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Splunk is a multinational company that produces software products for enterprises that handle big data. Their product help in turning machine oriented data to information making sense to their IT, Business, Marketing, HR,  Finance, Audits, Security kind of departments. 

They provide different platforms and solutions for into communications, healthcare, education, non-profit, Financial services, Retail, Public sectors and  Energy & Utilities industries.

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Why enterprises are considering Splunk? 

Let me ask you a question- What are log files?

“ A file that records either events that occur in an operating system or other software runs, or messages between different users of a communication software.” 

When you want to know the state of your mind, you sit at one place, close the eyes and just observe the body and mind. Similarly, for any system, software- to know the state of its’ mind you search their log files. 

In the same way, when you want to know the state of all the devices located in one particular data center, looking at logfiles of each device is time taking. Here comes Splunk. 

“Splunk serves as Google for log file.”

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Splunk Education

Let us assume a company has taken Splunk Enterprise software for their business data processing purposes.  The employees has to get minimum knowledge to use it to deploying , customizing and designing the modules as per their company’s needs. 

So Splunk Education is an online platform that trains the company professionals to have a broader understanding about the product. 

Mode of Training Offered by Splunk Education

As these are designed for the adults with a technology background to learn new technology, they are provided with such a training model that maintains a track, provide alerts, and focused on achieving goals.
There are different  training models of delivery provided by Splunk Education. They are 
1. Visual- Instructor based:
a.Public Class
b.Private Class
2. Classroom
3. E-learning
4. Custom Based.
Visual Instructor based is a mode of training that allows you to take training from your location across the internet: 
One can opt the time where he/she can join a group of professionals who are taking the same course along with you online- called as Public Class or can take individually called as Private Class.
Custom Based is a mode of training provided to specific division of professionals in a company who wanted to get trained on specific software module. 

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As, the training is mainly offered for the people who are working with similar backgrounds, they always relate to their real-time environment. So the training should have these methods that relate to them. Splunk education provides not only tutorials that teaches basis on the concepts, method and process but also makes the professionals to implement them practically.  They are provided with maximum amount of information in minimum possible time by making them to do hands on exercises and  questionnaires. 
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Who can attend Splunk Education? 

In a company, if a common software platform is used,  all the employees right from those who uses it for data recording or entering the details to maintaining the data in the server  there would be different level of expertise professionals working on similar data. In addition, some data is reported and analysed for making business decisions. In the entire process, some of the important roles that play on Data are 
* End users
* Enterprise Administrators
* Customers
* Security Administrators
* Architects
* App Developers
* IT Surveillance
* And many other

For all these categories, Splunk provides different courses with different levels of 
expertise and experience. 

Does it provide Certifications?

Yes. Splunk officially provides certifications on all the courses it provides. One can get certified only if one clears a practical exam. 

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 How valid are they for getting a Job?

Obviously, it is valid to get an official certificate from the one who made it. Moreover, the need of professionals who can handle big data and data analytics is increasing drastically. World is in need of such data scientists who can analyse the data from different sources, design them visually giving more data in an interesting way and a solution through software that maintains, builds this data within no time.  So, getting a certificate from Splunk Education is valid throughout the world. 

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