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Hadoop Jobs Salary Trends in the USA

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Hadoop Jobs Salary Trends in the USA

In this article, we will introduce you to the topic of Hadoop and also will try to understand why Hadoop is in such demand amongst the individuals with Java programming language as a skill. Where is this industry heading with the Big Data in the context and will there be any rise or dip in the salary trends that we observe with Hadoop in conjunction with various technologies that individuals hold.

The next section defines very much what is required for an individual with no background related to Hadoop. He/she should be able to appreciate the power of this wonderful tool by the details provided in the next section.

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What is Hadoop - Hadoop Jobs Demand In the USA

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is nothing but an open source Java based programming framework which supports processing and storage of extremely huge datasets in a distributed computing like environment. Hadoop is a part of the Apache project that is in turn sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. There are many Vendors who have forked and provided their own implementations as Hadoop distributions by the likes of Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR etc. HDFS is an Apache Software Foundation project too and is a subproject to Apache Hadoop project. Hadoop uses HDFS as its storage system and accessing the data files is done as if it is just one seamless file system. 

The details provided in this section should be good enough for an individual to understand the basic need where Hadoop comes and fits in the context of Big Data. In the next section, we will try to see why Hadoop has seen such a surge in demand and also what are its pros and cons for a programmer if he opts it as a future career objective.

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Why is Hadoop in such demand?

From all industrial Verticals, we see a massive growth at which each of the industries that fall into various other Verticals is creating data for themselves and also to others to analyze them. The rate at which the smartphones and also its usage is increasing, there is good enough a chance that these will be further used as clients of big data usage. The advantages provided by big data, such as efficient streamlining of procedures which are administrative in nature, data accuracy, cost benefits that are anticipated to influence the demand of big data in possibly all the industries available.

The sectors such as telecommunications, financial services, government, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, media sectors can be considered as the predominantly growing sectors with huge datasets, qualifying to be called Big Data as such. The growth with which the data is increasing in these sectors is going to raise up the expectation levels that might lead to the demand as well. The healthcare industry is also reported to increase the demand for big data solutions in the near future as healthcare industry looking for solutions providing better health.

With the help of Apache Hadoop, the data accuracy with which the Big Data is analyzed is achieved to 100%. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It’s what organizations do with the data that matters. Big data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. The concept of gathering and storing a large amount of data is an old traditional model which is followed which in the recent present has been replaced with three V’S. Considering all these reasons, there is enough proof that there is a surge in demand for Hadoop and also Hadoop professionals to cater to all these needs and requirements. Professionals looking for a richly rewarding career are tending towards Apache Hadoop as it is the hottest cake in the IT industry.

Hadoop Jobs Salary Trends in the USA

Apache Hadoop Salary Trends in the USA

As we have just discussed in the section above, on how Hadoop has claimed this IT industry with the latest skill set that is paying handsome salaries to professionals with the needed skill set. Professionals with the skillset that is required are foreseeing richly rewarding careers in the areas of Big Data Analytics and Apache Hadoop. Organizations are now willing to make the right sense out of the Big Data that they are holding right now and want to deduce the next upcoming decision that they have to take in order to sustain in this tough competition between Organizations. Big Data analysis helps them take the necessary decisions from the deduced results.

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According to the statistics collected from the recruiting firm www.indeed.com, there are more than 7000 job postings that match the criterion of Apache Hadoop in conjunction with Java, NoSQL, Data Mining and Machine Learning. Out of all these job postings, more than 65% of the job postings are being shown in many areas of the USA. Out of every 100 job postings that are being considered for, more than 50 are being actively looked out for – as the skillset is totally different from what the usual and traditional professionals. It is said to be a fact that the average salaries that are being offered for Hadoop professionals with considerably good experience are in the vicinity of $110,000 which is almost 90% higher than the usual salaries for all the job postings nationwide.

Hadoop statistics

Statistics are being presented for the various roles that are being actively pursued for in the states of USA and the average salaries that are being offered to each of these roles in different states of USA. This is proof enough to speak volumes about the Organizations that are willing to pay huge amounts and also to invest in bigger proportions to stay in business and also to stay ahead in their lines of businesses. Considering the statistics provided on the site www.indeed.com, we are here to promise salaries in the range of $69,418 for an Administrator to the range of $130,523 per year for a Data Scientist.


In this article, we have introduced what is the power of Hadoop and the reasons why it is one of the trending technology in the IT industry. Along with these details, we have also provided the average salaries per job role and also on the Organizations who hire for these roles. Hope these details are helpful in making a decision in taking a career with Hadoop technology.

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