Benefits Of Cloudera Hadoop Certification


To cement your career in the Big Data world, it is more a necessity than an option to complete a Hadoop certification from any of the available leading Hadoop vendors as like Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR. More often it is observed that people pick up both the training and the certification programs from any of the online technology education portals as like Coursera, Udacity or Lynda. If not most of the job postings but there are quite of few job postings that require for a professional who has hands on experience in Hadoop also need to be certified from a qualified Hadoop vendor.

In any case, having an appropriate credentials for yourself with the Hadoop certifications is a must for any of the Hadoop professional’s resume. It helps boost the chances of the candidate’s credentials be considered valid and deemed fit for the requirements that Organization often look out for. Considering the discussion, we will be focusing on the need of such a certification of Hadoop from of the Hadoop distribution giant called Cloudera – on what benefits do a Hadoop developer reap adding those credentials to his / her resume?

Big Data and Hadoop Certification:

To blatantly start the topic, the Hadoop certification is just helpful but not 100% required for the Hadoop job seekers. Earning a Hadoop certification would prove a good way to improve your present Hadoop skills and also might give you that one chance which might land you a job in the Big Data world. Having a credible Hadoop credentials will definitely ease your process into getting yourself an entry level Hadoop job for gaining the necessary experience. Not just to make a career but at time also to advance once career in the Big Data world.

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Most of the professionals who invest their time, money, and efforts in making the transition towards a promising Big Data career often question themselves whether or not to pursue a Hadoop Certification. Along with it also the most infamous question – “Is Cloudera Hadoop Certification worth the investment?” This article addresses the value that a Cloudera Hadoop Certification has, on a Hadoop Developer’s resume. Looking at the staggering prices, people might have dropped the idea of getting certified but it is definitely not to worry about doing it right away. There is always the time and occasion that one needs to take up such decisions in to certifications as like with certifications of Hadoop with Cloudera.

Frequently asked Hadoop Interview Questions

Hadoop Certification- An asset on Hadoop Developer Resume?

If you need that extra attention when you mark yourself available for the hunt of a new job, you should think again. Not all the Hadoop Certification programs are created equal with just one purpose. There are few certification programs which are incredibly expensive whereas few others are a little over a test, and here we are trying to discuss one of those most expensive certification programs. What do all the Hadoop certifications have in common? It is a promise within the industry that a certain professional’s knowledge over the skill is demonstrable and the individual holding it is worth all that Big Data employers are looking for while hiring qualified Hadoop professionals.

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Available Cloudera Certifications:

There are two popular Big Data Certifications for Hadoop professionals to prove their grip over the concepts of Hadoop and in turn Big Data and also on the advanced analytic skills. Those two certifications and the necessary details regarding those certifications are given as below:

1. Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) – This is one of the most popular performance based certification programs available for data engineers and also for data scientists which evaluate a professional’s analytical skills through two different versions of certification exams.

* Cloudera Certified Professional (Data Engineer)
* Cloudera Certified Professional (Data Scientist)

2. Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) - This is the most basic foundational big data skills certification program that evaluates professional’s knowledge of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark through two different certification exams namely

* Cloudera Certified Associate Hadoop and Spark Developer (CCAHD)
* Cloudera Certified Associate Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH)

A professional who wants to be certified as an Associate Spark and Hadoop Developer, then the Cloudera Hadoop Certification will test the professional’s knowledge on skills like Coding, Maintenance and Optimizing Hadoop Projects. This Hadoop certification requires candidates to solve at least 10 – 12 problems completely in 120 minutes. There are strictly no pre-requisites to this Cloudera Hadoop Certification examination, but professionals who want to take up this examination must know coding in Python and Scala programming languages. They also must have skills to transfer data between internal and external Systems. They should also need to know how to convert data values and also how to use DDL for data analysis.

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Is Cloudera Hadoop Certification worth the Time and Money?

The answer to this question depends on lot of factors and considering the most of those important reasons, it would be a definite YES to spend $295 to obtain this Cloudera Hadoop Certification. If your current position or your Prospective employer requires you to take up this Certification as a measure of your skills on Hadoop then you should definitely take this up. You should also consider upgrading your skills by taking up the Cloudera’s Spark and Hadoop Developer exam as well.

Cloudera being the top most player in the world of Big Data and Data Science, taking up a certification from Cloudera is never a mistake that one should be worried about. Earning a Cloudera Certification will further help you put yourself in a comfortable position in negotiating with your prospective employer for a better salary, also enables you to leverage Big Data for analytics right from Big Data startups to MNC’s who work with Hadoop and in Big Data.

Benefits of Cloudera Hadoop Certification:

Cloudera’s Hadoop Certification focuses on the most vital fundamental concepts in both the Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark ecosystems. The Hadoop certification examinations would not definitely ask for specifications about the Cloudera Hadoop distribution or any other Hadoop vendor in specific. This certification is most valuable as it puts your Hadoop skills to test irrespective of the Hadoop distribution that you use.

For most of the Hadoop job postings, Cloudera’s Hadoop Certification is requested as a requirement and having it on your resume saves you a lot of questions and negotiations during new employment offers. Professionals with a Cloudera Hadoop Certification are known to get pay hikes up to 3 times of their peers who are not in the Hadoop ecosystem. It also helps you promote your Hadoop skills and also gives you a fair chance to validate yourself on the expertise that you hold over Hadoop.

Just as like any other new technology, Hadoop is a complex nut to crack and it has its own challenges in learning on your own and in excelling it in your first attempts. So before you get to a decision that you want to pursue a Cloudera Hadoop Certification, you need to enroll yourself into a comprehensive hands-on Hadoop training session which fits in with all the industry expert’s standards. There are many online resources that you completely rely on or you can enroll yourself into any of the Cloudera Hadoop training sessions with Coursera, Lynda or the likes.

Benefits Of Cloudera Hadoop Certification


Getting your hands on one of the top notch Hadoop Certifications from Cloudera should be all you need, when you want to make your career opportunities wider as a Hadoop Professional. With online resources, you can get started on learning Hadoop and also hands-on sessions provided has the potential to highlight a Hadoop Certification on your resume well. Salaries offered to Hadoop developers across geographical locations should be one of the references, which should motivate you in making it big as a Hadoop professional.

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