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What are the Splunkbase Apps and Add-ons

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Splunkbase makes finding apps and add-ons for Splunk easier for users

Splunkbase is a community that is facilitated and hosted by Splunk. It is a place where users can easily find add-ons apps which further boosts the functionality and practicality of Splunk. Moreover, it also improves the usefulness of Splunk. In recent years, the importance of Splunkbase has come to the fore owing to the fact that it provides an easy and quick interface for specific use cases and vendor products. In this context, it is interesting to note that the applications related to Splunk can be developed by anyone including the authorities at Splunk.

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The products offered by Splunk nowadays

It is interesting to note that the core offering of Splunk is Splunkbase. It analyzes and collects high amounts of data. On the other hand, it is also a community where the users can interact with each other so that the apps and add-ons can be customized as per the preferences of the users. Moreover, Splunk Enterprise uses a standard API to establish a direct connection with devices and applications. It is vital to note that this enterprise edition was being developed in response to the demand for actionable and comprehensible data for executives outside the IT department of a particular organization.

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Splunkbase and some interesting facts about the company

Splunk is an American MNC which has its headquarters in San Francisco. The company Splunk is involved in the production of software that can monitor, search and assess the big data that is generated by big data. It uses a web-interface style that helps the users to operate the assessment techniques with ease. Splunkbase also has the ability to correlate real-time data and capture indexes with the aid of which it can create reports, graphs, dashboards, and alerts.

The primary objective of the company is to make sure that the machine-generated data is accessible across the whole length of an organization. It also provides intelligence for various operations related to business. In this context, it is vital to note that Splunk utilizes a horizontal technology that can be used for compliance, security and application management. The operations of Splunk has spread the length of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

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Splunkbase app certification program and its practicality to the users

It is interesting to note that Splunk offers certification for add-ons and applications that are created by developers in the community. If you are an amateur application developer or a new developer, you can use the Splunkbase community so that you can give the users the required confidence of knowing that Splunk has analyzed your application. If you want to maintain the trust of your customer, the Splunkbase community will make sure that the app or add-on is certified for all the future versions of that particular application.

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Some more facts about Splunkbase app certification

The Splunkbase App Certification Program offers add-ons to an implementation that has been examined by Splunk. It is important to note that Splunk would also perform a review of the source code for the security vulnerabilities. However, it is important to mention that in any case, Splunk would not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the partner developers and their community. The certification program from Splunkbase usually involves the need for documentation of bright developers and support. Also, it can be said that as an application developer, you must facilitate a link so that the literature of your request can be done in the online medium. Additionally, it can be said that you have also to provide a link to the information regarding the support that you should provide for your add-on and application.

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The advantages of Splunkbase app certification benefits to the developers

If you are new in the field of application development, then you must make sure that you use Splunkbase for secure authentication. Users would notice your apps or add-ons more if you take feedback from the Splunkbase community. If you get a certificate in Splunkbase community, then there are high chances that you would receive prominent positioning on Splunkbase. Moreover, by seeing the confirmation of your application, your application would conform to the highest standards of quality and exuberance.

In this manner, it can be said that your users would be confident about using the application as there would be the good level of quality in your app. Moreover, the users would also feel that they can use the application more securely. Hence, there would be no underlying issues with the security of the application. When compared to non-certified apps, your users can now have greater confidence in using this form. In this context, it is interesting to note that the app of yours, when certified by Splunkbase, has higher chances of being hassle-free. The developers would promptly answer all the questions and would address the needs of the users.

Hence, you can join the Splunkbase community to enjoy a hassle-free app developing experience.

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