUERY should now be executed, followed by the Spool. You will receive the final output as an XLS file. Open it and look at the findings.

13. What are the different ways in PeopleSoft to run an application engine program?

In PeopleSoft, there are five possible ways to run an application engine program: Application designer, Command line prompt (dos), Process Scheduler, and Calling people code are some of the AE people tools.

14. What are the roles and attributes of the PeopleSoft component Interface?

The major purpose of the PeopleSoft component interface is to allow users to access this data set without having to use a GUI. We can accomplish this by logically arranging the PeopleSoft components/pages. Find keys, Get keys, Create Keys, and name are the main features of this component interface. In addition, components, component interface, and component interface API are the primary features of this interface.

15. Explain the importance of state records.

As the name implies, state records keep track of information recorded in a SQL table/work/derived record. This saved data can be retrieved anytime needed or transmitted between two application engine programs.

16. Is it possible to use a PeopleSoft function to halt the processing of the entire component?

Yes, Think-time functions such as Do Cancel, Exec, Do Modal, Prompt, File Attach, Do Modal Component, Remote Call, Win Message, and others can halt it. However, these functions are only activated when a third-party procedure or the user himself completes the task.

17. What's the distinction between Prompt tables and Translated values?

PeopleSoft tables, control tables, and transaction tables can be used to extract data from prompt tables. When a user uses the 'prompt' function or the search option to look for specific data, the prompt tables are called, displaying the relevant information. Translate values in PeopleSoft, on the other hand, is a dialogue box that allows users to create/add, edit/modify, and delete/remove values from a specific field.

18. What is the difference between a functional and a technical individual in PeopleSoft?

A PeopleSoft functional person listens to clients' needs and requirements, chooses what and how to alter things, and supervises the delivery of PeopleSoft applications. In PeopleSoft, a technical person is simply someone who writes code for PeopleSoft systems that meet the functional person's criteria and demands.

19. How can you tell the difference between a save recharge and a save post-change?

It's called 'save pre change' when a user makes changes after using the 'Save Edit' function before updating the database. It deals with 'save post change' when the administrator attempts to upgrade the existing data set.

20. What's the difference between Pre-build and Post-build?

The key difference between PeopleSoft's Pre-build and Post-build methods:

The component build process is still not run in the Pre-build event.The component build process runs in the Post-build event.
Data will only be present in the search record, not in the component buffer structure.Data will only be present in the search record and also in the component buffer structure.
You can not retrieve data from the database.You can not retrieve data from the database because the component construction process is completed before calling for data.

PeopleSoft Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

1. Where does 'People Code' get saved?

The most common storage locations are FTP sites, database tables, and HTTP repositories. Except for the Clean Attachments function, which can only be kept on database tables, these three are supported for storing 'People Code.'

2. What is a Component Processor?

The Component Processor is in charge of the PeopleSoft Applications, from data retrieval to database updates. The component processor handles the data processing flow as users submit information on pages. Issues INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE statements are used to keep data in the database up to date, whereas SELECT commands are used to obtain data.

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3. Tell me the differences between field edit and save the edit.

Each field update in Field edits triggers a movement from the application server to the database. If we edit all fields, and while saving these edits, only one transition from the application server to the database is made

4. What are the types of People Code functions?

People code supports these types of functions:

  • Built-in
  • Internal
  • External people code
  • External non-people code

5. What do you know about Normalization in Oracle PeopleSoft?

The significant goals of Normalization are:

  • Eliminating redundant data (Like in one table, we save multiple data).
  • Ensuring data dependencies (all the directly related data is stored in one table).

6. How do we implement the built-in restart logic in the PeopleSoft engine?

We need to mention a specific frequency each time the PeopleSoft engine will publish COMMI. Each of these points is going to be cross-checked as the checkpoint. Once one checkpoint abases, then the program will resume automatically.

7. Can we access the records used in a query? 

To grant access to the documents used in questions, we need to establish a new query security tree, add the forms we want to grant access to, and give the tree an access group. We need to add a query access group and query tree with access permission.

8. Tell me the table loading sequence.

The sequence is :

  • Company table
  • Installation
  • Location
  • Department
  • Salary Plan
  • Salary step
  • Job code
  • Pay group

9. Define People Tools.

A framework for creating, utilizing and modifying people's soft applications, consisting of software programs, utility scripts, database tables, and data. People tools include built-in business functionality and the capacity to maintain capability, resulting in increased productivity and simplified system architecture.

10. Explain PIA and its components.

In PIA, we can get n-tier architecture for any client-server, web server, application server, or database server. You can use WSL, WSH, JSL, JSH, QUEUES, and services. We have a jolt and tuxedo. It has three kinds of tables in the database. 

They are:

  • Application table.
  • System table.
  • People tools table. 

11. How does the PeopleSoft application most often use the searching event?

Before the end-user sees the search dialogue page, Searching fires, Searching is faster due to roll-level security done by employees frequently. They can enter the particular values in the specific tables. 

12. What is the syntax for accessing third-level record files by object-oriented PeopleCode?

 The syntax is:

               &fid=Getlevel0()(1).GetRowset(Record.<level1             record>.GetRow(1), 
GetRowset(Record.<level3                                                record>).GetRow(1),
GetRecord(Record.<level3 record>).GetFieild(Field.<field name>))

13. Tell me if we want to validate the user to run a process or report? 

The developers need to add the process group in a process that contains the reported value. They then need to add permission for different users.

14. Can you tell the commonalities between Setid's and table set?

In PeopleSoft, Setid is the highest level key. The control tables are the Location, Department, and Job code tables, and sets govern the control tables during the transaction. The table set share is a repository for control tables. It can only be accessible by a specific business unit. For example, suppose we have two locations, Arizona and Ohio, with settings XYZ and ABC, and we alter Ohio's set to XYZ. In that case, we will be able to access any information linked to Arizona/XYZ, such as job codes. 

15. Do you know the different classes in PeopleCode?

An object comes under a particular class that serves as the template for creating an object instance in real-time. A class holds the object's properties and methods for controlling its behaviour. Predefined classes are delivered by PeopleSoft (such as Array, File, Field, SQL, and so on). By using the Application class, you can design classes. The Application class can also be used to expand the functionality of existing classes.

16. What is an Integration Broker?

The Integration Broker in PeopleSoft is a messaging gateway that allows data to be transferred between several systems (e.g., PeopleSoft HRMS to Payroll [can be PeopleSoft or third party], HRMS to Finance, HRMS to CRM, etc.).

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17. Explain about Data Mover?

PeopleSoft Data Mover is a two-tier stand-alone tool that may be used with a graphical interface on Microsoft Windows or a command-line interface on Microsoft Windows or UNIX systems.

18. Database level Auditing in PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft Application Designer is the second option for recording data, PeopleSoft offers trigger-based auditing. This level of auditing is used not just to ensure data integrity but also as a security precaution.

19. What do you think about a trigger in PeopleSoft?

A trigger can save information like the user who made a change, the type of change made, when the change was made, and so on.

Top 10 Frequently Asked PeopleSoft Interview Questions

1. What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is software built by Oracle. It includes a few popular business solutions that help any organization run all processes seamlessly. It has also been designed to transfer the data through the Oracle Cloud.

2. What are the uses of PeopleSoft software?

This software provides customer relationship management systems, human resource management systems, financial and supply chain management systems, and enterprise management systems.

3. What do you understand about PeopleSoft payroll?

Payroll is one of the essential features of PeopleSoft software. It provides up-gradation, monitoring, total earnings, employee salaries, labor payments, general ledgers, talent statistics, compensation details, and charges, including expenses, wages, and bonuses.

4. Is it an Oracle database?

Yes, it is an Oracle database. This can be found in Oracle user SYSADM schema. All the objects that help build up PeopleSoft software are available inside the schema.

5. Do you use MySQL server in PeopleSoft?

We use a Microsoft SQL server in PeopleSoft to do database hosting in tabular form. These tables always contain a single Oracle database. We can run SQL scripts based on the particular module environment. This database application is a set of SQL objects only.

6. Is it a relational database?

PeopleSoft is a straightforward relational database providing multiple database management in the software industry. This kind of database gives access to the data points related to one another.

7. Do we use java in PeopleSoft?

We use java to connect the interface through external APIs. Developers can generate a UI template in boilerplate java code that can help you resolve your problem. Developers called it PeopleCode, which enables you to refer to PeopleTools.

8. What do we have to do as PeopleSoft Systems Developers?

As developers, we can create, modify, and maintain the database using the application engine program and the PeopleSoft software suits. We need to fix up the bugs and unit testing once we will create a new database to check whether data is appropriately going to the database or not.

9. Tell me how we can create a demo database in PeopleSoft?

Please follow the given below steps:

  • Go to start.
  • Type Oracle-Oradb11g_dbhome1 ( 11g is the Oracle version)
  • Go to the configuration and migration tool.
  • Choose database configuration assistant
  • Enter a unique database name; we can choose any name with up to 8 characters.

10. Tell me the advantages of PeopleSoft Software.

There are lots of advantages. A few of them are:

  • Data is archived through an integrated and consistent framework.
  • User predefined templates are available.
  • Developed based on multiple objects.
  • Easy database queries.
  • Easily can be restored. 

Concluding Remarks:

Many companies' cloud-based environments are now including PeopleSoft software. In addition, PeopleSoft is a fantastic platform for Oracle cloud-native database apps. As a result, it's essential to take the right approach for well-desired results. We are very optimistic that our senior team efforts will help you to become a master of the PeopleSoft interview questions and help you bag your dream job. Best of luck.

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