Huawei SAP HANA Solutions Overview

The SAP HANA is a data platform that can be deployed either as an appliance or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform that is ideally suited to run real-time analytics and to develop and deploy real-time applications. It enables real-time processing of massive amounts of data in the main memory of a server.

Huawei SAP HANA Solutions - Table of Contents

What is Huawei SAP HANA?

Huawei has partnered with SAP to create an appliance based on Huawei’s high-end Tecal RH5885 V2 rack server. This appliance provides outstanding performance when it is used in combination with SAP HANA. It offers solutions ranging from entry-level supporting 128 GB of memory to large-scale supporting up to 100 TB of usable memory with 100 nodes.

The RH5885 V2-based appliance for SAP HANA is able to deliver the fastest write performance in the industry for SAP HANA write patterns. It has less than 15% latency as well as 20% more bandwidth.

RH5885 V2 is a high-end 4-socket rack server that is expandable to 8 sockets. It supports Intel® Xeon® E7-8800/4800 series CPUs, and it can accommodate up to 80 cores with 4 TB of memory. RH5885 V2 offers enhanced system reliability thanks to its 35 RAS features. These features combine with scalable I/O to make RH5885 V2 an ideal choice to deploy mission-critical applications such as large-scale databases, business intelligence, and ERP.

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Huawei SAP HANA Highlights

  • 100–100,000x faster than disk-based DB; No.1 writing performance with 15% less latency and 20% more bandwidth
  • Pre-optimized and one-stop maintenance
  • Powered by RH5885 with 35 RAS features; No. 1 in 12 SPEC tests.

Huawei SAP HANA Infrastructure

The RH5885 V2 for SAP HANA offers a preinstalled, preconfigured,  optimized appliance, ranging from XS to L Size that supports the SAP HANA application stack in a single host.


Figure 1: Tecal RH5885 V2 Front View


Figure 2: Tecal RH5885 V2 Rear View

Model Specifications

Table 1: Tecal RH5885 V2 for SAP HANA

Included Software and Driver

  • SLES for SAP Applications 11.2
  • SAP HANA Appliance software (license is sold separately by SAP)
  • Huawei Tecal ES3000 driver.

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IBM Systems and Services Solutions for SAP HANA

SAP HANA deployed on IBM System x Workload Optimized Solutions with the IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) offer simple, seamless scalability for your SAP HANA environment. In addition, IBM offers installation and managed services to help you manage your SAP HANA infrastructure cost-effectively. IBM Global Business Services (GBS) can help you extract the business value out of your SAP HANA implementation.

IBM and SAP Team for Long-Term Business Innovation

With a unique combination of expertise, experience, and proven methodologies — and a history of shared innovation — IBM can help strengthen and optimize your information infrastructure to support your SAP applications.

IBM and SAP have worked together for over 40 years to deliver innovation to their shared customers. Since 2006, IBM has been the market leader for implementing SAP’s original in-memory appliance, the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA). Hundreds of BWA deployments have been successfully completed in multiple industries and countries. These BWA appliances have been successfully deployed in many of SAP’s largest business warehouse implementations, which are based on IBM hardware and DB2 — optimized for SAP.

IBM and SAP offer solutions that move the business forward and anticipate organizational change by strengthening your business analytics information infrastructure for greater operational efficiency and offering a way to make smarter decisions faster.

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IBM eX5 and X6 Systems with GPFS Power SAP HANA

SAP HANA, delivered on IBM  eX5 and X6 enterprise servers with fifth and sixth-generation IBM® Enterprise X-Architecture ® technology (eX5, X6), help transform the enterprise by addressing current needs while delivering the robust scalability and performance needed to accommodate growth. SAP HANA running on the powerful IBM eX5 and X6 enterprise servers with the Intel Xeon processor E7 and E7v2 family combine the speed and efficiency of in-memory processing with the ability to analyze massive amounts of business data — enabling companies to eliminate barriers between real-time events and real-time business decisions.

IBM System x servers with Enterprise X Architecture technology enable SAP HANA customers to benefit from a shared vision that delivers simplicity and automation designed to help organizations accelerate business outcomes while lowering TCO.

IBM eX5 and X6 enterprise servers with Intel Xeon processors offer extreme memory and performance scalability. With improved hardware economics and new technology offerings, IBM is helping SAP realize a real-time enterprise with in-memory business applications. IBM eX5 and X6 enterprise servers deliver a long history of leading SAP benchmark performance.

These System x servers are equipped with processors from the Intel Xeon processor E7 family, which combine exceptional raw compute power with increased memory bandwidth and support for significantly greater memory capacity to deliver superior performance to previous-generation processors. With up to fifteen cores in each processor, the four-socket x3850 X6 can be scaled to 60 cores and 120 threads with the use of Intel Hyper-Threading Technology. Organizations can achieve extreme scaling within each node for running demanding workloads on a compact system.

SAP HANA is a business-critical technology and requires a robust and reliable enterprise computing platform. Sophisticated eX5 and X6 features such as Predictive Failure Alerts warn ahead of potential hardware failures, trigger preemptive action, and help maintain application availability. In addition, features such as eXFlash solid-state disk technology can yield significant performance improvements in storage access, helping deliver an optimized system solution for SAP HANA.

Workload Optimized Solutions

IBM offers several Workload Optimized Solution models for SAP HANA. These models, based on the 2-socket x3690 X5 and 4-socket x3950 X5, 4-socket x3850 X6, and 8-socket x3950 X6 are optimally designed and certified by SAP and can be ordered as a single appliance part number. They are delivered pre-configured with key software components preinstalled to help speed the delivery and deployment of the solution.

The IBM System x3690 X5 is a 2U rack-optimized server. This machine brings the eX5 features and performance to the mid-tier. It is an ideal match for the smaller, two-CPU configurations for SAP HANA. The x3690 X5–based configurations offer 128 to 256 GB of memory and solid-state disk. The x3950 X5–based configurations leverage the scalability of eX5 and offer the capability to pay as you grow — starting with a 2-processor, 256 GB configuration and growing to an 8-processor, 4 TB configuration. The X6 models include the 2 or 4 sockets x3850 X6 and the 8-socket x3950 X6 provide a modular design which is nearly two times the performance over the eX5 system, simplifies maintenance, and provides ongoing investment protection.

These systems are designed for maximum utilization, reliability, and performance for compute-intensive and memory-intensive workloads such as SAP HANA.

IBM also offers a virtualized implementation using VMware. This implementation, intended for non-production environments, enables you to optimize your hardware investment. Now, you can install multiple  HANA virtual machines (VMs) on a single system and quickly deploy those VMs for non-production workloads.

IBM and SAP have worked closely together to validate each of the work-load-optimized configurations and have also collaborated on performance testing.

Outstanding results like this are founded on years of joint product development which allows IBM and SAP offerings to be integrated for a simplified implementation.

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Simple and Seamless Scalability

Simple, seamless, and scalable server infrastructure for SAP HANA has enabled System x to have strong success with over 3,600 systems shipped to customers worldwide.

Using the workload-optimized  solution models,  you can combine multiple models together to create multi-node scale-out configurations. These multi-node scale-out configurations enable you to achieve larger SAP HANA memory sizes simply by adding compute nodes. IBM was the first vendor to have multi-node scale-out configurations and currently has 56-node x3950 X5, x3850 X6, and x3950 X6 solutions validated. You can start with one 256GB node, upgrade to a 512GB or 1TB node, and grow your environment to 56 x 2TB nodes. This modular approach enables you to invest in a Workload-Optimized solution for SAP HANA and grow your infrastructure as your SAP HANA environment grows. In addition, you can handle unplanned outages by including an additional seamless High-Availability (HA) node in your configuration.

These multi-node scale-out configurations do not require an external Storage Area Network (SAN) or multiple SANs. The IBM General Parallel File System™ (GPFS™) software in these configurations has the unique capability to use the storage contained within each node helping to simplify the infrastructure required for SAP HANA. Only IBM has a High-Availability concept which allows customers to seamlessly extend their installation to enable High Availability using GPFS replication and an additional stand-by node.

GPFS, with its high-performance enterprise file management, can help move beyond simply adding storage to optimizing data management for SAP HANA. High-performance enterprise file  management using GPFS gives SAP HANA applications:

  • Performance to satisfy the most demanding SAP HANA applications
  • Seamless capacity expansion to handle the explosive growth of data SAP HANA environments
  • High reliability, availability and disaster recovery to help eliminate production outages and provide disruption-free maintenance and  capacity upgrades
  • Seamless capacity and performance scaling — along with the proven reliability features and flexible architecture of GPFS — help your company foster innovation by simplifying your environment and streamlining data workflows for increased eficiency for SAP HANA applications.

By implementing SAP HANA on eX5 and X6 enterprise servers with GPFS, you can realize faster performance, less complexity and greater efficiency from a powerful and proven converged infrastructure environment of integrated technologies. These workload-optimized solutions for SAP HANA can help simplify operations, consolidate resources and dynamically migrate functionality as business changes, while delivering the ability to quickly change the way, users look at mass amounts of data without compromising the data integrity or security.

Services to Speed Deployment

To help speed deployment and simplify maintenance of your  Workload Optimized Solution for SAP HANA, IBM Lab Services and IBM Global Technology Services offer quick-start services to help set up and configure the appliance and health-check services to ensure it continues to run optimally. In addition, IBM also offers skills and enablement services, for administration and management of IBM eX5 and X6 enterprise servers. IBM offers Quick Start implementation services to help you install and configure your SAP HANA appliance and HealthCheck services to help you manage and maintain your SAP HANA appliance.

In addition, IBM also offers skills enablement services to provide technical training to your teams that need to manage the HANA appliance. IBM Total Solution Support and Remote Managed Services for SAP HANA provide a single point of contact and focal point for all SAP HANA issues. If you determine that you do not want to manage the SAP HANA appliance, then IBM offers a Managed Service that can provide 24×7 monitoring and management of the SAP HANA appliance enabling you to off-load the maintenance and management of the appliance.

A Trusted Service Partner

Many clients require more than software and hardware products. They need a partner to help them assess their current capabilities, identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy for moving forward. This is where IBM Global Business Services (GBS) provides immeasurable value with thousands of SAP consultants in 80 countries. GBS combines its SAP implementation experience and skills with the broader IBM business intelligence competencies to create an unparalleled opportunity for our clients to not only implement SAP HANA solutions, but to then take that implementation to new heights and identify transformational opportunities.

The GBS HANA team within IBM has leveraged the experiences gained to date on SAP HANA offerings and grouped efforts into two main opportunities for clients who wish to deploy SAP HANA — “Do New Things” and “Run Existing Things Faster”.

The GBS Consulting Practice offers a broad range of services for SAP HANA such as:

  • Discovery and assessment services to maximize business impact
  • Architecture assessment and benchmark services
  • Proof of concept services
  • Express deployment offerings, including industry best practices.

These services have been grouped into four key offerings as shown in the table below:

Combining the strengths of GBS with IBM System x Workload Optimized Solutions for SAP HANA allows our customers to gain the maximum benefits of their investment in SAP HANA — and to bring those solutions to life to address immediate information needs and identify the transformational opportunities that can bring the organization to the highest levels of insight and action.

IBM can also offer financing options, helping clients to acquire IT solutions that are tailored to their individual goals and budget.

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