What is SAP HANA Rapid Deployment Solutions (SAP RDS)

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are pre-configured applications that allow companies to deploy software in weeks or months for a set price. The applications are designed to address one area of functionality of SAP’s larger enterprise applications, and address a specific function or need. This rapid-deployment solution provides pre-built reports and pre-configured content for easier and faster analysis of operational data on the SAP HANA platform with best practices enablement guides and fixed-scope and fixed-timeline service offering.

A great majority of these solutions powered by SAP HANA can be deployed as rapid-deployment solutions in order to ensure a quick time to value. The rapid deployment solutions streamline the implementation process, bringing together software, best practices, and services ensuring maximum predictability with fixed cost and scope editions.

SAP Rapid Deployment solutions leverage an innovative delivery model to accelerate the implementation times and lower risk. Implementation is supported by a standardized methodology, accelerators developed uniquely for each offering, and predefined best practices, meeting typical business requirements to address the customer’s immediate needs.  Even  as customers benefit from prebuilt functionality, these solutions provide a platform designed to evolve and extend as the customer’s business grows.

SAP HANA Rapid Deployment  Solutions

A great  majority  of SAP HANA use cases can be deployed asrapid deployment solutions in order to ensure a quick time to value. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions combine SAP software with content based on best practices and an innovative delivery model with a predefined scope and at predictable costs. This helps to accelerate the implementation times and lower risk.

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Rapid-deployment solutions came to exist in response to customers’ need for simple, ready to consume solutions, offering integration and responding to business needs.

Organizations that deploy SAP HANA can leverage the innovative SAP Rapid Deployment solutions delivery model to accelerate the implementation times and lower the deployment project risks such as scope creep, schedule and budget overages. Implementation is supported by a standardized  methodology and content based on best practices developed uniquely for each offering.

The best practices provide a solid foundation for SAP Rapid Deployment solutions and consist of tested configuration and implementation content, methodologies and step-by-step approaches to run specific key  processes with minimal implementation effort.

Even as customers benefit from the pre-defined scope and prebuilt functionality, these solutions do not limit the customers in terms of scope. An SAP HANA rapid-deployment solution provides the SAP HANA customer with   a platform designed to evolve and extend as the customer’s business grows. In addition, you get immediate value through prebuilt analytical content that comes with most of the SAP HANA rapid-deployment solutions.

While rapid-deployment solutions are traditionally available for on-premise deployment, now they are also available to be deployed in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Rapid-deployment solutions allow customers to evaluate, implement and go live with HANA-based solutions on the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud in weeks, further simplifying and helping companies to achieve real-time enterprise faster.

By deploying rapid-deployment solutions in the SAP HANA  Enterprise  Cloud, the customer can be more competitive, by shortening the time-to-value, accelerating the speed of innovation, reducing the total cost of implementation, and reducing the implementation risks.

As part of the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering, rapid-deployment solutions are available for on-boarding customers  to  the  SAP  HANA Enterprise Cloud, but also pre-assembled and ready-to-use. This combination of rapid-deployment solutions and a deployment in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud helps customers to speed up adoption of new technologies and processes and to have a fast return on invest.

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Availability of SAP HANA rapid-deployment  solutions

SAP Rapid Deployment solutions are available through SAP, as well as SAP partners. The offerings from SAP and partners can be  found on SAP  Store. The broad portfolio of rapid-deployment solutions for SAP HANA covers areas like BW on HANA, Suite on HANA, Big Data and Analytics on HANA, Enterprise Performance Management on HANA, Finance on HANA, and Analytics on HANA. All of the solutions come to speed up the implementation of SAP HANA by delivering documentation and content based on best practices. A good example is the SAP HANA Live rapid-deployment solution. With the SAP HANA Live rapid-deployment solution, customers get pre-configured content in the form of pre-built reports covering a broad range of operational reporting that offer immediate insight into essential business operations, are easy to use and can be customized based on specific business needs.

Another example is the SAP Business Intelligence Adoption rapid- deployment solution. It helps customers make the right choice of the right reporting tool for the right reports. It provides a complete offering for a successful BI adoption for SAP BW, SAP HANA, and the SAP ERP application and includes pre-built reports in all relevant ERP areas.

Besides packages that speed up the implementation of business use cases there are packages that focus on a smooth technical transition from an existing SAP implementation to HANA — like the rapid database migration of SAP BW to SAP HANA or the rapid database migration of SAP Business Suite   to SAP HANA. These solutions enable you to replace the actual underlying relational database of SAP BW or SAP Business Suite with SAP HANA as a database — quickly and without disruption.

Customers implementing SAP ERP can benefit from a holistic implementation scenario for SAP Business Suite combined with the newest technologies from SAP the SAP ERP Foundation rapid-deployment solution. The SAP ERP foundation extension is leveraging SAP Business Suite powered  by SAP HANA by combining it with complementary SAP innovations from    UX, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud and Technology to provide a complete suite of applications, fully integrated, with consistent master data, enabling real time information, anywhere and anytime throughout the organization.

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To support a fast implementation of the SAP ERP foundation extension at affordable cost, several rapid-deployment solutions have been pre-assembled that are covering business application, user experience and real- time analytics.

For customers planning to implement new use cases for Big Data based on SAP HANA, various rapid-deployment solutions are available. Here are two examples:

The new solution SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence can be implemented quickly with the corresponding SAP HANA Customer Engagement Intelligence rapid-deployment solution. This rapid- deployment solution delivers additional value with the included content, like a prebuilt integration into SAP CRM, pre-defined SAP BusinessObject reports, and detailed configuration documentation.

The SAP Predictive Analytics Content Adoption rapid-deployment solution helps to quickly implement a predefined predictive analysis use case for a variety of lines of business and industry scenarios. For a smooth and rapid implementation, the solution delivers prebuilt SAP BusinessIntelligence content and preconfigured content for both SAP and data sources from non- SAP software.

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