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In my previous article - Splunk Education, I have given basic details about Splunk and the courses provided. Let’s analyse about the Job market of Splunk.

Splunk is stated as “Google for log files” and “Google for Machine data”.

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There are many government agencies , service providers into healthcare & retail,  education universities to judge and analyse in-depth business and customer understanding through the data they have created and stored, for reducing the risks of cyber security, recovery mechanism, fraud prevention , and improving service performances thereby  reducing overall organizational costs involved for the functioning of their business operations.

One should have experience and exposure on skill set like Javascript, python , SOC (Security operations Centre) the Splunk is otherwise greek and spanish.


Banging the Technology of Big Data:

We have many tech companies that have provided big data analytics solutions to multinational enterprises like Burroughs, Sperry Rand, Control Data, Wang, Informatica and likewise. But, Splunk has emerged into more personal computing,

For those who  have the machines that comprise the entire information of organization’s economy their data traffic is counted, logged, and categorized in a common network thus all the connectors, servers, routers, links, switches, microprocessors, drivers, illuminators are maintained in a structured data along with their metadata.

In simple terms, just like Google, you search anything in the Internet, splunk let companies like Google to get information of those files that are processed while a google is searching among the big data in such a way that it improves the operations of Big data machinery itself. Splunk also provides human analysis like How often they are making a search, what they’re clicking on, how long they are taking to read an information or taking to get a desired results.

Striking the Market of Big Data:

Splunk’s market value is presently $3 billion.  Has got 14,000 + Customers across the 110 countries and got  85+ customers among Fortune 100 Customers. It developed  1300+ splunk Apps for enterprises of different sectors.  Expecting to expand more technically and market wise.

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Job Market in Splunk:

  • 543 jobs are registered in Linkedin for Indian locations

  • 468 jobs are registered in different job portals in India

  • 398 jobs are registered in Indeed.

Splunk job market

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Career Path in Splunk:

The career path is designed by individual companies but it follows in general the same.

It includes

  • Splunk Developers

  • Splunk Administrators

  • Splunk Architects

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Dual Opinions about Splunk Careers:

Some market analytics and Human Resource Strategies give an opinion that is opposite to what career opportunities show. They are;

  • Not every company uses Splunk. Companies who are in fortune 500 can only need such a tool to take care of their operations.  So, it’ better to start focussing on DevOps in Big Data.

  • Splunk is still growing in getting perfection in its product with the right improvements.  So, it take atleast an year to get a market maturity.

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Software is so fickle minded. It changes every day. Coming to human resources in the software field, it is more agile in nature. Hiring managers know that they can hire someone who has strong fundamentals so that they can train according to their requirements but they are looking for is someone who can help them to move to the next level and make wonders.  Splunk is a tool that can be made with ease and fun but learning it completely like inside out.  There are many who has made their bright career in Splunk and are running successfully.

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