QlikView Metadata

In QlikView10 Software, the capability to add Metadata is included as a feature. Metadata is defined as data about data. In the QlikView Application, Metadata is information about tags created by developers, objects, and QlikView Documents.

In this blog, we will discuss the following topics:

What is Metadata?

Metadata is data about data, Provides information about objects, tags, and documents. The ability to generate, save, and read the Metadata has been included in the critical frameworks of the QlikView. It will help QlikView developers and administrators when the Metadata is blended with the QlikView Governance Dashboard.

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Types of Metadata

In QlikView, we have two types of Metadata, they are:

1. Source Data

The data used for making business decisions

2. QlikView Deployment data

The structural elements of QlikView Deployment are referred to as QlikView Deployment Data.

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Data Governance

Data Governance is managing applications and data in an organization. It ensures that information assets are adequately managed across the enterprise and can be believed to make appropriate decisions. Uses of Data Governance are as follows:

  1. It is used to Enhance Consistency.

  2. It Minimizes Data Redundancy.

  3. It Enhances Regulatory Compliance.

  4. It Introduces the best repeatable processes and practices. 

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QlikView Governance Dashboard

The QlikView Governance Dashboard is a review or analysis application that enables the QlikView Administrators to get in-depth knowledge that assists in handling QlikView Environment. Through the QlikView Governance Dashboard, we can perform the following activities:

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1. Monitoring the Health Status of the QlikView Server

QlikView Metadata - Monitoring the Health Status of the QlikView Server

2. In QlikView Dashboard, QlikView Administrators can check the number of applications they have and their utilization time.

QlikView Metadata - QlikView Dashboard

3. Through the QlikView Governance Dashboard, we can monitor when the application was launched, how much time it is used, and who used that application.

QlikView Metadata - QlikView Governance Dashboard,

4. With the help of QlikView Dashboard Governance, we can enhance the application by identifying its complexities of it.

QlikView Metadata - QlikView Dashboard Governance

5. Through the QlikView Governance Dashboard, we can move from the QlikView environment to the QlikSense environment.

QlikView Metadata - QlikView Governance Dashboard

Metadata is also used for generating a testable QlikView Application portal by using objects and tags information. It also enables users to find essential performance benchmarks produced by business intelligence architects and developers.

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In QlikView, Metadata is useful for Developers and Administrators. Administrators will get in-depth information about the applications present in the QlikView Environment. They can improve the applications and monitor the applications.

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