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The global partnership between Fujitsu and SAP has been an innovation engine for customers for decades. In its role as a pioneering SAP HANA partner, Fujitsu ofers solutions and services that simplify the introduction and operation of the SAP HANA platform, enabling its full potential to be exploited, thus providing customers with optimal support on their way towards real-time business.

The features of our broad approach to  support  SAP’s  in-memory technology include:

1. A smart infrastructure architecture based on the latest Intel Xeon processor technology (Ivy Bridge) for highest fexibility, scalability and availability

2. Tailored solutions for different use cases and requirements, ready for on-premise and off-premise implementations

3. Rapid time to value and a quick return on investment thanks to a unique, high-quality pre-installation and staging process.

4. Dedicated services that go far beyond traditional infrastructure services to support better decision-making, project preparation, financing and migration.

5. The Fujitsu SAP HANA Global Demo Center, which can be used remotely by customers to test and tangibly experience the business benefits of SAP HANA.

6. The innovative FlexFrame Orchestrator solution, which enables operating SAP applications, SAP databases and the SAP HANA platform faster and more easily and efectively. It thus simplifies the management of complex SAP environments and reduces costs by up to 90%.

Fujitsu’s expertise in infrastructure solutions and BI knowledge enables us to provide superior service and best-in-class support for SAP HANA projects. Furthermore, Fujitsu is certified in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and thus well positioned to help customers transform CAPEX into OPEX by leveraging hosted SAP HANA deployments.

Fujitsu SAP HANA Infrastructure Offering

The Fujitsu portfolio for SAP HANA addresses the  requirements of various customer segments — from specific turnkey appliances for small and medium-sized companies to customized solutions for large enterprises:

1. The Fujitsu Compact Appliance is optimized for HANA implementations in combination with SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One.

2. The Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA is designed as an optimal foundation for the SAP HANA database and comprises single-node and multi-node offerings that are suitable for all the existing usage scenarios including SAP BW on HANA, Business Suite on HANA and the entire set of accelerator options.

Fujitsu infrastructure solutions for SAP HANA are based on industry- standard PRIMEQUEST servers, which represent a unique combination of Japanese-style innovation and German quality standards. Solid reliability and excellent price performance contribute to the favorable lifecycle costs. Operational costs are reduced, thanks to server management, energy efficiency, and innovative, market-leading technology.

Fujitsu Compact Appliance for SAP HANA (designed for SAP Business One customers)

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX300 and PRIMERGY RX350 servers are SAP-validated platforms for SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA and SAP Business One on HANA. The tower and rack systems are available with four different main memory options ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB and allow tailored configurations for different environments and use cases.

Fujitsu’s high-quality pre-installation services for SUSE Linux and the SAP HANA software ensure a ready-to-connect delivery for fast and  non- disruptive SAP HANA implementation. Pre-installation is optional, and software components can also be installed onsite by the partner.

The Fujitsu Compact Appliance for SAP HANA is rounded of by a set of optional services including SAP Business One migration, partner coaching, extended maintenance for hardware or the SUSE Linux operating system, etc.

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Fujitsu Power Appliance: Single-Node (scale-up)

The single-node configurations range from TCO-optimized entry options based on PRIMEQUEST RX4770 upto PRIMEQUEST 2800B systems, and all set new levels of performance and system resilience. Data persistency is ensured by the easy-to-use storage subsystem Fujitsu ETERNUS JX40. The offerings are ideal for:

1. SAP HANA proof-of-concept and proof-of-value projects, plus initial SAP HANA projects with a limited scope

2. SAP HANA environments for development, tests, quality assurance and training

3. Productive use of SAP HANA, even in business critical use cases thanks to advanced RAS features

4. SAP BUSINESS SUITE POWERED BY HANA, even for projects with highest performance and capacity requirements (thanks to scalability up to 6TB main memory and 8 CPUs)

All single node options can be delivered pre-installed with the complete software stack, including SUSE Linux and the SAP HANA software. The industrialized, high quality installation and pre-tested delivery ensures fast time-to-value. VMware virtualized appliances enable significant cost savings, increase agility and enable the simultaneous drive of several developments, test and production projects.

Fujitsu Power Appliance: Multi-Node (scale-out)

The Fujitsu multi-node offering concept for SAP HANA is designed for productive environments and mission-critical use. The building block concept allows customers to start small and easily add and integrate additional servers (upto 16) and storage capacity as requirements grow.

Our offering is based on industry-standard PRIMEQUEST RX4770 or PRIMEQUEST 2800B/E servers with up to 6 TB main memory  and most recent NetApp storage systems due to comprehensive long-term experience with NetApp technology. Nevertheless, to comply with individual storage requirements and strategies of our customers, Fujitsu fully supports the SAP Tailored Datacenter Approach (TDI) and thus integrates any SAP validated storage system into our Fujitsu Power Appliance. Utilization of the existing enterprise storage is possible in order to significantly reduce TCO.

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Based on mutual development with Symantec and CommVault, Fujitsu has presented the first certified third-party backup solutions for SAP HANA. ComVault Simpana and Symantec NetBackup are optional components of the Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA. To meet individual requirements, Fujitsu also offers the option of tailoring customized backup solutions as well as integrating existing solutions.

High availability is crucial for the mission-critical readiness of the overall SAP HANA solution and this is already built into the smart concept, thanks to the differentiation between worker nodes and standby nodes, which take over should a productive server fail. The second pillar ensuring high availability is NFS (Network File System) and the shared NetApp  FAS storage  system, which ensures that all data is constantly mirrored. If there is a data loss in the main memory, data can be copied back from the storage system. The highest system availability demands can be met by the implementation of the SAP- certified disaster-tolerant Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA® solution. The implementation requires identical appliance configurations on two sites. The SAP HANA production instance at the  primary site runs all the transactions, and all the data is stored consistently on a shared NetApp FAS3000, 6000 or FAS8000 Series storage system and is replicated to the NetApp storage system at the secondary site. Zero data loss can be ensured with NetApp MetroCluster mirroring for implementations at up to 200 kilometers in distance. Asynchronous SnapMirror can be used for long range disaster resilience (> 200 kilometers). During normal operations, the infrastructure on the secondary site can be used for test and development projects with an additional storage system. In a possible disaster situation, an IT expert evaluates the dangers involved and initiates the recovery, if and where applicable. A guided recovery process reduces the risk of human error and administration overheads, ensuring a rapid return to normal SAP HANA operations.

Support Infrastructure

As an additional, certified component, the  Fujitsu SAP  HANA   infrastructure solution may include a PRIMERGY RX 100 Infrastructure Management Server (IMS) used for:

1. Efficient  SAP HANA software maintenance (initial  installation  and upgrade)

2. Seamless integration into the customer’s systems management landscape

3. Integrated monitoring of the SAP HANA environment or  connection of customer’s monitoring tools

4. Easy remote support access as a key part of the solution maintenance offering (SolutionContract)

5. System administrators, especially benefit from the IMS when systems need to be recovered or software updates are distributed automatically within a multi-node environments.

Additional software needed

The AISConnect software enables remote access to the SAP HANA   landscape and is thus a prerequisite component for the solution maintenance offering (SolutionContract).


Support Services

A complete set of infrastructure-related services covers all project phases — from a customer-specific solution concept to continuous solution support ensured by the Fujitsu SolutionContract. All services are based on proven methods and follow strict guidelines to ensure high quality projects.

Additional information on the Fujitsu pre-installation (Solution Implementation)

Pre-installation allows fast time-to-value and a rapid return on investment. Consequently, Fujitsu offers a highly professional and industrialized, pre-installation service which exceeds the mere assembly of hardware components, the pre-installation of the SAP HANA software stack, and the SUSE Linux operating system. Customer-specific settings (e.g., IP addresses and switch configurations) are also prepared in the dedicated Fujitsu staging center. The installation is steered by dedicated scripts, which help to avoid human failure and ensure the highest quality. Having delivered a completely installed, individually staged and comprehensively tested system on the customer’s premises, the Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA can then be implemented and integrated rapidly using proven Fujitsu deployment and integration services. Single-node implementations are generally completed within 48 hours, whereas multi-nodes require a few days depending on the project size and complexity.

Additional information on the Fujitsu SolutionContract (Solution Support)

The Fujitsu SolutionContract is the maintenance and support service for speciffc Fujitsu solutions. It represents a mix of proactive and reactive services, ensuring that issues are resolved before they affect business operations. This concept takes into account that Fujitsu solutions consist of hardware, software and network products from a range of different vendors. Fujitsu is the single point of contact for all the infrastructure components involved in a Fujitsu solution as well as their interactions with each other. The Fujitsu SolutionContract offers several service level options depending on the individual requirements. SAP software support is not part of this contract.

Additional SAP HANA Services

The comprehensive Fujitsu service portfolio for SAP HANA  exceeds the traditional infrastructure service offering and helps customers answer typical questions, such as: How can SAP HANA help to solve specific problems in my organization? How can we migrate existing data securely? How much will the SAP HANA implementation actually cost?

The portfolio includes developing business cases, demonstrations and test offerings, professional database optimization and migration, as well as decision-making support based on cost estimates and financing options. The services are partly provided by the Fujitsu SAP HANA Global Demo Center, which is operated by our subsidiary TDS. The Demo Center hosts a remote accessible environment comprised of a system landscape for SAP HANA applications that is maintained by a competent team of developers and consultants for solution, database, BI and business process  matters.

Services overview:

  • Smart discovery (e.g., Bi consulting, demos, Proof of Concept projects)
  • Solid preparation (e.g., DB assessment and optimization, SAP BW 7.3 upgrade)
  • Smooth implementation (e.g., database migration, SAP HANA Deployment))
  • Secure operations (e.g., Fujitsu SolutionContract, Application Management  Services)

This offering is under constant refinement, development and extension.

Innovation: Uniform management for all SAP environments, including SAP HANA with FlexFrame Orchestrator

Fujitsu’s innovative FlexFrame Orchestrator solution enables operating SAP applications, SAP databases and the SAP HANA platform easier, faster and more effiectively. It simplifies the management of complex SAP environments, optimizes planning, operation and change management and reduces costs by up to 90% whilst increasing agility by up to 50%.

Comprising most advanced orchestration and administration capabilities, FlexFrame Orchestrator is an optimized operational concept for the entire SAP landscape. Centralized SAP software components can be dynamically deployed across physical and virtual resources based on business demand. The result is faster provisioning of innovations resulting in an empowered, agile business. Working with our specialist partners such as, NetApp and VMWare, this can be applied for all IT provisioning models, on premise, as a managed or hosting service or deployed in the cloud.

FlexFrame Orchestrator can be delivered as a pre-installed and pre-tested, ready-to-run installation out of the Fujitsu factory, which ensures highest quality and fast time to value.

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SAP internal project: SAP BW powered by SAP HANA

The new SAP internal SAP BW powered by SAP HANA has a central role to play in the corporate analytics architecture for combined and integrated planning with BW IP and SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation.

For SAP’s system, the decision was made to go with a Fujitsu Scale-Out HANA solution based on PRIMERGY servers. The key features are:

1. The SAP HANA scale-out infrastructure is designed to have no  single point of failure. This means that any failure in the infrastructure — server, storage, network — would be corrected automatically with minimal to no downtime.

2. If a server fails, the work of the server is taken over by a standby node. More than one standby node may be configured as an option.

3. The storage is designed for highest availability — many disks or even a storage controller can fail without stopping operations.

4. Last, but not least, the complete network infrastructure — NICs, cables, switches — is designed to cope with component failures without the user even noticing that something has broken.


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