Top 10 Reasons to Learn Hadoop


For any company be it a small scale or a large scale, data generation and its organization in a systematic manner are extremely important. Thanks to the world of digitalization, there is no doubt that data storage facility is available in many ways. Talking of which, Hadoop is a perfect example of the same. The demand for Hadoop in today’s time has increased quite a lot because; it is an affordable option of course and of course, comes with many other benefits as well. This concept is trending since it offers organizations to make the use of the right use of their investment know about the trending patterns of the customers and also come up with the personalized targeting and so on. This is the main reason, why learning Hadoop can provide fruitful to your career since it is a demanding concept.

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Top 10 Reason to learn Hadoop

In today’s time, to process Zettabytes which is the unstructured big data has started gathering more demand for the experts who have good skills in Hadoop. It offers the most structural way to work on the unstructured data without any difficulty. It can be quite complex in the entire and also challenging for you to learn Hadoop at the beginning. But there is no doubt that with professional training in Hadoop and completing its certification, you can meet the benefits without any hassle. 

Below are 10 reasons to learn Hadoop:

#1. A better Career scope

Since this is one of the best career growth opportunities you can choose, you need to understand that it is not so easy to achieve the knowledge in the same. Generally, many IT companies look for a professional expert who with years of experience in the DWK or business knowledge is given preference. But if these candidates have a good understanding of Hadoop ecosystems such as Cassandra, NoSQL databases, VisualPath, MapReduce, and MongoDB to name a few, have a good scope of pay. There are so many career opportunities in which you can make your way in different business industries such as healthcare, retailers, sports, energy, media, and utilities and earn a good name. Once you complete the certification course in the same, you can have a better scope in joining positions like:

  • Big data architect
  • Hadoop Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Data Analysts

#2. A move to a Big company

You might have started as a fresher in a small company and may not be that happy as you are actually expecting but the fact is since, Hadoop is already a strong pillar of IT companies like Apple, Facebook, and Yahoo, there is no doubt that learning it would give you better opportunity to grow. Since it an open-source framework, it is the quite an easy and cost-friendly solution for the company to afford and that is why they already prefer hiring the candidate who has knowledge in this field. Since it is one of the advanced yet well-loved distributed computing technologies with minimal cost, there is no doubt that the employer considering a person why Hadoop expertise will give you a direct entry to the better payroll company.

#3. Powerful yet versatile option

Hadoop is one of the most powerful yet versatile framework sources to opt for. It is used for warehousing data, data recovery, and even predictive analytics. It is a must-have for the huge companies since; it helps in creating the cornerstone for the flexible future data platforms which is required in the era where the customer is the kind. It is powerful since it helps you to store a huge amount of data without any problem.

#4. An approach with Statistical innovations

There is always a new development in the software that takes place and Hadoop is one such language that each time with its upgrade, it gets evolved into something better. With options like big memory and ff, it is now quite possible for you to create the dataset which could be stronger than memory and if you have synchronization made along with Hadoop it can be an advantageous solution.

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#5. Pace up your Career in the growing Big Data Market

There are so many travel websites that you earlier might have had found to understand about the destination and plan a trip accordingly. Now there are many multination companies and even the one that is into auction management that a user can easily find the instant information of the product. All this is possible solely because of Hadoop. It is an exciting part of the Big data concept which has made it easy for people to deal with the challenges. If you want to improve your language scope, there is no doubt that improving your knowledge in Hadoop can be a beneficial option since it offers better ways to explore and innovate new things.

#6. Better Availability

You need to work on Hadoop keeping the new user in mind. You need to understand if you make software easy to install and run, it gives a user the independence to sit and understand about it everywhere. However, Hadoop is one such open-source networking that makes it easy for the user to lean and even follow the changes if required. Thus, with convenience, a user can actually opt for such a source without any hassle. Since, along with big companies, it is quite in demand amongst the users as well, there is no doubt that it is available in the flexible market.

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#7. A good pay

Of course, in today’s time, no one would actually want to compromise with the pay at any cost. And if you are considering Big Data as an option to grow your career, there is no doubt that Hadoop offers the pool of talent and scope for which you can easily get good pay. With the increasing demand for professionals with such a skill set, there is no doubt that they are getting paid better as a part of retainers. The people with good skills and abilities are of course more in demand and those who have knowledge of Hadoop would, of course, make sure the company gets deep analytical expertise solution on the same. This is the main reason why such professionals seek for high salaries and which of course is expected.

#8. Say Goodbye to Complexity

Yes, you have heard it right! Complex projects require more time and the software that offer easy solution are more in demand. Talking of which, programming languages like Hadoop and Python are the one that handles Big data with many conveniences. It allows the user an option to rely on different factors. This way, when it comes to grasping the data, it shall not be difficult for you as an employee as well. This is the main time, why once you understand how it works; it can set your life in all the possible ways.  Understand that there is no hand and fast rule for learning about Hadoop. If you are willing to start your career in such an option then irrespective of the background, you can get trained on this platform.

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#9. A Maturing technology

Over the last few years, Hadoop has already taken a maximum portion of Big data and of course in a far better manner. Now if you have a closer look, you will understand that Hadoop has already partnered with HortonWorks, Tableau, MapR, and even BI experts to name a few. As per the survey, it has been noted that over the past few years, there has been a rapidly gaining momentum and the best standards are coming up and the credit for the same goes to Hadoop.  Over other technologies, there is no doubt that this is one maturing technology that has more scope for professionals to grow at the same time learn new concepts. Besides it also helps you learn parallel processing, distributed computerizing, and many more things which eventually if you learn individually, it would take more time. But learning Hadoop would cover everything. This way, you can become a bridge between the increasing demand and the expertise solution available.

#10. Better Security

If you are already a Java developer then it is the perfect opportunity to grab the deal in a secured career. No doubt that this type of framework is extremely easy to learn. But if you are already a Java developer, then that professional who wishes to switch from Java to Hadoop can easily do so since the script of MapReduce is already written in Java. This means you can certainly expect the most lucrative package with better security.

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Understand the fact that there are few tools such as Pig and hive that are made on the top of Hadoop and have their own language so that data clusters could work in a smooth manner. You certainly get the freedom to write your own MapReduce code with the help of C or even Python But it, of course, requires the support reading from the standard output which is none other than Hadoop. This is the main reason why learning Hadoop can be a great scope for you in the near future. Make sure you understand each of the contexts associated with it thoroughly.

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