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Controlling Hadoop Jobs Using Oozie

This blog discusses Oozie and how it may be used to manage Hadoop workloads. It begins with an examination of the components necessary for workflow coding.

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  • OOZIE is a server-based workflow engine specialized in running workflow jobs with actions that run HADOOP MapReduce and PIG jobs.
  • OOZIE is a Java web–application that runs in a Java servlet container.
  • For the purposes Of Oozie, a workflow is a collection of action i.e Hadoop MapReduce jobs, pig jobs are arranged in a control dependency DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph)
  • Control dependency from one action to another means that the second action can’t run until the first action has completed.
  • Oozie workflow actions start jobs in remote systems
  • Upon action completion, the remote systems call back Oozie to notify the action completion, at this point, Oozie proceeds to the next action in the workflow.
  • Oozie workflows contain control flow nodes and action nodes
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  • Control flow nodes define the beginning and the end of a workflow (start, end and fail nodes) and provide a mechanism to control the workflow execution path (decision, fork, and join nodes)
  • Action nodes are the mechanism by which a workflow triggers the execution of computation or processing tasks.
  • Oozie provides support for different types of actions such as Hadoop map-reduce, Hadoop file system, pig, SSH, HTIP, email, and Oozie sub-workflow.
  • Oozie workflows can be parameterized using variables like (input dir) within the workflow definition.
  • When submitting a workflow job values, the parameters must be provided

Workflow Diagram(Word count workflow example):

Installation and configuring Oozie:

To install and run Oozie using an embedded to meat server and an embedded Derby database

System Requirements:

Unix(tested in linux and Max osk)

Java 1.6 +

Hadoop 0.20 and 1.0.0

Ext Js Library (optional, to enable oozie web console)


   ExtJS 2.2

Note: Java 1.6+bin directory should be in the command path

Server Installation:

  •  oozie ignores any set value for oozie- HOME, and … oozie computes its home automatically
  •  Download or build an oozie binary distribution
  •  Download a Hadoop binary distribution
  •  Download ExtJS library[version 2.2]


ExtJS library is not bundled with oozie, because it uses a different license and recommended to use a oozie Unix user for one oozie server.

Frequently asked Hadoop Interview Questions

  • Expand the oozie distribution tar.gz.
  • Expand the Hadoop distribution far.gz(as the oozie Unix user)
  • Oozie is bundled without Hadoop JAR file and ExtJS library
  • Hadoop JARs are requited to run oozie.
  • The ExtJS library is only  required for the oozie web –console to work
  • All oozie server scripts i.e.

oozie serup.sh

oozie start.sh                        all run only under the

oozie run.sh                           Unix user that owns the

oozie stop.sh                          oozie installation directory

Use the oozie- setup.sh script to add the Hadoop JARS and ExtJS Library to Oozie.

$bin/oozie – setup.sh-hadoop 0.20.200

${ hadoop-Home}-ExtJS hmp/ext-2.2.zip

To start oozie as a daemon process run the command as

$bin/oozie - start.sh

To start oozie as a foreground process, run the command as

$bin/oozie - run.sh

Check the oozie.log file logs/ oozie.log to ensure. Oozie. started properly.

To Check the status of Oozie using the Oozie command like tool is

$bin/oozie admin- oozie HTTP://LOCALhost:11000/ oozie-status

Oozie status should be normal when using the Oozie web console

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Client Installation:

Copy and expand the Oozie- client TAR.GZ bundled with the distribution.

5 Add the bin/direction to the PATH

Note: The Oozie server installation includes the Oozie client which should be installed in remote machines only.

Oozie share lib installation:

Expand the Oozie- sharelib TAR.COZ .file bundled with the distribution

Shared directory must be copied to the Oozie HOME directory in HDFS:

$hadoop fs-put share


This must be done using the OozieHadoopp (HDFS) and if shared directory already exists in HDRS, it must be deleted before copying again.

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