Professionals with worthwhile skills in Microsoft PowerApps are much in demand by both medium-scaled and large-scaled organizations. Considering the ease of development, low-code applications are becoming popular in the present scenario.

If you are interested in the same and are looking forward to developing a career in the field of PowerApps, this post comprises PowerApps interview questions that could be asked by your employer. Navigate through them carefully, prepare accordingly and increase your chances of getting hired.

PowerApps Interview Questions for Beginners

Q1. What are PowerApps?

Ans: PowerApps is a Platform as a Service. It enables you to create mobile apps that run on different operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, and Android. At its core, it is a suite of data platforms, connectors, services, and apps that offer a quick application development environment to create custom apps for the business requirements.

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Q2. What is the difference between a Model-driven app and a Canvas app?

Ans: Model-driven apps use a component-based methodology to develop a significant app. They comprise various components, like dashboards, business processes, forms, charts, views, and entities that create a UI. On the other hand, canvas apps begin with user experience and enable customization interference through different UI controls, like charts, media, drop-down lists, text-input boxes, labels, and more.

Q3. Define common data services, and why should we use them?

Ans: Common data service lets the data get integrated from different sources into one store that can be easily used in Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Power BI, and PowerApps. This makes the app developing experience seamless.

Q4. What are the types of apps that can be created in PowerApps?

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PowerApps is one productivity development platform that allows us to create canvas apps, common data service, model-driven apps, and portals.

Q5. Is it possible to use multiple data sources in one canvas app?

Ans: Yes. With PowerApps, you can create any number of connections. Once it is done, any number of data sources can be used in one app.

Q6. What are the different ways to submit data from PowerApps?

Ans: This task can be executed by using two functions – Patch() and Submit form(). However, Patch() can also be used to upload partial data.

Q7. Can we access local network data sources in PowerApps?

Ans: Yes, we can easily connect to the local network data sources.

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Q8. How can Error Handling be implemented in PowerApps?

Ans: To do so, first, we will have to get information about any errors through the Errors function. And then, through Validation and DataSourceInfo, some of the errors can be ignored even before they take place.

Q9. How is it possible to use media files in the Canvas app?

Ans: Up to 200 MB of media for each app can be uploaded in PowerApps. However, what is majorly recommended is using media/blog storage services, such as Azure Media or Azure Storage, and embed the media URL to the app

Q10. What is a collection, and how can they be created?

Ans: This one is a special type of data source, which is not connected to the service of the cloud but local to the app. This is generally used as the local to the device and cannot be shared among devices for one or multiple users. Also, they can be saved as well as retrieved locally. To operate collections, Clear function, ClearCollect, and Collect can be used.

Q11. How different user environments can be created in PowerApps?

Ans: An environment is referred to as the space to keep, manage and share the data, apps, and flow of the business. It can also be regarded as a container that distinguishes apps on the basis of different target audiences, security needs, and roles. However, creating or choosing the environment used basically depends upon the company and the apps you are thinking to develop.

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Q12. How can a local or global variable be defined or used in PowerApps?

Ans: To do so, the Set function is used to set the global variable’s value. This holds an information piece temporarily, like the result of operational data or the number of times somebody has clicked a button. And then, the UpdateContext function is used to create the content variable, which holds information temporarily.

Q13. Is it possible to create PowerApps without gaining access to a license?

Ans: No. Neither creation nor consumption of PowerApps is possible without a license.

Wrapping Up:

Being prepared perfectly before appearing for the interview gives you an upper hand. Neither do you stutter in the middle of a conversation nor look confused. So, if you are going for an interview, make sure you glance over these PowerApps interview questions. You can also find more and try to answer them according to your knowledge and skills.