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With the emergence of different popular languages like Java and C, there is no doubt that we have managed to meet and reach global clients. However, it is equally true that one needs to always upgrade its knowledge when it comes to programming understanding. Talking of this, Java is one such popular programming language that came into existence a few years back. It was that time when every technical profession was expected to know this language and must have had mastered it. Now with the advancement in the frameworks which has evolved over the past few years, there is no doubt that even industries' scope has increased worldwide. That is why; many developers are now switching to Hadoop that has become a new career attraction for beginners and professionals in different domains.

Introduction to Hadoop

As compared to the traditional databases that are not capable of dealing with a huge volume of data, Hadoop is known to be the cheapest and quickest option to stores and ensure that all the giant data storage is done in the right manner. This is the main reason why big areas like a government organization, financial service, and even the big corporation are actually opting for such type of solution. 

The reason behind Its popularity

The main reason why Hadoop has gained popularity is that:

  • Over the past few years, the importance of untapped and dark data is taken care
  • The need for research and analytics is done to make sure the right trend is pretended
  • It increases the process of gathering real-time data
  • The data that gets gathered from different sources makes it crucial to store it with the help of powerful technologies

Skills required

  • Since Hadoop is written in Java, it is quite expected that the person has got the Java basics knowledge.
  • Hadoop is a language that entirely runs on Linux. That is why it is important that a developer has got knowledge about Linux basic commands
  • If the organization is already running on the application which is built on the mainframe, it is expected that a candidate has got Mainframe + Hadoop skills.

A progressive career Platform for Skills set like Pig Latin and MapReduce programming of java

In the research made for the year 2016, it has been noted that Hadoop offers a great career platform. Talking of which, in the first quarter of 2016 itself, there were more than 200 developers who were hired for Hadoop. If you notice the fine trend, you will realize that companies who have jobs prefer to hire candidates with skills like Pig, Hive, Hadoop, and MapReduce. Since MapReduce itself is a Java programming language, it is quite obvious that for Hadoop if a person with MapReduce is expected to be working then it means the person is of course well aware of Java. Other than this, Pig Latin is used with User-Defined Functions and that is why a developer with java knowledge can do that easily with  Pig Latin.

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Easy To Learn For Java Developers

Learning Hadoop is not a challenging job. Rather it is most easy to learn the solution. if you notice, there is any Java developer who would prefer Hadoop since it is entirely written in Java. This is one such language that a person into programming and development needs to be quite familiar with. Switching from Java to Hadoop can work as the best solution for the experts as they are already much aware of a programming language like MapReduce which is a part of Java Itself.


Frequently asked Hadoop Interview Questions

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Nowadays, the demand for professional programmers has increased so much that finding an efficient one is quite challenging. But when you look around for the job of Hadoop developer, you will realize that it is one hot deal which only big companies offer that too with better salary pay. All you need to do is make sure the online training program is done and the concepts from the expert are also understood.

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Explore Bigger and Better Domains

Those who have worked on Hadoop get more platforms to explore. Talking of which, individual with Hadoop skills can expertise further into high level such as:

  1. Data science
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Sensor Web data

Since the above-mentioned ones are emerging in the market and of course dominating the industry, the person with Hadoop has more scope to get hired as compared to Java for companies such as:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Amazon
  4. IBM
  5. eBay

Java programming: A language of choice for Hadoop

Since Hadoop offers a massive platform for open source, it becomes quite slow to work on the traditional database management tools. The best part is being a framework that owes a big part of success in the Java language and its framework is also written in the same language because of which. Other than this, HDFS is also a Java Programming core language which means, you can certainly opt for Hadoop for better progress since Hadoop depends on Java the most. HDFS is a virtual system component of Hadoop where a user doesn’t really have to worry on how it is operated and where does the data gets stored. 

A Boost for your Career

The research made on the Hadoop development clearly stated that nearly 60% of the executives believe that big data is one such option in the industry today which is ruling. If you have noted Hadoop is in demand at both small and large scale platforms because of which the deployment of Hadoop is rising each day. Switching to Hadoop for your career's sake will definitely give you a better boost and ensure that all the roles and responsibilities are done with the right skill sets and interest.

The perfect blend of good Choices

Along with a better scope for the career, java professionals if learn Hadoop can also get better packages over the other technologies be it SAP, UNIX, VB, C++, and even Teradata at the level of java professionals. The fact is 9 out of 10 highest paying salaries are given to the ones who are into programming languages like a database. If you have a knowledge of Java development and you switch to Hadoop for better growth, you definitely can get a better boost in your annual package as well since the skills set of both languages holds great importance.

Better work Quality

Learn Big data can be a time-consuming task but certainly worth it. For the Java developers, however, learning this concept is not so much time-consuming. Thus, it becomes convenient to utilize the time to take bigger and even the complex project and solve it a lot more convenient and easy manner. Besides in java, there comes certain restrictions but the same if you work along with Hadoop the end delivery is incredible. This way, you can impress your client with better work quality.

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Your Growth is equal to the Industrial Growth

IDC has already predicted that the user base for Hadoop and Big data is already going to get increased over the next few years say around 27%. This means Java Developers have better scope to upgrade their knowledge for this language and get widely acknowledged since its demand will be more in applications related to:

  • Fraud detection
  • Call center analytics
  • IT log analytics
  • Social Media Analytics

Creating way with Java and Linux

As said earlier, Hadoop is an open-source platform that is built with the help of two technologies one is Java of course and the other one is Linux. Java is used for accurate analysis and process of the huge set of data. Of course, using the Java concept for the development was not something a thoughtful thing made for Hadoop. Since Hadoop is Java-based, it is expected that professionals who are in Java are expected to work plus their knowledge about Linux would be an added advantage. This means, with Java and Linux, it becomes convenient to make a smoother path for Hadoop development. At times, Hadoop developer has to do little digging into the Hadoop coding for which the knowledge of Linux and components of Java is expected to be known to the person which can prove boon for them.

The above-mentioned rock-solid reasons should definitely convince you on why switching your career from Java to Hadoop is advised. It certainly would take your career to the next level. But if you are not much aware of this concept, then you can go ahead and start learning about Hadoop from the basic level or even a Google search is fine. It certainly has got great scope for the developers to learn and gain more knowledge, however; the developer needs to understand that since it is a better and advanced framework you, of course, would have to pay extra efforts in clearing out all the concepts.

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